Scottish Mercury, April 25, 1643 : Front Page

Publication: Scottish Mercury April 25, 1643

Scottish Mercury (Newspaper) - April 25, 1643, London, Middlesex SPE CI ALL S SAG 1 And certain Informations from ley places For of all that 1 toie truely From the 2 5 to the 2 News hath Providence cd for us of being in Print parti related needful here to As for fo full of wonder it that heard it that whether it wrought by the immediate hand of the impotent arme of fleih jail that have any thing of in them may That men provided of Ammunition and and uis To up a Town fb at the endof once out up in all that time kill of his men was not this of had not Heaven infatuated them What are worfe then dogs do at wherein and longer would have had they powder nei ther nor victuals were wanting a was ic or are the of this we had a guard ma king towards and were by another parme lof the many the Kings above an hundred taken and more might Pp have ;

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Publication: Scottish Mercury

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: April 25, 1643