Monday, June 21, 1954

Fairbanks Daily News Miner

Location: Fairbanks, Alaska

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Fairbanks Daily News Miner (Newspaper) - June 21, 1954, Fairbanks, Alaska Gu Remember the fastest, easiest, most econom- ical way to get gratifying ___is Daily 'News-Miner Class- ified way. Please 2281 to yetnr Garrison Town Daily N e ws m i ne farthest North BaaZy Memier Associated ALASKA, jUNl 21, I9S4 Rebels Seek to Overthrow Communist-Tinged Regime TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras, June 21, leaders announced today the bombing of Coban, a garrison. town in central Guatemala, and threatened to bomb Guate- mala City, the seat of President Jacobo Arbenz Communist-supported-government. Ml residents the capital were urged in a clandestine ______ _ radio broadcast of the Guatemal- an anti-Communist "liberation UN Calls for Guatemalan Cease-Fire UNiTKD NATION'S, N. Y., June 2i. United Nations Se- curity council called unanimous- ly night for a cease-fire in Guatemala and for all UN raem- to withhold aid from the lip h ting forces there. The action came after the Sov- iet Union cast Its sixtieth veto in council history on behalf of Leftist government. Tin- veto defeated a motion to rrkT the Guatemalan complaint tit auKrt'sslon to the Western her.i- ispiu-iVs regional Organization of American Si.itcs U. S. Henry Cabot T.iidgc. Jr.. council president for .luni-. said the Soviet veto showed obviously the Russians have "de- on the Americas. He varned angrily; "I .iay to the Soviet delegate: out- of the Western hemis- phere. Don't try to start your plans and conspiracies here." Despite the Russian vote, Guatemala has already asked the five-member Inter-A m e r i c a n Peace committee of the OAS to liolp stop the invBsion against President Jacobo Arbwiz Guz- mnn's government. The corntnit- Irp scheduled n meeting in Wash- incton this afternoon to take up Ihr request. f'hargfK Issued The cease-fire cull was voted after Guatemalan Delegate Kclu- ;utlo Castillo-Arriola c li B r e d in-lchhorinR Honduras and Nicar- agua, backed by the United States and the United Fruit company, had vnnnived in an aggression Guatem.'iln's territory by mercenary expeditionary forces. I.oclKr hotly defended his gov- einmetit and denied the charges. He said information avnilahlo to the United States "strongly sug- the situation does not involve nRKression. hut n. revolt of Guatemalans against Guatema- lans." an anti-Communist army" to take cover an obvious bid to smash the grip "has sought to clamp on the country through imposition ot martial law. Headquarters of the resistance movement in Tegucigalpa told of the bombing of Coban Sunday in the land.- sea and air campaign to overthrow the Arbenz regime. Co- ban is a town of about popu- lation in the highlands 60 miles north of Guatemala City. The planes were reported to have taken off from Esquipuias, a Southern Guatemalan town of known chiefly for a .Roman Catholic church dating from 1737 and a figure of Christ carved In dark colored wood that" is known as the "Black Christ of Esqui- pulas Denied In New York, Guatemala's 500 Vietminh War Prisoners Escape SAIGON. Tnclochina. Juno 21, military sources re- portrd Monday 500 Vletminh war prisoners, held by French Union forces near Saigon smashed out of their camp Snturdny with the aid of savage attncks from Sjiuround- jntr gucrrilUs. Authoritative sovircfis said about !00 of the war prisoners killed, wounded or recap- turod hut about 400 succeeded In KdtiiiK frc-e. camp is at My Tho, about 30 miles southwest of Sntgon. B-47s Take Off on Distance Flight KtVERStDE, Calif.. June 21. 17! B-47 jet botnbcvs took off from March air force base Mcmdny for YokotA AFB. 35 miles tjorth of Tokyo, in the longest nonstop flight ever attempted by jets The 6.700-mite trip is expected to tnki- 15 to 18 hours. There will be three refuelings en route KC-97 tanker planes. by Ken Reynolds gate to the Uiaited Nations. Edu- nrdo CastiHo-Arrioia, denied a se- ries of rumors: J. That fighting has broken out in Guatemala City. 2. That the chief of Guatema- la's army, Col. Carlos Diaz, has taken refuge in a foreign embas- sy. A. That a new invasion had be- gun from El Salvador. 