Sunday, October 11, 1643

Scottish Mercury

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Scottish Mercury on Sunday, October 11, 1643

Scottish Mercury (Newspaper) - October 11, 1643, London, Middlesex 0 fall will crowne his brow with more and ours in time we the that either or in the 6f all is indeed as rear a rarity as a 10 fee brethren live in one Nation and is as great a wonder as a to fee Nations become arid to be j rather by number of extraordinary importance which is irs one pkee we infer are informed chat she of overcome by the violence of the growing Land flouds his and hts hopes rhough he ufed elaborate Arc either to divert them or abandoned now thac and in the fame where fie the Towne with fire he was like co be over whelmed with at which it is either through feare of ss de sn of the or through a fatall haft to rev nPe the retreat upon thai many of his Army began to away and following the inclination of che EO fall off vagabond leives on of Winter And thie aIl in this Kingdoms carried in a faire and eaven and that the tedious might be removed which procured fo many and ro the advancement and the of the Lords this day fully agreed with the Houfe of Com mons for the the new Great for the remaining of it with the which will without be put in Execution for it to bi lamented to confider what and beene upon the Kingdome 6y the ill managing it ac being there hands and s as anda great and private of the civil warre that began now as ic is be puc into the of Sir a man to be intimate with the the only he had for and by of his pernicious which hive calamity and into bleeding This day Sir Writer a of his men who are to joyne with his che Earle of and co be put upon fome the preventing of the enemies remaining ot feern too to us and with joy the do a ther is df

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