Wednesday, January 16, 1760

Edinburgh Chronicle

Location: Edinburgh, Midlothian

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Edinburgh Chronicle on Wednesday, January 16, 1760

Edinburgh Chronicle, The (Newspaper) - January 16, 1760, Edinburgh, Midlothian N 8 s rf'i. IKfiiU R VOL, v-Y. -a i r' t 'i_ B n thetenM ift a'gttat meafttfc, tfe- 3 of the opco tfeis ch ,of or is to trefpeicr on creatv of petce. owrtbod of. tlw to wiJl dtter the ejeinjr glory, aad yog advautage, bv a mode o( Britons are a natkm of vtf differenceWopii4ooi and DrttaJ i POBlCJOm fnM H t But rrorff tire clajom various particular w v j flf amtit V> tQ puWkview ?rean have, with ulf no 4f hpmc, L the who bin HOC the I i Henrv JV. V j L 3 nave oeen paFiiewar be) in producing ioilances, where our among other to confult their parUameoti whh refpeft to agd anethod of uegotia- tipo which I prppofo ihould be dioygiic Sn- netting wd.unconiatttQOBal.... A plenty of beaver, 1 s> to You. ORi has done fhecrfelvcs no k6 now tfcafTtheir couatfy 'and they .fwdtty grftoiBdk J ;Rw thcfc djftjngaiflied audooi, and A iti i. _ r_ j vA 0 Mlrily t j fiooifidteaaej X7_ r. to ivhom the lefs u-ith r o other nay be worth >uttr managed: than by one' In the frft cafe, fwiried t> attribute iu awit ta and i IB the publaly levt lliould Canada, that we have a new war, and anotlicf.opport of fpendiug W0jor three mtlijons there being greatdai ofonrgrowjngicoo rich, our fwopean being fufficiem to menie 4- foould reaore it, that we may ve Occafion cbnftantly to employ, in tjine r, a Beet and army in thofe parts for otherwife we miglu be too ftrong ir We fliould reftore ir, that the French by means of their Indian., carry on (as they hAvr.done part of peace ia conftant Aralpi d Hereby ftint tae children a a ga, "i 1 Mi icsfbn is feriorfly given byjfuratsha