4. That tile .Roman Catholic archbishop had fled. The martial law decree was an- nounced late last nlfiht, following a government apeal for aE private cars to be turned in for use in moving" troops. Reports 'from GuatemaJa said the decisive phase of the battle for that neighboring Central American nation may come within 48 hours. No Action Yet Associated Press correspondent Jack Rutledue, In Guatemala City, quoted Guatemalan army officers os. saying no field action had yet been fought. They added, how- ever, that a baltle could not be de- layed much longer. The U.S. embassy in Guatemala City anounccd it is making plans to evacuate wives and children oJ U.S. citizens In the country. With a wave of nntl-XJ.S, feeling sweep- ing the city, the embassy report- edly feared violence might break out a jz a I n s t North Americans There arc about U.S. cttl tens in Guatemala. Port of the rebel force was re ported striking toward the Pan American highway, near the Sal vndorejin border. This is a two- headed drive from Neuva Ocote peque. Honduras, toward the town of Jutinpa, Another invading column re- portedly was moving in from Ms cueilzo. Honduras, about 20 mile west of Puerto Barrios, Guate- mala's chief Caribbean port. The third was reported towart Zncapa, midway on the vital rail T had to hontle Httle I finally traded for that used car vwe saw In the News- Miner Want A FRIEND Indeed, is Classi- fied Section of your Daily News-Miner. For buying or sell- ing, it's the Marketplace tbe Interior. Try it Today Piione 2261. BATTLE OF Minister Glllermo Tor elllo of Guatemala says the "Battle of Guatemala" is in full swing: alter unidentified aircraft bombed oil storage tanks in the country and heavily armed troops launched an Invasion. The were reported to be advancing through Guatemala virtually -without resistance although loyal govern- ment troops may contact the at any time. The oil storage tanks were bombed at San Jose Troops launched their Invasion on the border of Honduras at point marked by arrow. Another beavily armed contingent of troops sailed, from Hog island (underlined) off coast of Honduras and Invaded Puerto line between Puerto BarxiA and Guatemala City. New York Building Rises Fast XEW New Yorkers stared open- mouthed todnj- as the sleek walls of a new 22-siory office bnlld- ing went up nt the dizeying pace of a whole siory about every 3S minutes. The walls were thin, prefabricatied sheets of itiinuw, each section two stories high. By noon, the shpath ot n-.cUl had climbed about half way to top. The 89 workers were expected to complete the job by nljrbtftll. Ordinarily, It would take eight to ten weeks. Woman Clinging to Life in 'Miracle' PASADENA, doctor H a "medical miracle" thai after six a half years of unconsciousness >trs, Ads WrtRley, widow of Wttllam Wrirley of baseball and chewing rum fsunr, Is still Mrs. Wrtjtlcy, who keeps her age a secret hut Is believed to be 83 or 84. suffered stroke at her mansion here on 23, 1347. She has been In coma since and if, almost completely paralysed. Billy Graham Leaves Stockholm STOCKHOLM, Sweden, Kraugelist Billr Graham left Stockholm Monday after a two-day crusade In, the SwedisJi capital. Some Swedes beard Graham 5n Sereral millions more heard him over the Swtdlth state radie. He left here for visits In Amsterdam. BnsseWorf, Berlin and Parts. He will return to the United States July Duke of Kent Injured in Crash of Kent, Injured in a highway crash, reported making "steady and progress" today. The roang duke, first cousin ftf Queen II and seventh Hue succession to the EnifMsh throne, was hurled from the to the whcA station wagon and gUtion wagon Geological Survey Mapping Parties Active in Alaska By KAY J. KENNEDY Field parties of the U.S. Geological survey topographic division are active in Alaska this summer. This work is un- der the supervision of Pete Isto, resident engineer stationed in Fairbanks, One party has finished mapping all the quadrangles on and adjacent to the Alaska portion of the Haines cut-off <Sroad.. Last week the men passed through Fairbanks en route to an- other Assignment between Fair- banks and Anchorage. To Kantlshna One group will camp In the Kantlshna area. Alvin T. Williams Is chicJt of party assisted by Thom- as J. O'Brien and Thomas H Williams, topographic engineers' Robert V. Spirk and William M Browning field assistants Richard Peck, helicopter pilot and Melvin Boyd, mechanic. The party is equipped with a three-passenger Hilier helicopter Skwcntna Robert C. Foley is chief Of par- ty for the other Rroup which will cawp at the Skwentna airfield, Joe -SI. Anderson and Thomas E Taylor are his topographic engi- neers with Doyle Smith and Koraan Dennis as field assistants George Is the c o a v' Pete Miller Is the ptiot 0{ twrf-passengcr helicopter and Wallace Jackson is mechanic Richard JU Longworth is work- ing with the parties uiilizmo transportation and personnel to accomplish photothcodolite m the areas too high for success tul helicopter operation, The area be mapnetl af Fairbanks takes to 55 or abowt 14.000 miles extending frotn K to Tyanek and wIU take in Mt McKteley area. Isto saw it Ss not expected to eotnptee