Friday, November 4, 1932

Fairbanks Daily News Miner

Location: Fairbanks, Alaska

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Fairbanks Daily News Miner on Friday, November 4, 1932

Fairbanks Daily News Miner (Newspaper) - November 4, 1932, Fairbanks, Alaska FARTHEST NORTH DAILY NEWSPAPER IN THE WORLD MEMBER OE THE ASSOCIATED PRESS VOLUME XXIX NOVEMBER PRICE TEN TERING ASKS ALASKA TO ELECT DIMOND ROOSEVELT EXPRESSES FRIENDLINESS TO TERRI ASSIST IN ITS DEVELOPMENT telegram from Democratic national head quarters in New York signed by j Emil Hurja to John chair man of the Democratic Territorial said i Governor Roosevelt in a per1 sotnal interview authorized the j statement that he very friendly to Alaska and when he goes tj j Washington in March he would i be very happy if he could then i go into a comprehensive Alaska a program with a Democratic Dsle1 j He hopes Alaskans will sent Anthony Dimond to l QUALIFICATIONS FOR VOTING To vcte in the Territorial general election Nov ember one most 21 years of age a resident of the Ter ritory for at least a year past resident of the precinct for at least 30 days No pre vious registration is Registration wilt take place at the time of The most important quali of is United States SANDERS SEES TREND TO EUROPE WATCHING ELECTION DRIFT IN AGRICULTURAL STATES IS DISTINCTLY TOW ARD HOOVER DECLARES COMMITTEE CHAIRMAN Sanders of the Republican na tional committee said reports from the West and Northwest indicated the political trend is to Hoover j in the great agricultural I Advices received today from I North Colorado and Washing j ton show an irresistible Hoover sentiment which cannot be check I Hoover Making Dramatic Trip Across Continent In Last Minute Appeal POLL ENDS ROOSEVELT LEADING ENGLISH OFFICIALS NOT TAKNG SIDES IN PRESIDEN HAL CAMPAIGN PROHD3Ij TION INTERESTS i MORRIS HEARD AGAIN FLAYS PARTY REGU LARITY AS HE URGES ELEC TION DIRECT ELECTION SAN regularity for its own sake Roosevlt was praised and Hoover denounuced in a po litical address by Senator Noriss of pleaded for direct election of President and Vice President as a means of freeing the nation al government from control b Copyright by the Associated Press I hasj Europe taken such keen interest in an American presidential elec a survey by the Associated j Press Publicly officials observed strict neutrality toward the presidential excepting to Hoover or may the best man win and then may he embody in PART OF STRIKERS RETURV TO WORK TnTS AFTERNOON AND SERVICE RESTORED man was killed and three wounded in a street fight arising from the trans portation OWEN YOUNG SPEAKS FOR DEMOCRATS ORDER ARREST OF INSULL spirit the new spirit of world leadThis afternoon street Na ership which will pull the Amerij and subway service was partially can world out of the slough of restored when of the j strikers returned to Strikers Regardless of who is elected I pelted street cars with Europes hopes and desires remain much as they They include cancellation or drastic revision of World war disarmament if it can be successful world eco nomic conference and settlement of the Far Eastern Russia has special hope of dip lomatic All eyes are turned on the fate of the prohibition with Brit ain hoping her distilleries will be ATHENS Nov 4 Following toe revived and Prance that her aauawillai of m extradition treaty industry will Germany Is between Unlted stfltes hoping to recover the American beer HOOVER HAS VOTES AS AGAINST FQtt ROOSEVELT LATTER CAS RIES 41 STATES SPEAKING IN PLACE WHERE LINCOLN WAS BURIED PRESIDENT COMPARI SONS BETWEEN PRESENT1 CAMPAIGN AND ONE IN WHICH CIVIL WAR CHIEF EXEC UTIVE WAS REELECTED GREEKS TO TAKE FORMER imLITIES MAGNATE INTO CUSTODY AT REQUEST GOVERNMENT BUSINESS LEADER SAYS OUR GOVERNMENT WILL CONTI NUE TO SURVIVE NO MAT TER WHO IS ELECTED NEW Young in calling for the election of Democratic candidate told a political rally I am not afraid of mobs if Hoover is elected and am not afraid of the markets business if Roosevelt is He spoke at the same rally as Let us be done with he and rest assured and vote in such a way as we feel bring a result to which we ran look forward to with confidence and optimism the morning follow HENRY RODEN BACKS UP STATEMENT JUNEAU ATTORNEY REITER ATES CONTENTION THAT RUSTGARD OFFERED PAUL JOB IF HE WOULD WITH DRAW Special to the NewsMirer Roden today announced he had wired At torney General Rustgard at An chorage Monday offering to pub licly prove the correctness of his statement that Rustgard had of fered Paul a position in his office the arrest of Samuel Insull was ordered at the request of Am erican Insull was taken into custody this Christos Greek said he would appeal to authorities that his client be allowed to re main in his hotel under close supervision instead of being locked in prison JOHNSON PREDICTS CALIFORNIA WIN FOR ROOSEVELT Hi ram Johnson predicted that Gov ernor Roosevelt will carry Calli Literary Digest presidential poll ended to day with tie following total veto The electoral college vote was The Digest announced last night that Roosevelt is leading Hoover in 41 Hoover shows a