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Publication: Scottish Mercury October 21, 1643

Scottish Mercury (Newspaper) - October 21, 1643, London, Middlesex Commons And Sir lately came from made excellent td the of Citizens then 5 who by ons declared their approbation In their Speeches they re lated Articles or proportions which the Scots had tent by them to the to this That the Scots bad a Army for to come the party who the mine of all the three they had them with Artillery and had coft 100 and that they had 80 thoti tor of their Army the laft So that notwithstanding they were as to could from them yet it was not they advance into this Kingdom without advance money for that ihe of bad Ib much the Northern that they were wholy of they decla that upon the receipt of the of 100 pounds the Scots array would be ready to advance into 48 And after their Speeches an Ordinance of boch Parliament was wherein it was Declared and O that part of agreed to be paid to cur bre thren Qt Articles or Siall be all convenient byway of upon fuch and wealthy as have not nor hereafter proportionably co their and lend any of money for the and according to the of another the of this according to afterwards mentioned in the faid r ;

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Publication: Scottish Mercury

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: October 21, 1643