Friday, January 28, 1921

Fairbanks Weekly News Miner And Daily Citizen

Location: Fairbanks, Alaska

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Fairbanks Weekly News Miner And Daily Citizen on Friday, January 28, 1921

Fairbanks weekly News-Miner and The Daily Alaska Citizen, The (Newspaper) - January 28, 1921, Fairbanks, Alaska THE FAIRBANKS r AND THE WEEKLY AL 4 C TEN VOLUME L SIXTEEN FRIDAY JANIV SIXTEEN EMPLOYED NOT MUCH Associated Press PAL MOORE WON Associated Press NEW of won the decision off Young Montreal of in 15 and earned ike right to meet Joe BASEBALL ber of persons employed industries on January lejt was or less than employed an a year The Department of Labor ntent Service made this inent and say that San Francisco sShowed a reduction of em tf Portland Seattle and Sacramento the territory the total of Oregon and California officials say that tie i 4o not necessarilly show SAN as many have left the in j Pacific Coast Baseball League has omitting farming for other adopted a 26week schedule for the CALLAGIN WILL NOT Associated Press Colagin has been found guilty on the charge of murder in the first life seniece was reccommended by Associated Press DEMPSEY loaning The schedule will i be commenced on April j The new Portland team of tie i Pacfiic Internationl League was given j recognition and will figure in the i coining seasons the jury trying the after a deliberation of four hourst Three womenwere members of the Colagin was convicted of having Hilled Aleck McGiddon a ias the of a quarrel over the rtheft of some chickens the shooting having taken place on December FOOLING THE Associated Press ft Railroad track has been laid on the i ice from Fairbanks to giv ing direct rail connection for cht and Even the Associated Press may be touted wrong at times and as i the writer is the correspond i ent at we resent such stuff being advertised in the name i of and have today so in formed the Associated j SEATTLE CRIME Associated Press grand jury is investigating the pur chase of the Municipal Street and expects to end the hearing Former Mayor Ole Hanson was before the jury ft Associated Press United fitefces Attorney has announced that he will cause the immediate arrest Jack Dempaey 4f the World Cham pirn imjakes an attempt to in the films of his recent fight The announcement of the Attorney Associated Press TRAVELS Associated Press moun REVIEWED AT STAKE Associated Press a dhaxged with tha murder of Craig and on Chrit mas was taken across the sissSppi river at 5 oclock yesterday afternoon by a which took from the officers yesterday morning land burned to The membersyof the mob had aa f I extended dispute over whether i should be hanged or bat tihe majority ruled for the Associated PMSS has replied to the note regarding the killing of by a Jap at with the promise tqi i thoroly investigate i The the State Departmen does not meet the rais ed by the American and is little more than an acknowledge who confessed to the murder of the tarns of the coast in tLe Associated Press Padere former Premier of will irae made dfoltowfing report to the j go ffcfcse United States the middle effect that Dempsey was planning tot0f for political and perj three Seattle in gun bat tles last is due to appear for taial It has been learned in Seattle ahat Smith has been removed ito the Tacoma as the authorities feared that mob violence due to tense feeling stirred up by the inci might There have as yet been no the government regulations the transportation of fight LOSE OUT Associated Press len land Rufus Presi dent aind VicePresident off the defunct Peoples State pleaded guilty to embezzlement and They were each seatenced to 30 years in the State It Ss estimated that about was sonal and will attend the I Polish conference at Pitteburg and j later go to California on private It is said thai he may be charged by the Polish Government to assist Polish Minister at Washington in arranging the proposed loan Poland bylie United MONEY IN SPORTS of the receipt of the United vicinity of San are j states Note ing and in their travels j are causing an enormous earth Mount has moved according to Professor C Lawson of the University of Cali fornia in geological bulletin just and Mount baa IN WALES Associated Press were twelve of them pas sengers on the when the Express was Wtreeked near here The Express collided with lihe Mont gaxrrery and Lord Herbert a brother of the Marchioness of was among the moved to the Northward at the ratej of 4 feet per year from tie years 1893 to 1903 and at the rate of 12 feet since to Tff POLES Associated Press the result j of a snow storm last which raged for it is estimated that telegraph poles have been level ed by the weight of the Charlie Chaplin will appear The damage resultiing from the Thomes Theatre this The snow has mounted to more than Shoulder is con sidered by many as the and contains mors ilaughprovoMng aaitics by than jn any his previous pictures shown in It is not of tj3e slap stick but is made up of clean with Chaplin support ed by a strong TENDLER WON Associated Press Lew Tendler of gained the deed sion last evening over Willie Jackson of New dn ten 46 tamd telegraph and telephone facilities have been badly Associated nwss form er University of Washington foot ball and who is now coach of football at Cornell has been offered per year to take charge of the football of the University of The offer in eludes a contract cover a period of five SCHWABS PLEASED Associated NEW Schwab said I am indeed grateful i It is the best news I when told that the Wash Investigat ing Committee had cleared him of all charges of having accepted pay for wartime That deeddkm was rendered last Associated Press NEW New York and Porto Rico Steamship Com pany has filed a suit against the American Government for claimed as damages for the sinking of the Companys tfeeamshup Caro The Carlaina was sunk off the New Jersey coast on June 191S by a German Associated Press This Roads Commission has introduced in in a case of this the House of a bill recover j which calls for an appropriation of I hundred malMon dollars for public i i roads during the fiscal TO THAT Associated Press police yesterday seized several thousand pounds of cane sugar which is said to have been salted for the making j of highproof and which was consigned as sugar and and was being distributed by the George Company of this COSTS TO TRAVEL Associated Press has been instituted in Federal Court to set asside the Interstate Commerce Commiesions order allowing the rail roads in Illinois to advance ger fares to cents per Associated Piess i Sen i ate has adopted a resolution calling upon tall post masters for a list of names of all former Service men I and such as whom have been nominated for postmastersihips by President This action was taken when the WEAVERS Associated Press shingle have remained closed since the first of the operations question of confirming Walaons ap Tony the Cleary creek I hard rack returned to the pointmemits came up in the Chase was yesterday granted a di vorce from Chase former Cincinnati first the affidavits introduced in support of her application gfiving ithe incident which led to ibis Suspension from the National League for throwing ball HARD TO BELIEVE ft Associated Press ft 4 ft and paperhangers of this city 4 ft have placed iin effect a vwlizn 4 ft tary cut in wages of 12 124 ft per 4 ft ft ft ft ft HARDING DRIFTING Associated Press PORT houseboat Victoria arrived in this and Harding came ashore for golf and luncheon and then left for West Palm where he is due to anrtve ait APPLAUD i old creek Goess j man ias been attending to busratesa It in town for the ACCIDENT OF PRAYER Assocfcitefl Press men applauded when the jury found Mildred Frenoh not gualty havdns passed fraudulent Tjhe four men were each fined for con of Associated Press Anna Lee died today of burns received yesterday when a lighted candle fen upon bar nightelothes wMIe she was praying at a shrine for the Improvement of her ihubands