Sunday, December 23, 1827

Trades Free Press

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Trades Free Press on Sunday, December 23, 1827

Trades Free Press (Newspaper) - December 23, 1827, London, Middlesex " TJIEY HELPED EVERY ONE HIS NEIGHBOUR, AND "EVERY ONE SAID TO HIS BROTHER, BE OF GOOD COURAGE."--Isaiah, xll. 0. to* VOL. III. No. 1^8. SUNDAY, DECEMBER 23, 1827. PRICE Tel.: ON THE NEWSPAPER PRESS OF LONDON. "A cliiel'� nniang ye takin notes, An faith lic'll prent it." [We have received the following article from a Correspondent who seems to have no little knowledge of the Press of London, and as'we consider it important, in this eventful crisi-s, that the people should have a fair anil honest view of tliose who affect to be either their instructors or their organs, we have withheld onr customary Essay to give it a place.] Tbc " knwrt ^i*tWlltfr jantU' iflfo^Kat' w^rldf is -)pade up of fa\\, foppery,' light; that carried conviction into the Cabinet tarried conviction into the Courier. I now come to the " MonaiNo Post," The " glass of fashion and the mould of form"- the mirror in winch the. dandy may see his own nothingness reflected-the;courtly witling his abortion delivered-theexquisite his stately cxclusiventss represented-the lady's maid her Ignorant imperiineRce, and my lord's footmanhis lordship's and her ladyship's bolls, routes, arrivals, a$d departures. The Moming: would require the eyes of Argus and the "hinds of Briareus ; yet. Mr. T- does the, whale,, besides writing" Very frequently himself.  In politics,, the Herald rather inclines to' the anti-liberal party, to which it has for many years been- attached ; and as a generous enthusiasm is not unfrgquontly mixed up with the suprrort of freedom, the Herald, affecting'to love plain, sober, straight-forward flcti-rig/Vakes many opportunities to give' sly hits and severe cuts at every thing of higher pretension than mere matters of fact. If, however, the Herald be anti-liberal in its general politics, It is a decided and an uprooting reformer of public abuses. It has always supported, economy and inquiry, and has done more in. " showing up" the bubbles of the day, than all the other journals put together. It is a " Church and State" sort of paper, wedded to old prejudices, and looking with scorn u;>on modern principles and improvements ; hence the friends'of a large and enlightened system of legislation need expect no-support from it.' It is in politics what Lord Eldon was in'law-always looking at what hat been, rather than what 'should be ; yet, unlike Lord Eldon, it is prompt, bold, and decisive. The next on my list is . " The Morning Chronicle," Solely edited by Mr. B-;,- called by that Ajax in.coarse sense and . cunning sophistry, Cobbett, f' Doctor B -." This journal has always been attached totheliberal party in politics,vand is occasionally seen iri.the'ranks of the. reformerSj; ..but ,1-am-afraid'it is too much connected "wJthV i,^er-/.]^fj||/ ^ibj5 taking them by surprise, to yield to.the,forceofarrns,t .what they,have hitherto refused tq grant to thia, temon'v strnnces of t)ie Ambassadors.  ~ ,i . * It Xs afiirmed<that news has beeiv;received,i-by.ath,a� Mihister for .Forcigu Aflnirs, that the Commandte*4n^ -Chief'of the Russian Army of Caucasus has algneid^ since the taking of Tuulis, with Abbas Miraa, tho preH; liminaries'of ti ponce, which secures to Russia tho provinces rn dispute. i , i 1 � �v,ft An article from Berlin notices , a'-report-of as note; addressed by,the Emperor to the.FQr'eign Mlr-lster,S|it the Russian Court, in which he repeats the m;o$t; pos,i*t live assurances of his not desiring to aggrandi^eJhJac territory, but declares that ho will prosecutethe plaa! agreed upon by his Allies for�the,- paciflcatiOiit/of Greece; and, should,;!lio Porte refuse to yiehliv 'fihavdf ecourso to other means, to uttain;thedesired object'*! No authority, liowover, is mentioned for this state-; inent. ' -i i ' .. , ,w , j. t BRUSSELS. . < { v 4' :. *" Deo. 18.-Yesterday afternoon, an ^ustfian eabi-�i net messenger ~pa,ssed throtighi/thj^iclty^.ojttbis < > jil' FRANKFORT,. Singular case op AFFii.iATioN.