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Publication: Scots Magazine June 1, 1744

Scots Magazine (Newspaper) - June 1, 1744, London, Middlesex POLITICAL i pi cienc ton j unciure is 10 critic tvices his Majefty has lately e a at the of his acted fo ex and have been attended with fuch happy that I cannot rife upon this without taking par ticular notice of them therefore I hope I fliall be excufed if I introduce my motion with my fentiments upon that furprifing turn which has been lately given to the i affairs of by his Majeftys wifdom and In order to do T muft begin with obferying the difmal profpeft we had of the affairs of Europe about eighteen or nineteen months I think there is no maxim in politicks more certain than That it is inconfiftent with the liberties of to allow France to increafe her own or to divide the power of Eu rope into fo many branches as to make it impoffible for any one prince or ftate to think of oppofing her in any of her ambitious fchemes for it is very cer as foon as the thoughts of op pofition thofe of dependence begin if France could once effedt this all the princes and ftates of Europe would become depend ent upon and mod of at all think of preferving their iniigni ficant fhadow of only by fae ingobedient to her affifting her againft thofe who mould bravely dare to We Ihould then be in the fame circumftances I may the world when the grandeur of the Ro mans was at its greateft Some of the princes and ftates of Europe might be dignified with the deceitful title of Socit Gallic imperil if ever any one of them ihould dare to behave otherwife than as the moil even that empty title they would be ftript and their territory would be converted into at province of the French Our Royal like that of migh for fome be left in pofleffion of their throne if any one of our future prin ces ihould endeavour to hake off his de a powerful invafion would be the certain confequence if France were fole miftrefs of the continent of Eu or had it entirely at her our natural barrier would prove ineffectu She would then come up againft us with fugh as we could not opjjofe either ;

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Publication: Scots Magazine

Location: London, Middlesex

Issue Date: June 1, 1744