Tuesday, November 25, 1704

Rehearsal Of Observator

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Rehearsal Of Observator on Tuesday, November 25, 1704

Rehearsal Of Observator (Newspaper) - November 25, 1804, London, Middlesex h. T HE R E A S JL O/'Prieft-Craft. Of Strouliag Preachers. Tickets'/&r Serm6ns*JfS>�>�r ofpm. Bur-gefsV STARS, The Prefent State 0/ *je Churcfi 0/ England Exemfliffd in a Tryal 4; 01d-Eaily. Two Books Necejfary ft> Anfwer'd; Fronr, g>atucuap November the 25th, to ^amc&ap December the v2d, 1704. Country-m. Bat! Have t got a JVBF Mafief every Obfervaior ?, Is LEGION gbing his; Rounds  And muft I be PoffefSdvyith zDevit ofdifFerenEfS^}, Tn�V * every ^ thine of 1&5�^J^'"N. 72. Tuoumad?fc meJRail^ after a Beaftty Rate, at Chmch-men, and their Serbians, and the Offices in the Lyturgie \ and brought'ft up again the Thread-bare T^/V* of "ttitf-Crtfi^^tVent to thy S/to rWiththy riafty and iter*/! And thou own'ffc* thy felf of iV0< which thoff, Gapt P4**y. ^And Confeqoently, as I ProvM t#th% in my Laft, thou caVft. be otJ^J Region. ': ' But if thou hl&'ila Gta^oit|^ef o% )?j forWtjeft-Crafi. '' - W.>: kr.try-m. The, ^ n the PMridc^ fbnte fhaB be Em-ploy'd to gpup and do^wd} everyw^ere^Ctying -Bi^, tnerj^is ao^p uil$to�: coining . upon-thetei To Prevent, which, as"D*ir. Bmgejs Aoft|thii%;laft S&$0j fe^lg^^t. hjfe^&efi^". where I look-d in, an^ Heird him, A&vifing them but that they^^^f^^^' Alid io*r . their Hands I Some^Mr^, will ^pen'Itheic Purferfirinpy and bavejthg to Part willfe ^tbei^jpfe^ f Whicli is: a good thing, Bafeitir ^not alL They muft leMiMr > Woriy when, there is*need of them \ Mmf$ is 1 Shiningy But it is Hands mt&Mve. Yoa nroffc not only but 6tc* This Js a good Mmment uppa the. T�*t of ^ JDcrFoe, whkh I Quoted to thee in Rehearfd% 'R;hJ, phen the ^$SVgtfm, done ayr Vfpofi, we<muikj#$/oworkw i; muft Sto/with thgv^�^f^�w ggliwe with our Honds^ms And when the One Side is Moving, to Per* fuade the Offcrr to Lie StiB; is being certainly * in Fff witli the MOfftNG1 Side. Aad^fffch a SfROVLING Treacher of JW, do's %m more $er- .1

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