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Publication: Weekly Review Of The Affairs Of France February 19, 1704

Weekly Review of the Affairs of France (Newspaper) - February 19, 1704, London, Middlesex in Numb'. MVSEYM BR I TAN O F T H E Affairs of FRANCE: Purg'd from the Errors and Partiality of Newfi Writers and Petty-Statpfinen, of all Sidfs. SL B f&atmteV* Feb. 19. 1704. The Introduction. IH.l S � Paper is the foundation of a very large and ufe-ful Defign, which, if ic meet with {citable Encoii-- ragement, TermiffU Superiomm, may contribute to Setting the Affairs of Europe in a Clearer tight, and & prevent the Various iuncer|�h Accounts, add' the Partial Reflexions of our Street-Scriblersv who Dafly and Monthly Amtfe Mankind with Stories of Great"Vi&ofies when we are Beafcea; grades when we Conquer, sad a Multitude of IMaccoun table and Inconfiftent Stories, which have at leaft this Effeft, That People are^ pofleft wkh wrbng Notions of Things, and Nations Wheeled to believe Nonfenfe and Contradiction. a As ;

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Publication: Weekly Review Of The Affairs Of France

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: February 19, 1704