Tuesday, March 4, 1704

Weekly Review Of The Affairs Of France

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Weekly Review Of The Affairs Of France on Tuesday, March 4, 1704

Weekly Review of the Affairs of France (Newspaper) - March 4, 1704, London, Middlesex ^L'sri'.yft pioTDis'd atthe ConcldQnsoiE thclaft Paper,, (base h�yWri;=AccounMrf the^rofpeS qfcAffairs -ceiarf&git^q'tfae V next Campaign, as a further Defcription of the di&etfhsr Ehdpamvnz tafa^iioihfiig'fcfithel tirehtk Greajjoefe wiohlh.c Air.^ d ^-^nEiiri&Tyt^ai^J leave asiliittc'room an:pk>ffibte for the Ghar^�dii^aity^ntf7t4�Ji^te{6fei6r deut b lai: preferit the iTerrafcr joi^Rmpi^. :?tis a^nioJtJSattf?. ralCoofequenc*, that.tfaaEnodi^y of the rGroraog: Power of �&uacd&s an. aqwafening Wondgri^^is /ahText daiiiiffiil Ag�> plication, aiid^eXQofeqneiich(rvei^u^6iI 3 s^i^-iT io jTiatrue, This Age is apt to make wrong Inferences, and we areteontent they Muld jbefieve whafcc&ey pleafe of *this Defign, till the Event prAvesswhedhej^we are � in jthe. wrongs G either

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