Saturday, April 26, 1919

Anniston Star

Location: Anniston, Alabama

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Anniston Star on Saturday, April 26, 1919

Star (Newspaper) - April 26, 1919, Anniston, Alabama THE WEATHER Fin Aiiiii ou and viclnlly Jartly rluudy iiinht Sunday slihily uanir Sun VOL 37NO 231 Final Edition United Press Leased Wire Service ANN1STON ALA SATURDAY APRIL 26 1919 Daily and Sunday lijc Pei Sulc 3c PER COPY ence National Guard to be Treated as Local Force To Maintain Internal Order and Nottobe Backbone of Offices Closecljjump of Over night Reported Officially Saturday and Business Suspended in Rome WILSON CAFE SIGN HIDDEN FROM VIEW JKlvSIDI CIAUM VI WIlSIOX IKIKNDSIITI IOII 11V IIMIUA ClAMMiliA IlliKMl inss Slaff r Delayed prvsioii loday Italian nation is a ipiiortiiiK Hie claims ils iTiirOMnlii Ko The Im IKIJI in Mipii ilium nhiili tives in I lie piiirr ronfViTiini lime talirn iiil irrevocable Maud DrmonM rations continued in every ity Two thousand municipalities wired Foreign MiniMrr Sonnim to remain firm Kvery ioveriimint of llrp is rliimtl Irisitlrnl it sonmanifesto of privately dhillKd lo iiiinlms of llusunilr and hiinher early yesterday Inn vas nut published until to day It that a movement is uinlei1 way in tile senate lo cubic tinAinor irati congress of regret at nnprece TOTAL MOW ABOVE REPORTED crnus MVKI IIKVVV JllVS JN TOTALS OVKM KKI IMVS KiOIOKTK ihntrd itclion Tin flans of Italy Finnic and Walmatia were exhibited together in todays demonstrations here Alarge number of priests particijMdlnK with Ulah ller onlv onr rteil in the manifestation The coraiotilor for honors of win ning state Vpril Inited Ircss reports m ilic Victory liin lidded 000 to thetotal ollicially 10 ported last nielli tho sales now Tile Ckvehind districl a renicndous jjain ollicially ro purtiiiK over yester days figures In Hun district olhcial reports show Mr com munities have accomplished their work This leads all Federal Re servo list ricis The stales of Michigan and Ohio boih have attained their minimum quotas but over sub scriptions continue to roll in in many cases unsolicited Oklahoma City is i be first im portant city in tlm Kansas city Federal lieservc district to reach its quota Tho state of Oklahoma ollicial reports show the Tenth district rumiiiii second On the west coasi Oregon THIS EVENING FINAL FEATURE o Wonderful Celebration Staged Calhoun Odd Fellows Saturday Krilliant Suc cess Yin crowning feature of ihe an niversary celelirainm or Hie HHKH General Staff Would Have Strong National Array for NationsOVERSEAS MEN Protection Against Other and Let National Guard Wholly Under State Control for Domestic Service nn uf Iie nisttin early Sirinav niiniins will he the coiicurt by the members of the Hoyindustrial hand lo lie bcltl ul ibiLyric this evening The people of Annislon an In vited to atlentrihe concert ivlvcll is to be Kivcn Tor the joint benefit of the Hoys Industrial school ond the Dili lelliv orphanage fit Inllman M Kixou chairman of the Renenii eoinmittoe in charge of I lie great cekbralion which has attracted the attention of tin An niston people tlrotmhoiit Satur day urges that all friends of the April will be ask ed In put the nations security in Ihc kccpini of a strong national force and relegate to the national under state control lic job of milillNlinillK local order accorcliii to well informed offircrs at the slate departnicnt tdi Ihuis llraftcd for the general staff prolidi ary liiiiiin as tbc lniirt of Un future army linker tins not approved jniy of these pending conference on conscription and disarmament for universal niili Serctary of Var cl ion of tiic peace u any plan ii isaid the na tional guard will be treated as a local force and not as the back bone of the Minion army would be a depnrtiro from past policy ami would iculi from the lessons of the war vhich deman ii is said tbat the entire man power of i nation be trained In the main administratiin In terpretation uf political and public Mntiment will determine what soi of peace time ptviaredlKMs ir presentetl to the next Army experts exucct a decision after the relurn of the order attend the concert this ovenjPresidrnt and Secret ing in appreciation of what the hoyfrom the least Lake school have accomplished Tile picnic dinner spread in the grove just across the tracks from Hie union station at noon Satur day drew an immense timing of visitors io that pot and much out of the ordinary in point of interei and attendance crowds diil not attempt to proceed to lie American embassy as all speakers pointed out that Wilson must not be confused with the people whose friendship Jlaly is determined to reltiln The proprietor of the Wilson cafe was oiled o cover Wilsons name tis siioi with a tarpaulin dgnor olosimo minister