Saturday, December 30, 1780


Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Traiteur on Saturday, December 30, 1780

Traiteur (Newspaper) - December 30, 1780, London, Middlesex > THE ? T II A I T E U R. � To be continued every S*t*rd*y.] Numb. VII. S A T U RD.A-Y, Oicnuu j*Ut, ijfti. - Levsre fuofhim Paupcrcm laboribus, Vocatui. far* - - t  :'� - 1 I* IT is regularly to be cxpeded from a periodical paper, t&at r**> marks on the manners and cuftoms of the world will beAmb** variable outline of its occupation, however it may occafionaHy cESeti in the life or fevcrity of its colours. From the whifefical burlcfque remarks of the Traiteur in mod of his pMcediltg lions, the generality of readers are perhaps flattering me with thenttkk^ pation of a gay and ridiculous paper on the prcfent feafoaof ut�*l verfai feftivity. But they will find themfclves miftaken, on ing that thefe are the only conditions of their {pati�catiotl� they have made themfelves happy in the fmilesof the indigent thatr they have fhar'd their plenty with the ftranger, and made an with the poor againfl the inclemency of the fesifon* Thofl take up the prcfent number without one recollection of thefei tary duties, will find in it litde entertainment indeed-; and hatfi G better

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