Tuesday, May 27, 1732

Universal Spectator And Weekly Journal

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Universal Spectator And Weekly Journal on Tuesday, May 27, 1732

Universal Spectator and Weekly Journal (Newspaper) - May 27, 1732, London, Middlesex The UNIVERSAL SPECTATOR, WEE K L Y J O U R N A L N~ CaC By J^tntp -fttonccaftle of Northumberland, Efqj �i n. i . m . ,7 i. i 1 ..ii .1 i i >� �� �ii -.�...... � � ' "i ir m fin- m ' ' 1' 'ft if11 ' SATURDA X, May 2.7, 1732. Sic i.abita, ut potius laudetur Dorainut qttkm iXmus. Sertcc* From my Houfe in the Mlnories. vm^vii" _-r HERE arc certain Intervals off impatient of *ll wpeW-ari^j* gurds, will foar abjvetfteRegi ons of Mitter, to* the moft cJe vated Rxfearches in the Intel-Uftual Sphere. There are other Junctures, wherein even the moft adequate Objects of Life itfelf, yield no Speculations but what are too lofty for us, and all our Confederations are fmmers'd in the mnft grovling, grofs, or inaminate Parts of the Creation. I happen'd to be in this latter Ebb of Humour Uft Night, upon tnv Return home fomewh'at earlier than ordinary, from a Society who can think it no dishonour to be difiingutfh'd by the Title of Sojid Hunkers : For upon retmug to my Library, a*. I fometimes do, to pafs over the Remainder of a broken Evening, I found a certain flrange Relu&ance in my Fingers to touch upon any Bo-k but what won'd gave more Entertainment to njy Eyes, than Exercife to my Reafon. Mv Faculties being thus overspread as it were, with a kind of Antipathy to the Works-.of, the learned, I luckily iell upon a fmeious Volume, exact! v fuiting my Difpnfition, wltich I Uiav not improperly call the Works of the Ric%. Sji this book, the generous Authors meafiire not their JLttfnmg by the puny Period, or the ParagfxpK "&jk by the Perch and the Acre : Their GoiBp�fiiton� are not minced into narrow StcH'<n* and Chapters, but divided by extei five Hedges and Ditches. Elevathns thev have, not of Thought* but of Things. Inftend of a fe < lofty S< ntiments or ExprefEons, thev give you whole Hi lis anc Fotefis of the Sublime \ where the boldeft Hypcrbolie J which admits of no Tran flation \ a Book prii.ted in the real Ckar after, which may be written without Reading, and read without Language, Capacity, or Aitemion without gain of burdenfom KnowIedge,or much lofs of preciousTime Juft as my E es had rambled themfel ves in to a clo fing Condition over this Collection of the^/cwand Prof-feds f the moll noted Country S t.A TS up and down the Kingdom, the Servant brought me in a Packet of Let ers from my Pubiifher, one whereof happeji'd to be compos'd upon this very Topic of our Modern Extravagance in private Building 13c and being written by a Female Correfpondent, whofe own Obfervations have matiifefty added a Solidity of Judgment to the natural Sprigftli'neft of her Wit I cannot therefore forbear imparting it to my Reader, the rather becaufe it is a Subjeft fo much ne-glefled by our EJfiy Writers, and wherewith I at piefent am Co opportunely favourM ; but mufl reserve my own Opinion requeued on the fame 'till I have more Room to infert it. S I R. To Henry Stonecastle, Efq; A S I am one of the Readers who have been much delighted with many of your ingenious * Lucubrations, I am alfo fuch a one as thinks it a Debt incumbent upon me, not only to make Ac knowledgDtent thereof, but to tender whatev occur! to nte� that may bi any Way tributary to thefe Continuance and rn^oveaS&t. * Forthcfe Eads I ana lynch racYjjM*p$f% fitotip QgC$M*iH* i much u#>n? tfa Women f fr** *ou 2 U it fry fiiXiu'-.^j^ Paper to mtfe^n* itor fhofetC^hmt own ? I warn you.of thfi'fiartisr Jity, Mr. Spk^TATOH, left you provoke!� Knot of us to ftt up an cffice .of;*Infpeetittn as well as ydurfelf, and makd Reprifal. You m^y talk, of our Dref5, and other Appurtenances, as much a* you pleafe ; but I defy you to produce, in all the Inventory of our Extravagancies, any Thing fo enormous, fo expenfiverfd e*pofing as your modern Vanity of BuiLDiKO, Gardenikg, and the like, as might eafily be made appear, bv bringing all our gay SUks and fine Lares, Tea-Tables and Eqlti-t"Le-> Toys and Trinkets, or whatsoever elfe properly centres in the Female Sphere cf Prodigality, upon a Parallel with th^t endlefs Beadroll of your Viflax and Avenues, Labyrinths and Meandtrs^ Wil-dernejfes and Decoys, Canak and Re/crvoirs, Fountains and Cafcades, Statues and Obelisks, bariqueting-Houfes and C'onfervatorits, Aviaries and Menageries. Hvt-Houfes and Stove-Walls, Mounts and Terraces, Grottos and Ha ! Has ! And fure I am, that Nature or Accident never brought forth fo many Morrflers as Art and Defign have done in thefe .Particulars, without mentioning the Capital MoU-_ Jier'uCeif, I mean the main Building, or Manilo/V H'lttfe, .