Edinburgh Chronicle, January 9, 1760 : Front Page

Publication: Edinburgh Chronicle January 9, 1760

Edinburgh Chronicle, The (Newspaper) - January 9, 1760, Edinburgh, Midlothian leqoedce of that, phingcd the naribri into a ?d i graceful teitfo) friends and altered i_ W which in every cornerv and through tvery; .alehbufe. Kwis therefore with a great degree of ro- tfndertook. the part we did ii wcoia pCrrtice. Jrt however, at the V which the dur great, pur only ally. as well as national chVratfeni, confuited. It is known befi pppoftunifies of iSilpfpi her enemy, l had offer it, by His; Btftari- iiic MaftttyV to the pkdteafid the ftcnfofrof ih45 unnatnraJ con- Miiptigh he enter- ttoaitejl, be- tvveen the King of Qn.tJw Wprf he aotheutMy dilciaimed rwf- f of to upw, the .f 9HC toexprefs if. be fuch a concern may mutually aitfWer our own ind OUP inreFcth. Had ver of the in quarrel, upon it would i have been in GrcarBritom 50 Pruflia, .19 ip the arms of France iron? too ftiii upon the palter that jive rife ta 3 pute. The ebnneakTni' f tove the iWSFAPERl ;

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Publication: Edinburgh Chronicle

Location: Edinburgh, Midlothian

Issue Date: January 9, 1760