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Publication: Scots Magazine July 1, 1744

Scots Magazine (Newspaper) - July 1, 1744, London, Middlesex July 1 Proceedings of tie ufed we declareoup in the de of wftare not defiredto any thing of the fcrnwiof that treatyj nor are we de filed that not have been purchafedat Thuaj by what is npt or indeedineDUonanyiaft ihaj can be in the fa much as jofi naatean i and therefore I Jo not ibiak there is for my faying any thing in vindication of our meafurej or condufit t as fo much itti been that our meafiirei and tiiat Jo of them POLITICAL gainft and to reprcfent piece of From true fpirit of oppofuipn is generalr publick good has made the role for jud fure be right or on Whether it minilterifeemrefol pear whcthas mind 17 npft of is a meafiwe CKejr tion to pilrfae and was never oppofed till Jbon as waiaitaiajd by tbeKiB BieafiuBiStas recowBWndcd to but by the the people whtlfi the theobfU and the in equally at leaft fttittnaj if not Bftore engaged in fipport to made at leaft itoengage in lisr qnareelinDO objeftiOnr was ever roade to vety TQOt goveriimtnt and the oJy became of ryiculeDuring this fapppfed be portodtfanjrabther way than fupport i asifoo as it jefty by the o was meireff ears j at that itwas to handle in moft We knew the France towards they haf afled in thesvar it fekd fentto ftruclions they We J T J openly ;

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Publication: Scots Magazine

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: July 1, 1744