�hich4has^ all this Clutter about it. The Prudence and Propriety of thsfe Performances,.good Mr. Spectator, fall all among your oWn Sex ; You have no ViTRUVIUS, no Palladio in tet-ticvats, to fhare it with you. *� You mufl know, Sir, the Opportunities I havr had of obferving fome of thofe Virtuofi, with their Dcfigns and Executions, who bv Raijing, and Sink-%, and Sloping, and Levelling, have thus notably fignaliz'd therafelves for this Grand Gujlo of distorting and difguifing the Face of Nature into Forms and Features oppofite to thofe wherewith the fupream Mafter of Order and Proportion thought bell to d.itinguifh her, have perhaps qua lit'y'd me, in fime l>egree, to characterize the moft confpicuous of them among us, from their renowned Exemplars Mr. Inigo Pilaster snd Sir Christopher Cupulo, down to that incomparable Engineer, Geon-eter and Avchitc-3, mv near Relation, Aldermui Pantile. But I (hall here, for Brevity fake, only obfer^-e ot this lalt worthy Wight, That he has been for thefe rhirtv Years paft building himfclf a Palace in the Country 5 and fuch is the Delicac of his Tafle, that it is not probable he will ever finifb even the little Our-houfes and Offices contiguous ihereto : He has not been able to afford the new Thatching his poor fcheming Noddle, in the many Years of my Me mory, for the continual Expence of covering and uncovering the Roofs of thofe unfinjfh'd Appendages. His� Malt-hvuje has appear'd in three difft-rent Shapes in lefs than fo many Years ; his Dove cote feen in as many different Places, and his Stables been demolifh'd five feveral Times upon having fo many improv'd Plans laid before him bv Mr. Afterthought, his ingenious Undertaker. And truly, I can't fay but pulling down feems as alternately neceflary as the rearing of Buildings to a Mind infpir'd with the fafliionable Thirit of Change or Variety in fuch external Appearance*. He has inlaid every Spot you can tread upon, about his Habitation fo with Aquedutts, as he calls them, mere djry Drains, and ufelefs tipts or Gutters^ to * cor ignorant Eyes ; thii he ha* grub'd and mud- * died 'more Money aw*�y thus invifrbly, under c Ground, than wbu'd fet a Hoffit*' for Incur*blei c uptm it. He talks all Day long bn.i%z, Cor.-' Nit* and Architrave, with Intent, no doubt, * of noting iherft Heirs to the Hlk of his Trea-^-^re,' though no more akin to Air F�n>llf, Mr. I SPttCTAlfOR, than SjtAt>R.ACH, MesHA<3�, and /LBtnuiao ; There Is not a Gefe-Pofi near th� Houfe, not a Broimjiich in it, whicn" be haa not had fome Purpofes of Turnip or CarrbH;, according toTome one of the Five Orders : But his only Daughter i m any Thing that has been, or truly, can be done of that Kind in his native Country. This Ta^rhe is making, Sir, under the Direction of a moft obfequi-ous French Gentleman, Mon/ieur SaVs Chemise, a Gentleman of fuch comprtkenfive Qualific^tionsj * that, befides the important Charters of Governor, * Preceptor, and Companion ; having alf) p uch unnecelfary Incumbrances, ro Children, 110 Relations, no Creditors, no Defendants, thro' whom, in Jultice, Gratitude, or Hu� manity, *o have an Opportunity of diverting the Tide, or retraining thefe retliinonies of an unde- * ferved Superfluity ? Let me farther ask, Whether ' you think the pr> ud Cardinal of York^s pathetic ' and penetential Confelfion of his Ingratitude to his own DomeftUks ( all but his lazv, glozing Chaplains) will not furvive his moft Ollentatious Buildings ? And who ycu imagine would be at fo much Expence ? Who, I fav, of fuch fuptrfine Srnfes as our wealthy GkrivJo"s, with Eyes, Ears, and Nofes, fo exquifitely apprehenfive, in all other" Refpecls, of whatfoever might incline to ofitnd them, wou'd endure to be fo fhock'd with Irregularities, fo diffurb'd with Noife, fo (moiher'd with fc Duff, and fo embarafs'd with Lumber ^ in -a per-L p(*tual Circle of the meaneft Workmen, Labour<ry, ' and Scavengers the grcaieft Part of their Lives, to - * render theipfel ves confiderable, if they .realty, were, ' or thought they cou'd be fo, without fuch a Con-

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