Thursday, April 6, 1724

Saint James Journal

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Saint James Journal on Thursday, April 6, 1724

Saint James Journal (Newspaper) - April 6, 1724, London, Middlesex Likenefs prefervd thro the whole yet it will bituated himfelf fo long to think and fpeak be as dull and as a Statue or inanimate with rhegreateft Propriety and thr Figure compard with the living even in ordinary Converfation his Style is as chafte and and that without any Affecla TH E Y who are fo happy to have aperfonal tion or as the fet and liudied Dif or more intimate Acquaintance with thefe ex courfes of other Men generally traordinary and converfe with them and without are able to witnefs THIS happy in which fofew are to the Truth of what I have here I found to he pofTefles in fo eminent a am as averfe to flatter as I am to be that he has acquired a Reputation for flatrerd myfelfj and no Degree of Greatnefs fpeaking in popular Affemblies infinitely beyond or neither the Luft of Lucre on the one his and he commands as much Attention nor the Fear of incurring the Greatefi and Silence upon thofe as Men of Mans Difpleafure or the the moft who have be would be fufficient to tempt or awe me to fpeak all the Authority of Age and Experience well of any one whom in my Confcience I be to give a Weight and Sanction to what they lieved did not deferve where real Publick and Affairs of a quite contra Worth and Merit are to be met where it ry I am will hereafter afford is and even Envy and Slan him but little Leifure ro attend the TEATABLE der muft acknowledge in my humble fo conftantly as he ufed to and as he him it is the Duty of us Weekly felf could 5 we refign him with whofe fole Aim is the Publick to fet the more as we afliire that how them off with all the and point great a Lofer foever we may be by his Abfence them out in the ftrongeft Terms we are from his Country will be a confiderable AND this I endeavour to in compliance to Cuftom and the Humour of the has few and no Su I be obliged to give fictitious periours 3 his publick Generofity and Names to the Perfons I to avoid the great Abilities have made him generally knowVi Refentment of the Envious and and efteemed 5 he is one of the moft finiflidd IHnaturdas much as poflible thro I Gentlemen in he has as much Skill know not what being now become a and Judgment in all the polite Arts as if he was thing far more invidious and and a Profeflbr of and the moft eminent Ar that draws more Odium upon the Author than tills have been proud to follow his Opinion and the moft fcurnlous and abufive Satire or Lam Inftruclions in their feveral Performances his poon was ever known to do 5 and we cannot pay Tafte is fo extremely elegant and delicate In all a Compliment to but we muft at the lame the Countries of Europe through which he has anothr and Jndeed jt is a verY he could converfe Vreely and savly uift that we are better pleafed to with the and learn whatever was to be hear ourfelves ftoke agamft than any body elfe known from without contracting anv of Every thing that is faid in favour their bad Habits or which moft other ot any particular Perfon ought therefore to be Englijh Gentlemen who travel are apt to do difguifed as much as the Nature of the Thing But he is as much a Stranger to the Fol will for fear of and the Names lies and Vices of any other Country as if h we make choice of to diftinguifh them had never been out of his and yet is as no refemblance to their real well acquainted with all that is valuable in it Thus I call the two who are in as if he had refided there all his tended in the following Crates and and leave People to find out who they B U T he regards all of or apply them to any body juft as this and all Attainments in Learning and their Difcretion or Inclination lead as all wife Men befides himfelf as r n P o p Matters chiefly of and of no other r u v u I rS e Prime and Ufe than to Pafs awaY an idle or tedious Hour ot his his Perfon is extremely genteel more agreeably than otherwife one could do and Manner eafy and unaflFecled he is fenfible that all the Knowledae that it is he is always fo agreeably and feems neceffary for a Man of Senfe to have he is at all times fo freehand that he is born and that a Skill in Books or Sciences where he happens not to be may ferve to divert the but can never merely for a Man improve the one that is intirely a Stranger to and defpifes it tho at the fame nobody fol lows it or underftands it better than LOSTon Thufday the from Captain Joness in To the greateft Depth and Solidity and the a young black and white mottled d Se ke A fi T pretty and in Shape like a Pointpr beft and moft unerring he has hap L Headend both her Ears blacked foSj biack spft plly United a quick and lively a Wit lo in the middle of her a large black Spot very round on fo entertaining and withal fo iuft thar h Sile1s and a large black Mottle on her all the whatever HP will a fl A T T with black Whoever brings her to Captain wnauever ne lays Will beat the ftriCteft Exami next Door but two to the in thoperhaps it was fpoken without the iha11 have 5 sRcward and no if any one eaft Defign or Premeditation but he has ha havc Sold by near the OxfordArms Where Advertifements are taken and Letters to the