Thursday, May 1, 1817

Scots Magazine And Edinburgh Literary Miscellany

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Scots Magazine And Edinburgh Literary Miscellany on Thursday, May 1, 1817

Scots Magazine And Edinburgh Literary Miscellany (Newspaper) - May 1, 1817, London, Middlesex THE SCOTS MAY a facia of Register of the Weather for High Water iat LeUhiot Description of Table of the present effective and Expenditure the different British I New Anecdotes Memoirs of the Progress of Manufac and the Fine Epitaphs and Sepulchral On the Origm of PounJtaJn1 Corrections in the on the 1 by Drs Gall find 383 321 relative to cationi of Mei Monthly Memoraada in A table of be 1 and in from the I earliest to 1815 I Account of the Produced Assessed Taxes for fte years ana 327 339 333 336 Pagf Description of a Roman Altar found at with a 367 SCOTTISH New View of Society orfissays on the Human prefatory to the Development of a Plan for gradually ameliorating the Condition of By Robert sketch of the British Fur Trade in North with Observations relative to the NorthWest Company of New Works published in Literary Contemplations on Arthurs Qh the approaching Marriage of the Princess On the Recovery of the Queen from a dangerous Lines to George 367 370 376 Report from the Committee of Finance on Report by of the Roval onjhe View of of from PROCEEDINGS OF House of Jlouse 377 379 Advices relative Embassy of Lord i ana to theJJnJorf of the kirigdbms in on the u Speechpt on me Trial of William for admims I tering Accountpf theSun during I vlOlA V On the reaching the North during by Account for Edu 1 cation formed de n I East S South and 389 Domestic 390 390 SCOTTISH Proceedings of the Circuit Court of JBS High Cqurtof 391 Marriages arid Stocks and STATE 1