Friday, February 11, 1921

Fairbanks Weekly News Miner And Daily Citizen

Location: Fairbanks, Alaska

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Fairbanks Weekly News Miner And Daily Citizen on Friday, February 11, 1921

Fairbanks weekly News-Miner and The Daily Alaska Citizen, The (Newspaper) - February 11, 1921, Fairbanks, Alaska FAIRBANKS AND THE WEEKLY ALASKA CITIZEN L FEBRUARY 1921 SOLDIERS tJUaader Gaibraith of the American i announced today that Presi t Harding Has promised one of the first acts of his will be to remedy tl conditions affecting soldiers Veterans of the World DAVIS MAKES CHARGES OF CRASS MISMANAGEMENT Davis of chairman of the American Legion Hospitalization com charged before the Legis lative committee that the Geovera ment bureaus having to do with soldiers relief are packing the Committees with bureau em who are not members of He further decliared ffliat eraes of the World War are kept f in private hospitals which are in aescribaiWy and said that after men are sent to such hospitals they are left without visits bom the Public Health Service in He read a report of survey of in asserting that and Negro patients slept and that the phar of the containing is left open and f4 4 4 WAY 4 4 4 Associated Press 4 killed and others injured 4 dynamite exploded in the 4 fiontihern RfeOroayfe freight4 The ensuing fire 4 threatend the warehouse dis4 trict but was soon 4 4 OF PEACE T Associated Press ex ecutivie committee of the American Legion has ordered a headstone erected over the grave of Edward Commander of Silver WBow Montana Basset was a mine forman at In Hue mine in wlhich he A and Ms gang were working a steam pipe broke and to save the lives tis crew Bassett placed his back to the broken part of the pipe 1o hold back tie steam and was lit oooked to 4 4 4 NEEDLEWORKERS 4 Associated Press NEW A strike of needleworkers has freen called to enforce the shop in the Worn ens Clothing MfrfHng 4 4 TWIN DIES Associated Press aged who with his brother John constituted tibe oldest twins in the Northwest died at Suraner Wednesday night The brothers were widowers and lived together for 33 WAR NOW ALL OVER AssociatPd Press and Coolidge were yesterday form ally declared elected President and Vicepresident of the United States at a joint Senate and House meet In the official Electorial College Harding received 404 votes and Cox 4 4 WIRELESS 4 4 4 Associated Press 4 LOS 4 It is announced that a 15 4 minute wireless telephone con 4 versatioi Saata Cit alina Island and Cape Cod 4 fishing a distance of was held last night with the voices A T Associated Press Fifteenth Provincial Legislature opened its sessions here Ralph Smith declined the and Manson was elected The Speech from the Throne fore shadowed legislation ito regulate the sale of liquor in sealed and legislation to encourage indus mineral and agricultural sources of the Province to develop ment WOMAN CONGRESSMAN HANGS ONTO THE MALE OF SPECIES Alice Congressmanelect from announced today that she will oppose the National League of Woman or any otbjer ALIENS NOT FREE Associated Press House Federal Relations committee has fa vorably reported the bill to bibit the ovmereMp of land owned by the United States in Washington State being owned by Aliens ligible to and has been referred to the Judiciary ocmmittee lor further The Senate reconsidered the de feated Lil making death the sole penalty for firstdegree murder and passed ihe measure with an amend ment authorizing juries to bring in special verdicts of life imprisonment LAST GONE Associated Press a mem ber of the gang convicted in 1919 of robbing the Union Pa cific Railways mail died in prison here AH other members of his gang had 4 4 4 4 4 AND THEIR PRIMARY LAW IS FIXED SOMEWHAT The primary bill as passed pro SERIES IS COMPLETED Luther Schooling has added an other trophy to his in the game last he easily de feated Kelly and prevented a tie the reports pnbHsbc Only one that FORWARS DESIGN Associated tfce direction of his Leslie British called upon Secretary of State Col by yesterday and formally denied reports that the official BritishFor eign Office told American newspa per correspondents in London that Great Britain and America treading the path which leads to ANOTHER FORMAL DENIAL COMES FROM HEADQUARTERS Foreign Office has issued a ment declaring to be without a primary for the election ofwitl1 Reed was lost by the ization of women that may be useddeligstes to conventions who may as a club against the men name the nominees for MONEYS WISE OLE Associated Press ate has passed the sundry civil Schooling rink thruout the series and Martin lead for ing became the winner of a set of the gold cuff links wHdh were offered by him as trophies for the The Schooling winners of the Pinska consisted of skip 3rd Taylor 2nd and Schooling