entire snrver feat witb westlisr it wwtld be posssble. Dredges Enlarge Base on Okinawa soon will add anotfcer 85 aw dry land to Okinawa, bore tl-S. army IB DM 400 Men Are Employed at Big Delta To Be Spent On Big Base There Approximately 400 men arc nov working on the army Big Pe.ta base construction project. The projett Is sched- ule 1 to be finished late this icar Most of the men being em- pio ed by Peter Klewit ,md Early, contractors doing the bulk of the work on thp project, have been hired: in Fairbanks. When the huge project is corn- pitted, the Big Delta army base is expected to be one of the wjlUhUtty installations In Alaska. Js expected that the armed fences will jrreaily enlarge the of the raUltary garrison sta- tioned there. Heavy construction Hill continue unty the freeze-up, it is reported. 50 Buildings More than 50 includ- ing banacKs shops and structures are being erected Tlie multi-million dollar pro- gram will provide complete facil- itii including housing testing and recreational facilities for troij s and technical personnel at the center. Ine construction activity and the prospect of having a larjte mill 11 v garrison at Big Delta has gn nl stimulated husinrw dclh Itv mound the Richardson and AI HM hiijhwav junction A. 000 HiMirv hotel ha1! been com- pl.'t d bv Robert H Bay of Anch- aid bars, and new hone-; arc being erected in the d Flames Ravage Forest About Fote; 150 Miles Northwest ot Here L OmOYYOW I Fire So Inaccessible, Forestry Division Making No Attempt to Put it Out; Visibility in Fairbanks Greatly Reduced Br JIM South Fairbanks voters wilt go to the poles at the C h r I s l i an church in Ihsi area utnorrow to for or a.gainsi Uw esUWlsh-i merit of a public utilities; district J By FLORENCE ST According to a map of the dis-s A, fire raging over roughly 200.OOO a northwest of Tanana tin? .sun's thun.ln M3C tion. on file with the district throughout the Intcnor ami U court, the proposed uUiiUes dis- ish-orange tint "over trict will comprise: Art area generaily hounded by; and WAS Visibility at. international asrjwrt- the1 Fairbanks city HmiK South sin ot the south of rcptniiJ t a Inu and s line runninj; nortli from 1hp Bound- S s 1 ]V) r M1H, ary street to NlnMtrentn sueet io ihHtkh'rtt along NinctcpptU street to till- Offcn ,xt. u ,krins t.Urr the {Qieirtr} or .n of Vhr lam uav and along Gtllam was to tlie city limits Election Order Sifntrd lot. I In an order of election i Titwrt TJV Harty f Tntt Cm ill it 11 Taulhip Grititham and JJIM n Mis Don Miller uerc nanxd as pm-jjv i election visors hidn t fur n H. The polls for thp circlion wjlf noi'nil vi 11 ilnv in I i lui lit be open botucrn the hourv nt 0 over jm nnti 7 p in nl thr fhiiMHn Roilcti In Church 1532 Cushmnn slrirt j Mrokr It i fiofi The clerlion in Rddition tn df hut rtrnrif; v whfthor or not s Will-, if j i i City ISeics hi Brief... trt! f lies dKli ict will be rou'ii tecetvmif the mo-.t for <Ji- it tettor will Ix-come of f tr anii If On inr THjt i- r i area. More Jobs 2 Are Sentenced In City Court Tvri itten forfeited torn! ard' UKO more V-TI In mu- 2000 a< i to be tlllir'nc in t' r j7ilfa !Ur, T 1' s t (lfi'1 of Kll II rt the T Am! unions here expect to serri a few more men to Big Delta to the 400 already em- niclpal court this morning. The j fifth case considorpd by Muri al 'Mafiistrau Hugh Gilbert Sentenced to 30 days in jsfl on sorderly conduct. there. It is expected that J a drunk diw at the project will exceed j thrown a piece of concrcir 500 workers. through window of grocery store in order to make the. police .arrest him'. Hc_ asted lor arrest and been earlier. Summer's in- How! PXfSS had Already worn.fftj- Osborn W. Morris. 4 .sheet metal -worker, given fine, a 20 day jail and had license revoked for 30 days on in many p'arts of 'the Alv-in W. Dieter, 37. and L10yd f 50, Vn it marie Its bow today. E. Simmons. 50. MM begins at f50 on drank ruUIHj Far-r fulvir to 'sh TrK'- t bv (scujiri o cri LtivS Monday- tin- Jtr? worched atxwif the of wwk other lAO.OOO VI-P-TP rw by thr {t H U In 1 c in, I i 'in. MS t N (EDTX but the dying j n- has already given a blaz- j g f fne preview of t AM week. Hoods forced hundreds to their .homcsft'n Iowa, and and tornadoes ripped the s on the last Hawaii Statehood Expressed V t ,r> 'iOIJf. i'V -i o Tow a following s of rasns bf to rumcd of r, worth of crops A Of Si" -jrcnn was ordered at D fit 'n (v.-rre ff i !o fTti Fan- in ftat o' H la ?nd the was for more ici Wl aKo tr a-ass t ftt 'Nebraska were Tif at at Homer part of tfe" mo VJ f rt o d p Cf- e ir Tweadar wt tUht rain. The low high yesterday T? atitre today JK 4 here urn Hf up a -ced frota their a retwlt Wrapped! 354 250 -tw-ti srwsnd strvcsure worfcwca.