of colonies held a long conference uith YitMor Kmanuel this morning and returned to lunch with the King Prince Colonna mayor of Home issued the following pruclama 1 ion The cointry will declare it cannot be separated from the gov ernment The American nation for whom we cherish the mosf sin core affection will appreciate the justification of our upholding onr sacred rights TPlegraphing from Fiuimv Ga brielo DAnnnzio said I never prouder of being tn lialiai Of all onr heroic hours tiiis is truly the mosl solemn There is nothing greater in the world than this Italy which does not fear to remain alone to every body With her strength multiplied forward full speed Quotas have been reached by 105 communities in Xew Eng land Sioux City la has accomplish ed a remarkable feat according ing to war loan directors Over subscriptions ot about were received and nut n note sale was solicited in the city This work was accomplished in exactly 12 hours The baby tank which a few days ajo climbed Pikes has been assigned another tasl for its share in boosting the Victory Loan Tomorrow it will climb Lookout Mountain to Buffalo Hills grave On Ibis occasion it be accompanied by a group of scouts and former associates of the plainsman Of Vil1 linker from abroad With thousands i en rolled in the reserve corps mn men today admitted their anvoJv to form also a real reserve curps for the necessary enlisted men For years the army nas been for universal service But many iil lebration was an event informed officers do not believe that any administration would foster such a plan and many more believe congress would never pass Slid legislation upon ground that it imilitaristic About 2r per cent of officers discharged since the armistice was signedT2C per cent of those re leased up to February isked for reserve Hundreds of prospective officers New loik April are being trained at reserve offi Pnss transport Hunting cers training units in schools ton carrying the lolst fieid artil throughout the country lory the liTlh field artillery bri At present the only enlisted re tade headquarters the loath andserve counted on by the army is whose ITdTRANSPORT WITH ARTILLERY COMES IN AHEAD OF TIME quotas first in tiie San Francisco district Koporis from Xew England were exceedingly satisfactory war loan officials said Wide dis tribution is being obtained and i the selling campaign is going ero squadrons is schedulj that of regulars cd to arrive late today 48 hour iheart of schedule Wireless mes army men and men in the regul ments have expired National sages received at the port of emarmy who enlisted for liarkatlon indicated the vessel fare discharged without the reserva Draw Sharp Distinction army officers draw shar would reach Ambrose chanue New York bay about 4 p m The transport Santa Clara has not reported by wireless but no distinction between universal fears for her safety are entertainservice and universal training ed by army anJ iwvy officials SheThey believe that the country will has probably been delayed by at universal weather The Santa Clara out of civil life for long pe ries tiie loth engineers complete I 14Hh and 145th machine gun battalion detachments rinds of compulsory antiv service Iniversa training i regarded y il as n ilMiiourntic method of prepureilnrs lniveivji irniiiini ould be ob tained it was pointed nut thnni citiier uf i methods 1 At volunteer summer camps 2 At CLtinjis mjiilo comjmlsory for yonths of certain arring etl probably so as not to interfere with schooling Tlvi volunteer amp system ii Iegardrd hy officers as the most likely to approval There are io bel i evo thai in ere is a hanee for compulsory tmining unless there is actual threat of war in which case specific legis lation such as the draft act could be made to meet the emergency Several plans any of which would provide an enlisted reserve lyive been drafted by the war de partment Xnno of hese is re garded as completed until admin itration officials pass on after the officials have sounded public sentiment Waifs The war department is allowing reorganization of ihu national guard to wait until congress passes now legislation it was officially today Because of local necessity organ ization of JOOuO guardsmen has been authorized in various stains since April 1917 Only about oflOOO of these have aciually been organized ami no further authori zations are contemplated except where there is extreme danger of industrial disorders On application of states he war department has authoriz ARE ASKING AID OF GOVERNMENT 4o Per Cent of Foreign Ser vice Men Now Seeking Regular Employment April lnii od five prr ruiti of the men siw snrvicc in Hii ro arc now asking government liSKistancfi in finding wnrl nr corUing to canvas oi yilOO cards just received from overseas ly the United