-rMr. Chassereau stated that the woman at the. bar, very well dressed, and-rather, good-looking; had some time since applied to him for an order of affiliation, stating that her " accident" had taken'place at an hotel in this town^ with a man whom she never saw before, nor since, but that now a married man and the father of a family voluntarily came forward and avowe,d himself the father of the child, and to this the-woman was ready to make oath. The Magistrates observed they never had so singular a case before, and the following conversation took place:-Magistrate-A re you married ? No. Is the person who now says he is the father of the child, the same that you met with,at the,.hotel7 No ; this man is the father of the child. Did you see hini at the hotel 1 No. Did not you say that the man at the hotel was the father of the child 1 Yes. Was het No. Why then did you say so ? Because I was forced to it. Mr. Cliassereau~Was "the whole tale of the hotel a fabrication, then? Yes, it was. Sir. David ScoU said, hq, had no "doubt; that the. present man was not the real father, but was induced to ac^ knowledge ; himself,t such ;frotn interested motives; "Where 'is the man?" A man in''a brown livery stepped forward, and avowed himself the father;, On. being, asked, if he was willing to take an oath that he believed himself to be the father, hesaid hc'shouldnbt be very willing, bijt affer ^ome .hpsitaUon he sdid he should not deiiy it. The woman ultimately.took her deposition, and the order.'of 'nffUiatidri \vas made.- Brighton Gazelle. Dec.' 10.-The, fith^^o^tUpferqrit*stages have risen;, considerably on our exchange' since yesterday,-.Ajf^iihJ'if out any. authentic .political,intelligence to,giiVettHeip. thisimpulifi; on,'tiio;contrary, opposite aovpijnjls^^^ circulated almost every hour, but Jhis lessensntpeir^ cyedioilUy.': Metalliques 90^ Bank ^tock'1006k. vert I tT; n'ri:.' . *;FRANCE.> �i^v.^uWcfr (From the Gazette de France, Dec. 19.)-4-To the �> n^w8:'.from,vQoostantin0ple.;ra.eeived ve gave yesterday Uiridertheflhtp'of the24th*6jf� November, we now (jah.-add,- that .the', PabhatJ>fd3gypW was not much'<jgi prised at the destruction!of-/JiUlfldet^R which ,hq cpji^.Wered. as Jn^reat dahgejrislnC^-tlW^ M^tlftt ho Is pres-slng the'Porte *o acceda^to. thtt.f propositions ot the Allied powers,.,declaring at the < same time that he has no resources to mid it. \f'It .was ' on the 2d of November that an, Egyptian �corvette m,Frankfort, under, date the: v 14th of December, writes as followsThe news ; which we received yesterday, of a paciflo'character* -is confirmed by the expresses to-day from Vienna. *� At the time of the departure of the courier^'their Actions of the Bank had got up to 1,074. It is a*i^ sevted thai the Reis Etfendi had declared. Ms wish to,  re-commence directly the negociations xviththfliAUled  Ambassadors. Tho news hasxsaused avmarked move-: i ment on onr Exchange. The .Metalliques/have;, got up to 99 9-16; the Actions, 1,289 a 90; the Obligtt-v  tions, 1162. � -�  '.'�:� � . SPAIN. Letters from Cadiz state, that by advices.from ]r|a-vannah of the 14th qf October, it appears that Laborde v. was ready to sail with his .fleet, in which several i thousand troops had been embarked. , . ODESSA. Nov. 27.-A Russian sHip here yestorday in twto -days from Constantinople, brings news from that place of the 23d. On the,9th firmans had been grant- �* eduo the ships of all nations,"but on the 23d they were i recalled, owing to tho arrival of the CapUan Pacha;,. who gave ({uite a different turn to the Navaririo aflfair, f and also to the affair at Smyrna. Tlie captain who r arrived yesterday, deposed to' the government /here, that the French and English squadrons had bgen re- n fused a free passage by the Castle (Smyrna), and that they forced their way by levelling it with "the gr6un4� The other letters from Odessa state the, Russian army, was ready for marching; that eVen the pontoons necessary for passing the Danube had beon'brought;, tiy' three Russian frigates, but still Avar wa* not contein* plated at Odessa. O a Thursday evening, a very genteelly dressed man y and having every appearance of a gentleman, - wat�: walking leisurely along Holbbrn," near Middle-row^ when a country-looking person tapped him. OQ','the shoulder, and accused him of stealing, his horse and cart not an hour before. The accused stoutly dented the theft, hut in the end was consigned fntO'the'handa> of an officer. During the bustle oco&sioned by thia transaction, a gentleman was robbed o'f; ayery vela $ :*; ' able gold repeater, chain, and seals, with whichthe thief got clear off. 1 . nftjl On Tuesday night last, about twelve o'clock, two of the police dismounted patrol stopped, a. man, in;a chaise-cart,. near the turnpike at iNew*croS8,r on th^ j/j Dontford-road, "on suspicion of his having prope/q^* - s w hlch ho had not honestly obtained. Upon que ing'him, he leaped from the, cart, 'and, aidedvj darkness of the night, made his escape. T1)0> found in the cart two large cheats "containing < and a large bag of corks, Which, from inquiry] made the next day, they,found had been etojjei the Ashford vraggon oil TueBday n1ght,.on iff jJ to that town. The waggoner missed the avticli his waggon between Footscray and.Farnioghf A patent has been lately obtained for making; proof jrooting of thin cast-iron plates, soa.84�}j| into each other, and effectually carry off th&Hl London Weekly Review.

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