from Kelly by the score of 15 id 4r in the deciding game last nrghfc anst on the other days American newspapc 4 BANKER GRABBED bilJ appropriating of j which is for war Associated Press the score of 11 to The new 4 will be started next Monday and in the meantime the i t for new hospitals for raying wfll consist of games be WAGES CUT Associated Press reduc tion of 10 per cent in the of the employes of tine General Electric Company is altho it does not affect the clerical force of the 4 4 4 CAUGHT lAssociated Press NE in dictments naming forty defendants harged with violations of the anti trust law were returned last nigtit by the grand Jury which has been investigating the building The names will not be made public until the men are arraigned STATE TROOPS 4 4 Associated ordered asa remit of the violence displayed have arrived and be gun to assist the police during the strike of Traction service men and funds for vocational 4 training for j i This is the second of 17 bills to be passed by the and contains almost than was provided for in the bail Das at FREAKS ON HAND Associated Press Florida t JAFET LINDENBERG WAS j SELECTED AS FALL GUY j i j president of the defunct Scandina j was arrested yesterday charged with having ap i piopriated to his own personal use on a note purporting to have been assigned by Jafet Linden aligaur with a 6foot smile will be President of the Pioneer Min the White House pet of President of Alaska replacing President Wilsons Lmoenberg notified the receiver former president of j tween pickup Tomorrov wrecked ScandinavianAmeri 4 evening all seconds and leads can Bank of this has are requested to be at the club been arrested with house ready to play by 8 as the embezzlement of ithat time the two final games fixed 4 to the series for the Starving Chil dren will be disposed These games promise considerable amuse especially since the teams con sisting of leads and seconds will be skipped by leads and res r The final standing in the Pinska Siore Trophy series follows fiock of President Tafts fa mous cow and President i Roosevelts pony that rode in the White House elevator for exercise and Harding accepted the gift of the aligator from a friend in of the defunct bank that the afore said note is a Lindenberg is one of the heaviest losers in the The note was forged over a year Larsons attorneys are trying to have the amount of bail reduced to In the case of no j marked improvement is yet Adolph Anderson and Ander son left town this morning bound but considering the nature of Ms illness and Ms condition at the time of a rapid recovery is not looked forward to by hi phy i for Pete Delasco was a Fox passenger on the train this Richard Rasmussen returned to Chatanika STUDY HUN SKI CHAMP Associated Press Irvin Nelson broke the worlds 4 Class C ekijumping record 4 Atesociated Press reopening of classes for the Tuesday by making 120 feet 4 the previous record being study of Germain in the high 4 abandoned at the 4 time of has been 1 Sutherland 2 3 Thompson 4 4 5 6 7 8 ficials of the Foreign had issued a warning of 12je feu creasing seriousness of can and expresses dence that asry question arising tween America and1 Great Britain can be settled without The Associated Press dad not car ry this alarmist which read are treading the path leading to TALKING Associated Press ate Immigration committee disap proved of the Johnson Bill to stop immigration for one by a vote of 5 to but agreed to adopt a submeasure last evening restrict ing the percentage of immigration SOMETHING JUST AS GOOD IS PROMISED DEAR PEOPLE Chairman Cole said that the Sub stitute bill aUay ail Jfears of a flood of undesirabl aliens from Europe and that he will push the passage of the measure at thfs ses Ole Locke and Pete Myers leftj for Chatanika The creek men have been spending a considerable vacation in Fred who is engaged in the hard rock mining game at the head of Cleary returned to his property j Fred who is engaged in the hard rock mining game at the head of Cleary returned to his property Sam Stay was a Happy creek pasj senger this As tentatively the pre vious measure any number of per sons of any Nation could be admitted provided tiiat 5 per cent i of the Nations population were not in the United The Immigration er eiaits from its provisions Japanese and the natives of many other coun such as Mexico al South who is confined to St Josephs is steadily improving acording to her and she is now well on the road to 4 PLENTY PEAS WHITE SOX Associated Press trial of the White Sox play 4 indictcsl for throwing 4 the World has been 4 set for March 4 4 Associated Press SALT Utah canneries may not pack tomatoes this year ac count of the surplus of canned tomatoes on The pea pack will be about a fourth of last years 4 4 444

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