States employment service This is 15 per cent higher than the penjoiilafe among the1 silver chev ron manufacture Ample provision haw been made by the department of labor in framing ils bill asking congress to make permanent the employment for the system of can vnsslng the employment needs of i ho soldiers before they leave France This information is nov sent back to their homes before hey reach their homes so that a job may lie vaiting for them on their return Steps are expected io be taken today by the conference of gover nors representatives here to pre vent the service being used as a political machine Secretary of Labor Wilson will address the conference today MEAT INSPECTOR AIDS OFFICERS IN FRIDAY RAID ed creation of a few units of na tional guards Florida Idaho In diana Iowa Kansas Maine Min Missouri Xew Jerey Xew T t Jl11 Or L L Powell the city meal inspector accompanied Chief lint ledge and Detective Wade on a raid Friday night and succeeded in finding a quantity of whiskey in a manner introducer by the school boys of the long ago The officers searched the prem ises of X W Willis who was fin ed 100 in the police court Satur day and sentenced to serve ihree months on the slreels once over without finding the booze they reasonably knew lo be there The meat inspector spat in his left id and with the forefinger of Precautions Taken Against Possible Red Surprise Dur ing Versailles Meet GENERAL ADVANCE BY RUSSIAN REDS FEAR HOISMKVIKI KACMIlLy WATIII iOSt liltKAK AiJliOS OVIi ITALV lilAX AT VKKSAILLKS WilsliinKton April Inited associ powers rcnvuiiizinj the liossiliillty of ii liolshevik coup while the iernian ilele Kataes arc at Versailles have prepared such i ile ii was stated in diplomatic quarters here to day Lcnine ha been in secret con ference at Moscow for weeks past with followers from all over lu rope it is understood and has framed an elaborate scheme for advancing the charge of the in ternational proletariat as an in cident lo the shipping of the peace treaty An attempted general advance of the Russian lied armies is pos sible upon ilie arrival of the German plenipotentiaries in France diplomats held The Bol shevik forces in the Archangel regions in the Odesia regions and in Lithuania are known to he equipped for an offensive and have threatened one long The Dolsheviki also have heeii watching eagerly for a peace con ference split even of a minor na ture nnd diplomats except Len Ine himself a keen diplomatist to utilize the Italian situation and the Japanese grievances to his own advantage Should Lenimie make a direct appeal to the Italian people in their bewilderment and tension he might carry more weight than the counsel of either the peace conference or the half defeated Italian diplomats it is feared Italian Civilians and Offi cials Give Farewell Demonstration RUMOR OF JAPANESE PACT STILL CURRENT ilKLKVKl JAlAX WILL GO 15 K 0 I COMKKEXCW ACUX TO INSIST UIOV RA CIA I WjrAUTY Washington Hawaii trict of Columbia have also been allowed to organize one or two companies the sacrifices of the lean days Italy today is great and pure in the midst of so mttnh allied base ness hatred bartering and lies The allies are iniquitous grateful and forgetful We must thank God who exalts us that we by j are worthy of this supreme trial ANNISTONIANS MOURN DEATH OF SIX ARE KILLED NEAR MEMPHIS IN CRASH OF TRAINS BISHOP E E HOSSTwo Wlite Men and Four Ne having hail the great honor of ex posing the false idol at whose foot wo oiue all knelt Now repeat the Slave motto do not surrender Members of Industrial Board Offer to Resign If It Will Make The death of Bishop E Embvee Moss farmer editor of the Al bania Christian Advocate and of ten a visitor to Annistou which occurred I his week al Muscogee Oklahoma is generally mourned among Ann is ton Methodists Bishop Hoss was favorably known and generally loved here He bad delivered many sermons before local congregations April of jncjnbcrs of Hitindustrial board of tin department of commerce are beforn Secretary KetltHUI today All liavc informed him that any one or a nil iviihdniiv if such a slop will aid in reaching an ngrreiiieMt Aviih Director Jcncral ilines over lie price uf steel rails The situation stands between a complete upset hip of tho price prognmi uiI of the board it WHS dorlar rd Indicatiuns in official circles that President Wilson not t aU in t any definite posil inn inclined o sidr with llinrs in lie contrnveixv In view nf tiiis i was believe lliat lhe pio firam IK lUnes linked pointdly nut ion wm Id be been t he sit ehirifiod by the rotirement of any nuMnbtira oi the ttiiinl ibis report was slrenuth Micii by a sJiitcmenf by Hedfield today said In was awaiting i reply from i lints to a ient Apiil 1 S The sccrelary hould not disclose ils eontents rrom oilier