Wednesday, January 23, 1760

Edinburgh Chronicle

Location: Edinburgh, Midlothian

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Edinburgh Chronicle on Wednesday, January 23, 1760

Edinburgh Chronicle, The (Newspaper) - January 23, 1760, Edinburgh, Midlothian M JM. WEDNESDAY 2J. I author, who to fcg fain hate hi jj, We of 'tkoift Wh policy M i to adopt." and brave diction thatapf 1' his hands, and fapi. port Ms in Midhtioaehciei, [caves {he V tW fhould irbe fa wtjf years. would be a warn of w on tfce continue------- u kiuin may be fiwi to (end forth her thunder, wbilft flje ferfdff -----J w bappinefi and __ uiif vcnr iccefles mult ma Tew years totally deftror b, by the methods we are obliged to order to (Mpportthem.; Thfc ire .oi the war are an jalerabjp to the fubjed." To this of the expehce oi1 the ar, the Author gives a very good anfwer a letter in the of ,Dec. 1758 afccr be proceeds to tell us, that ''the ry ftateof defperatioii to which the French wjll be a reafon wliy they U not. why they cannot, at prefent, cdme P iuch a peace, as h will the interefl Great ?tp flemand; and ifihe is LbJjnded fcy her own goodrortune, which upon. Hi that upon fall> kwtr. Can we imajfine othat the French, who think they can woe worO? than they are already from event of another campaign7 be it what and Who, from their natural ort. -_j r ir f c leJf.Jufficiency, may hope to ky it, wjli 'fet their hands rouft eternally exclude from North-Antisrica, exceedincfy Wf the fiaa wtnem td fo low a pitch of contempt 10 Europe, aj muftjut it out h-r powjr, for centuries, toralriye at height of grandear? ?.naj man can imagine-that A-f j at pwfent Advantageous and ruinous condiuons: the which demand, nay, wiiich. lafaKeisgas.' iw re- tM on fucfc in the yidence for .11 ,i and thei .i > betnfopnw or of po a people f Khc, or ,bft Tjrian. pnrer of the Romaffl, 'i trade, and nchet, and he r a .bather trade, hare -.aken wing, .nj that her ftrength dwindled awjf; that her- from iit i, Not, contejit with to i dMMtono.n htr uli h However the of SPAPERl iNEWSPAPERl