Monday, February 25, 1760

Edinburgh Chronicle

Location: Edinburgh, Midlothian

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Edinburgh Chronicle on Monday, February 25, 1760

Edinburgh Chronicle, The (Newspaper) - February 25, 1760, Edinburgh, Midlothian EDINBURG VOL. It, From MDMDAY FEBRUARY 25. to WEDNESDAY ofyfo bijlory OMRAH, the of AjHf LFAI0; an eritntat tale, EVery word that flowed from .the mouth of the d civile was with wif- ioui, or> (raoothed .'onverUuion flpfc imperceptibly into the ieart of Orarah, and hi- infpi- e4 him with, rvvtrence and afrttftidn, lie v03 commodioudy lodged ia the hermitage, ipd treated .parental care, undebaqch- 'd by vitious Crndernef for he found him- rvftricM to and _aljty, whjlehU hoit to him tie. piomifed antidote, which to a liuic time leliroyed of that .poijbn which Jbegup jtp germinate in couilitution. was a more difficult to purify cured, and eradicate ihofe bad habiis '.hi.cjr ,aod paffion ha.d engendered: dervife decline, n? in hb pupil a remarkable pf heart, together with an uocom- and docility of undertfand- His vanity and pride .were already k i i I A J .4 _ _ 9 llffU ETUMC' was the effcft Qt eif- and thole would, I probability, have revived in proportion fenfe of calamity if the fe had not taken a more effectual meth d fubdae them, with therms of id philofophy, He made a fairreftimate all the young man's accomjSJiihmentsj ilanced them with his defects, and fliew- I how the latter preponderated. He oved, that, in point of perfonal qualifi- tion, he equalled, if not excelled, by any of co-temporaries-: that he was Called in by the phytfcian. Gabriel, e fon of Bakhttfou: thathetould not row the javelin like fifufa Ebn Ifa, the efeft of Egypt; nor manage the Heed :e Ebn Yahya, been linedf op -with tjje khajiph; nor run the t like Ainni Ebn Mahran, who won rhe izein the famous tournamjent held at Ga- bsilt On an Diglut He Served, that Omrah could hot be more ral thair Yabya Ebn Khalid Ebn Bara- nor more liberal than his fon Jaafar, J firit favourite of the empire, on whom i Khahph beftowed his own lifter in mar ge nor more brave than this favourite's >ther, who extinguifhed the rebel n of Yahya Ebn Abdal ah. Such were s qoahiies of the of Ba- He convinced him, that, in po.nt gen us and knowledge, fie could not be Tjparrd to many of the knaliph's flaves: in-poetry he was infinitely torpatfed by >oun.'oyas, who co.mpoled the f.moos upon the verfe fent by one of damieJs to Hareun Rafchid paid his debt to fuuwe: f L C 11 f m 1 piety ne fell far fljort of the-virtuous; Kadi (ha, m nem, who, m a vilion, faw the writing I .tktth.of her______w name among thofc fincerely lovtd J the her (bo. wbeoi Ae Creator: that was I heard sm tidings Juice hi ffi' cmmwmfoii of Ga- 1 and the breath of that in he was aeJipfcd Aboufaid who wrote famous on fublime -fouKintiried, Fahouat u al tiaoVatT that he was 4 child >n phi- to Klorabek and he reminded our youth of the -cjiilrefsful cir- cnniftances which He, was reduced by the lob of his-for ban. aiid thfe treachery of her with whom he, had hdd vicious dalliance' thde and other luch wile rctnonftrances, the dirpefitiori of- Omrah was- Htfireiy changed. He began to look upon lay the foundations of wifuom. His heart, which pride melted by humanity, and overflowed with ati -the tenderiiffs of of his an. aikfipmte victory over his moft, an4 now retained of among his r'cliow-creatuaij, by AJS fuperior fagacity apd virtue. In liilen- ed with the moA eager attention to the in- llruclions of the dervife, who was not only confummate matter of all the philofophy and learning of theEaft; ikil- kd in ihe policy of najtions, the cuftoras and mankind; and intimately ac- quainted with all the fprings that move the human mind. His knowledge was fo univerfal, and bis virtue fo fublime, Omrah believed him a fupernatural being, and could hardly refrain from worship and adoration. He did not however, to make advantage of the, precious" moments wb.ich opportunity offered. He care- fuUy treafured up the leiTons of his tutor, and, in one animal revolution of the fun, bis mind was fo well Uored tviOj wifdorp and eruditron, that the dervife pronounced him qualified as a profeflorin the famous college at Madrafah al which the khahph had lately eftabUftied in the city of Baghdad. Nevertbelcfs, he was not yet fati-fiedwitrt the proficiency he had made, and to pafs anoiher year in the profsicution of his.rtudies, within the bolpm of this charming retreat, when his refolu tion was frustrated by an unexpected event. From Aga of the caravan of Bir, which, palfed near ihe (kirrs of the hermizagc, he Jearacd that the venerable Abulfaid had op tears to the arf fatlrcf, t. ture comfaia, and was exhorted to. return to arxi fettle tite affairs of fimtiy. Being ewicked other he.look Jaave of his kind preceptor} joirt. cd the comforted: mother, and fbond himfejf htar to s i CBrtfiderable fortuae. Mwdfal of i ihe der- vjfc's he converted into jewels, vad feioet to devote bitcaieatsttt the A rvice of hie cwttntrr.' He again <te- v parted with cite caravan for MootTvK which Chiefly loaded with dyad fpaNfrmir "nneii, and cotton; and on 'thr plaint ef Qrfa had an opportunity of fignfifejng vakrnr, in an engagement boaSr of Curdesand efr rated teceft ichecki Thew palfed over the verdant hiUeof Hojafor, covered with ftieep, andthroogh the of Murdin, fhadcd with the ditc, the fig, aitdi the pomegranate making a circuit .round the the ancient city of Nifibin, watered by-the delightful fiream of Hennas. Having crof- -fed the ilateiy bridge of Nifibin, for days travelled through the parched tmd defort of Sinjar, before they ivadied.; therfpacious city of. Moaiibi, ftated ton the pieafant banks of the Didat. Even the delicious inSbns which thtt 'territory, afibrdi, andv the cariofitics which the place abounds, cdald not, nion of Qmrah, make the caffive heat that reigns here in the he therefore quitted it with the M amity, and, his journey way of Karkak, arrived ia Afecyat the imperial city of Baghdad, the centre of terrearial paradife, and the pearl of homaa greatnefs. v It was in the night al Kadr, dcnotnmaUd of divine decree, in the month Ramadan, that Omrah entered the weftecn city, called and was aod admiration at fight of the al lifa, or palace of the immortal Haroun al Rachid, of the watiofw, in a blaze of fpleiidore that dazzled the eyes, and confounded Ihe fcrtde, of al! beholders. _ Omrah proftrated himfelf in k crarifpert of wonder and delight, and fcimfglf;