sources ii was learu M he lyul indicaied to ilines thai be hoard could not rtMnain n it ireHont staie much onger Developments today substanli itd previous reports thai meiniteri ihn board were ready lu quit an id several of them1 ilioard inemtieiH wanted to with liaw after ho heated KhitJi took tho office of iorielary Ilass at I lie treisnry hree weelts ano ll was at tlyu iifotinj thai kitowledo of the CASES DISPOSED OF IN COUNTY AT Tom Morrison an Oxford arrested several times in the last few months under charges of vio lating iUe prohibition laws wns tiied in the county court Friday utter noon fined SI Id and costs and sentenced to serve three months jit hard labor Jake A Robertson while charged with criminal assault wa at Ilie same session and reveral other cfises wpre disposed of by Judue Thomas Coltmini HOSPITALS WILL BE GIVEN BOOZE MOBILE SEIZED hiciieli het the governineni agencies bnnnne pnhlie property Chairnian Ceorge X Peek of the hoard was scheduled lo confer with HodlieUI sometime today it was said at tho department OL coniniciTc Xeither confirnintion or denial could he had to the n porl Hat Ieek would ask Kedfield to afcepl liis resignation Mem bfiia of the hoard Who could he Mobile Alii April i Inii reached were reticent when asked oil Press hundred and whether Peek had been empower qinirls of whiskey re ed to plead for acceptance of all seized hy Federal antliov illos will he dislrihilled ainollR the hospiiiils of Mobile This action was ordered by groes Meet Death in Col lission Early Saturday Morning Mcmphiy Tenn April United mon were killed and about a score injured in a Iteudon collision early this morning between an tral work train and engine at the Xonconnah yards the Illinois Central near here Two of the lead are whites and the other four are negroes All were employes of the road Ambulances have been nirJied to tiie scene from Memphis York Ohio Oklahoma Oregon j M gri ht scatterert the saliva by Tennessee Texas Virginia blow Following the direction nil the Dis Qf llle greatest quantity the meat inspector located a small bottle of fluid Three times repeated and followed the veterinarian un earthed tho number of bottles from their concealment and now the chief is considering the ques tion of adding him to the police department because of his ability Judge Creen assessed fines and street sentences at morning matinee ag Ivan S Rossiter Inmate of j other defendants rounded up Fri Nine German Prison Camps In Victory Rally To morrow SUNDAY RALLY TO BE FEATURED GREAT TALK U S EMBASSY IN ROME PROTECTED BY ARMED GUARD Washinton April United By HtKI S JKflGUSOX Ircss Slalf Correspomleui Iaris April of Italys iiuwil from the peace confer fiuc ciurrid this uftcrnaoii Tli hii cf tli Itiilinn paco ilrligatinn lircijjii Minister Suiinino mid former Itcmicr Snliiiulrii left Iaris for ISmno al J oclock tliis nftcrnoon A miwcl of Italian officials and civihins tiicni a great oviIion at Lyon Xo offiical comment could bo obtained on the visit to Italian headquarters yesterday of Ambas sador Matsul Japanese represen tative in France Rumors per sisted however that there is pos sibility of cooperation between Italy and Japan in pressing thsir territorial claims Vvao also to be a possibility that Japan would again raise tho racial equality issue in some form at the plenary session of In peace conference Monday in addition to taking up the re vised covenant of the League ot Xations the conference will then conilrlor the report of the respon sibility committee and amend ments to tho report of thecommis sion on international labor legis lation Press armed guard is pro tecting the American embassy at j Home Ambassador Page cabled the state department today He confirmed press dispatches as to the demonstrations in the Italian Italian as the Saturday capital in support of rainst several SAYS JAPANESE CASE STILL OPEN Paris Apr Mniled Press The Pnris eorrcspomieni of Nip pon Tempo today cabled the fol lowing lo Tukio Jiipans ease is iil The final scone is yet to come But J am able io repeat our delegation aands firm hipn may sifn a just treaty luit nol an f t ho iesiinations or only iiis wn Hints who is on a tour ul in speelion in the far wet has before Judie Kobert K Krvin of the lim a statement of resultof Ihe j Initrd court for Ibn soutli i Tn diotri Tence urged by the Pnsiti Uohort S lovli ami Henry Walters iele grapbod the direeioi1 general a de tailed reporl of their meeting with Uu board lint it is known no matrial progress wnfl ivnde hy HM Maltama In a sLauincn lht order Indic lrvin explained thai lhe liiiuor was needed for medical purposes KiRlii oases of lirinor wen1 oriiircd held pendini decision in rend u Ihoir di I rihu inn JUGO SLAVS ARE PREPARING FOR ACTIVE WARFARE April Iniied Tiie IujnSlav govern ms