slight gain in votes from the per cent of the total which he had in th semifinal He has Per cent in the final Roosevelts per Hoover leads in seven New New Roosevelt leads in all The New York total Roosevelt The California total Roosevelt ABOARD THE PRESIDENTIAL En Route a dramatic appeal for the support of the President speak ing at where Lincoln is drew what he called an analogy between the issues of this campaign and those when Lincoln was re He said that in 1864 with the country in deep gloom and Democrats demanding leadership in Washington the nation declined to turn to untried policies and experimental leaders but reelected The President declared the same differ widely from Hooi alternatives are before the country jers today that lay before it in that momentous campaign nearly three quarters of a century The choice the American people made in 1854 vember The as made on No choice they ore This program entrusted to me is essentially a national Its watchword is interdependence j of ail ali all onomic Such a program permits of no The Pennsylvania total ver Roosevelt STOCKS RALLY SHARPLY ON EXCHANGE called to make in 1932 will be made November sectional or immediate selfish special interests such as SHORTS FORCED TO SEEK COVER AND BUOYANT AD VANCE IS RECORDED OX STOCK MARKET NEW took to restoringmany mar ket losses in recent Prices advanced one to six points in many leading issues but there were numerous recessions of one to one and a half points from the best The closing tone was Total turnover approximated ing Mobs and markets wili both after the election if Paul would Snow then there has been free withdraw from the race and that expression by the I know of no more steadying influence for Texas rode 32 winners in 17 17 of them within a at Riverside Kansas Rustgard had failed to reply to his Koden told Rustgard that sev eral others knew the offer to Paul had been or fools consists of fornia and all other Pacific coast million although in moderate saw prices surge up Union Pacific made an extreme gain of about six paints and finish CHINA WANTS TO RESUME RELATIONS WITH RUSSIA ed above yesterdays close Allied Chemical gained tin foreign office disclosed definite reports that China has approached Soviet points and then dropped a American Telephone gained about four points Issues closing two to three points Russia with a view to resuming I higher included United States diplomatic Charles steel man began his career as a stake Consolidated Santa American My ers Tobacco National Biscuit and New York The turn in the tide of the civil war was made at The turn in the tide of this crisis came last as after Gettysburg long months of continual battle was re quired to bring about saving of the union in the same manner we must continue the fight to recover our prosperity and preserve the social and political principles for which Abraham Lincoln Reiterating the 12 policies enun ciated in his Des Moines speech for relief of he com mented on Roosevelts apparent reactions to The Democratic candidate has developed into one of the greatest mysteries of this whole said In his proposal for relief of agriculture he has not been willing to state the method by which he proposes to secure the advance of agriculture He stated with great care the methods by which he can escape from any demand that he make good on his mysterious Asks Republican Aid NEW invited Republicans to join him in efforts to obtain work and se curity for the American He spoke to the Republicans for Roosevelt League after swinging by automobile through New Jer sey Roosevelt said it was not hard1 to condense the sum of all the arguments the President has made for reelection into two j those represented by clients md backers of Gettys I Roosevelt said that the Am erican government itself is found ed on the principle that many men many states with many eco nomic views with many economic interests might through the med of the national government build for national na tional unity and interdependent well being and if the President turns his madetoorder sta from his socaUeed back ward and crippled countries to tile great and stricken markets of Illinois and other great agricultural cease his Utopian dreaming and turn to the real words of the founders of the republic and the true lessons of American history he will Snow what theAmerican system really Westward Bound ABOARD THE PRESIDENTIAL moved westward through Illinois en route to California after telling a crowa at that a million men have returned to work since Congress If you want a million more to find work return the Republican he CANDIDATES WILL SPEAK OVER AIR TONIGHT He asks for a vote of confi dence because he says that but for him the situation might have been He asks the nation to wait in hope for some miracle of that will make things political ray chart of action for the countrys By Asosciated Press The following political speeches will be broadcast today Hoover from Louis over both networks at Fairbanks over NBC at 3 Fairbanks Roosevelt Irom Brooklyn at Fairbanks Dudley Field Malone over NBC at Fairbanks Al Smith at 5 Fairbanks