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Publication: Edinburgh Chronicle February 27, 1760

Edinburgh Chronicle, The (Newspaper) - February 27, 1760, Edinburgh, Midlothian Ji i 7 Voir. H. T n't -ur 'j ,.J author nob observed about can etfily ufc a fjen or, qjike better of hii JM! the value .of a tittle -r J V f if a gucU UCOMSS ci bjocd has a tufFcoat, of a1 boff colour, and pftcn above an inch thictg on furface ftrvea jo aity vJj. t am told tb'ir I f when to can. of- lien icir they die; cannot Jjw fciwd with, fodden fa of ipd ind quiclc pulk, aod (bow A _ r ned. opened, but gofhed rV fcpfid jjeura, abVc four 'and ih one ojt Tn tfc fi" but' the! plctt'rY' apj icrn< trill ite If t Of any to rcfolutions of the yf ye {iave ieen- ia 0u w .weak b. {dead j lo fee. 4t is well fee I 'j. irtg the .of any for vails, w6 may very juftly Cdppofe that the hem arm; gentle- men with their fervants families, would thinlf. i 5 thitik J 'i great channel was feiaed with the dil tjve caufc of this, more, thaq from, the e no r If. t For 'THHE fymptoms of it are thefa. 10 ving condition as fome of them mull in all, probability do, but generouBy giye .thecif a proportionably greater fee. And a few precedents' will be a Efficient handle make this practice prevail till it becomes almoft univerfal which indeed is no ineon- iiderable point .gained by the fervants. .For gentlemen who ilill continue to give will gradually introduce that coftom till theie, with tbe additional fees, make? the fervants more opulent, .and consequent-? ly more extravagant and intemperate than tver jhey were I would cline to indulge lavifhpds, but would give a moderate proportion of vaSls, Ajch both jsfHce, and, in fome- roeafure, -ne- ceffity bind me to do. For, in

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Publication: Edinburgh Chronicle

Location: Edinburgh, Midlothian

Issue Date: February 27, 1760