called Ilirec additional to l lie color according dispaich from Agram lo TIMCK PAMUiM Tenn April ll Inited Pris jTruck gardens were seriously daninged early lioaus Killeil and fear is frit for i lie siifei y nf the Iniil ciMp in Kasl Tennessee as a result of licavv finsl last nighl A thrilling feature of lhe Vic tory Loan rally to be held at the Lyric theatre at p n Sun day be tle address of Jvan S Kositer of the First Canadian Mounted Rifles Since return to America Mr Rossiter has proven to be such a wonderfully interesting speaker that all of Iiis time has been demanded for ad dresses on patriotic causes Ar Hie special request of the Annison committee Mr Rossiter lias agreed in his address at the Lyric Sunday to toll the his experience in German Prion Tamps Afier being wounded lie was captured by the Clennans und spent a year in Germany He has been in nine different prison tamns and is considered the greatest authority in ilie world on German prison camp lie will fcivo to bis audience at first hand a word picture of bis personal ex perience in these ciinipH A mon ster crowd N to hear Mr Hossiters peecU and 10 sne the patriotic which will be stored uE iliat 1 day by the members of the force REV C J HENRY WILL RETURN TO PITTSBURG HOME BANK MANAGER IDENTIFIES MAN HELD FOR THEFT Cleveland Ohio April ited IT lUcKee manager of the GarficHl bauk which ivas robbed December 21 1917 of today positive ly identified Hoy Tyler Roches Rev C J Henry who came to Annislon more than a year ago ter N Y as leader of the gan to fill the post of pastor for the police say ITALIAN CKiSIS PLEASES BERLIN PRESS GREATLY East Eleventh street Church of Christ will deliver his last ser mon there Sunday and will leave Monday to return to former station in Pittsburg Mr Henry came to this city to ierve jointly as pastor of the local hurcii and to handle the Camp MeCIellan interests of his consre gation lie has accomplished a great work in both fields and re turns to the Xort h with the good wishes of his fellow workers here A successor for ilie retiring minister has not been secured by the local congregation SUFFRAGISTS TN FLORIDA GIVE UP Tyler he said is the man who leaped on top of the cage in which MeKee was standing nnd directed the efforts of the other men gather up the money to BEER VIOLATIONS TO BE HANDLED BY REVENUEJHEADS Philadelphia April Unit ed engaged in the manufacture ot beer contain ing 3 34 per cent alconol after May i will he prosecuted hy tbe department justice Attorney General Palmer declared in an interview here today Wholesale action against brewers violating wartime prohibition according to Palmer will be taken after May 1 The matter of bottling beer he said is a matter for the revenue department in which the depart ment of justice is not interested Palmer attended the banquet of the Jefferson club here last night FORMER CZARS UNCLE REACHES GENOA SAFELY o Genoa April rand Duke Nicholas uncle of lhe former Czar and commander inchief of Russian armies at tha outbreak of the war arrived here today on the British steamer Ad niral Nelson He was accompani ed by Grand Duke Peter Both will leave soon for England by way of France Harvest Hand Famine Threatens With Great Food Crops to Gather ashing ton April Vntted PITSS AVith tiie lariiest crop in hiiilu for Ibis year employment service officials here fear i slioitJJm1 of harvest hands despite the present labor sur plus This ilso was the opinion of labor departments conference of I invri nul s ere to Ieiisltion looking tovanl i HUlt WliMNllNvj permaueut iinploinriu service As i innuis of aidini in the situation the conference voted thai General March he requested to tivo tho preference in tlichanie from he army in order to tale care uf tile labor in agricultural ploy m service ofiicials employmenr t hai while larne labor April per commenin on 1 ported withdrawal frum I conference made no etu i o conceal t lieiv saf isiirt i lie l urn of evenl s Xot only is ej blame bill 1 he eoi is ic all lie enliile pe said he llerline Tallahassee Via April tnited Florida suffra gists have luM hope of winning their fijbt durin the present ses sion of t legislature leaders here declared loday The senate bill providing for sulimissinn to the voters of a con aly s rej ul ional a in en dm en im be peace I stlffraRtat lhe jeii today ion wiih reported cts there labor al IIMNSON i Man Hensuii a while man wns tileil in the county court Friday afievnoou on a elvne of siviiif liijuor jo a minnr and wis con victed JmlK1 Coimau imposl a fine nf f 1 Ml Slid IOsi point surpluses ar dustrial dis iiial fanning dUiruts In many soldiers who cam farmirm connnnniti inrniim there bu in t he cities problem M Director General Inilcd Slates c is one of t rails the city distric tern wheat ii1 be ham Mie brctkiui