Saturday, August 25, 1770


Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Whisperer on Saturday, August 25, 1770

Whisperer (Newspaper) - August 25, 1770, London, Middlesex THE WHISPER EI| NUMBER XXVIII. To be continued every Saturday. SATURDAY August 25th. 1770. [ Price Two.pence Halfpenny. AS we endeavoured, in a former paper, to ftate the true nature and proper extent of the liberty of the prefs, or the freedom of fpeaking and piiblifhing our thoughti; we fhall now proceed, in the fame fuccin& manner, to prove that fuch a liberty, as there defined, has been agreeable to the fentiments and practices of all great and good men in every age, and every nation. * The holy fcriptures, which are not only the moft authentick, but alfo the moft antient writings now.extant in the world,' abound with inftances, where the. utmoft freedom is ufed in chaftifing the vices and iniquities of thofe times. It is tbe immediate direction of God himfelf to one of his prophets tocty aloud, and fpare not; to lift up his voice like a trumpet, and Jloew his people their trangreffions, and the houfe 0^ Jacob their fins. , The Grecians were fo far from having any notion of reftrain-. ing the freedom of fpeech on any occafibns, that they feem to have allowed an unjuftifiable latitude and even licentibufnefs in their public debates r as might be amply proved from the writings of that great father of oratory Dmofihenes himfelf, who, in many paffages of his Phtllippic orations, defcencls to fuch appellations and forms of expreffion, as would be efteemed, in this iage, meer Billinfgate and fcurrility. The coarfe language, which Homer puts into the niouths'of his favourite, heroest and fometimes even of his Gods themfelves, is a full confirmation of die liberty of thofe times; which we fhall not therefore endeavour

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