Scottish Mercury, March 30, 1652 : Front Page

Publication: Scottish Mercury March 30, 1652

Scottish Mercury (Newspaper) - March 30, 1652, London, Middlesex THE ekly Intelligencer OF TKE Faithfully communicating all Af fairs both Martial and From March to April Printed by in Made mention in my vanity of che and concluded might fall are that In the events of this I might prove front the more happy and the truer Prophet fince which we have discovered nothing but the laughing Spring riding on the back of without the April under every walking with neer the March hoy the place will you be to take notice this 1 Letter frem Be once at good as your word Houfe which the How much better were it for me co en joy your and face of warped infa Nothing more me then what you write fince your all intelligence now may cornel doarn to be relieved by Here hath been dg there came an from the that all the Cap taiBB of the of War feould forthwith repair unto their and to nuke of all hipping going for mm 1 ;

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Publication: Scottish Mercury

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: March 30, 1652