Saturday, September 15, 1770


Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Whisperer on Saturday, September 15, 1770

Whisperer (Newspaper) - September 15, 1770, London, Middlesex THE WHIS Ifc.U M BE R XXXI Uoht continued every Saturday. $ AT V R D A Y ^ September 15th. 1770. [Prfce Two-pence Hatffj^iiy. To the W H.I,g,p E R E R, i$ I R, . ; ........^ ..^ . JJ.jits'fbriftatlon or tain, on the contrary, that the rife and mtihwon or tmtibfrd day in ^ jraere ineh^ina^^eccrt^ mear>sandcaufe^^wdeiitly ' hJ^nrvG&^^ men can give~ Shtf^ 'their own fates: ndr4 tan^at^^^rhi)#M^ ^i^AlOTia^^i..  porifent,^ not of every fubjecft, yet of as many as can cornpel tfte*rc&^SBi^ no man, or^ fc|�ric^ $f ^Maa^Ganl hawjiarfe*nal Arength enough to govern m^M&s^%^r^i or rfettts daira to * themfejves an^'thelffe^ oyer . their feilc^-crcaturey aturatty abIgddd* as halted Sueb. ftrength, the^fc^j^^ere-fe^eris *ciN$ ftrengt^ oSf which the gewernbrs th^ ban :^nj So that to know the jurifdi&ion of governors, an&fts$i|^i#&o * muft have recpurfe to the iniritution of goverment, and ascertain - tfebfe limits by the Aeaftre of pwer^ wlfea faitW'^ftaft^ftfe^Df nature have bver thefjrtferv^iM^^^'^t^t^hmi ^^IflWnP can take from rttatiy,; whb;^ nd.mind to giveftim 5 and* he ^cHlias fxfet-c%irfehf Jiiiift^tol^i force, which "is itfelf the cohferir of flrSnge^ M-mb^dm^m give to another,.either /what is hdrie^ df^4& ;.*�^-conr l/^.Mq^Vi tR&n.

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