Scottish Mercury, February 14, 1643 : Front Page

Publication: Scottish Mercury February 14, 1643

Scottish Mercury (Newspaper) - February 14, 1643, London, Middlesex unanimous provided fora good rall other Letters Weft mention that Hofton and Sir that before they would be with the Mayor at a with them they doe well to if it and to pray ic might be pray faid they that they hall and thereup on dranke to the of the all and The Letters from beyond tell the King of France rakes all them whom the Cardinall had confined as unfit for or affaires of State into favour and that though the wane for the be with all care and yet an unhap pie peace is The Duke la bouring the fame being this fide the one after Prince Rupert is faid to be and to have that Towne with and foote came in un which cau fed an alarum as far The Towns very The Lord having that the Lord had and being come did there cauy in a way 3 Jaid hold of and acquainted the Houfe with They that the Countrey a Petition ip the Lord of to that free might be permitted for of the Geo that went though no friend to the Parliament might paffe the he took a the better to ingratiate with ray and to paffe when he came and de his the he could not grant be wouldbe good to and other Townes The Petitioner that if the Miners were hindred of their worke they would plunder the and let faid the and 1 and powre rich to where money This County that was right for the any m want Qf and is much ;

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Publication: Scottish Mercury

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: February 14, 1643