Monday, May 19, 1681

Protestant Mercury

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Protestant Mercury on Monday, May 19, 1681

Protestant Mercury (Newspaper) - May 19, 1681, London, Middlesex fHE IMPARTIAL O Occurrences FOREIGN and From to onC HIS being here this day in the following Petition of the City of London in ofan Order of Common Council of the Pf by that Generous and Loyal Gentle man Sir and the other Worthy Citizens appointed for that the Right Honourable the Lord Mayor and Aldermen being The Humble Petition and of the Right Ho the Lord Aldermen and Commons the City of in To the Kings Excellent Tour Ma Loyal and Obedient That it hath Almighty vy a wonderful to bring to light Attempts and Plots our A the again ft Sacred Tour the True the Liber ties and Properties of Tour jefts That by the Letters And it doth that one of the effectual they propped to their De by the procuring the frequent or of Tour Parliaments Were with at the untimely on of Tur late before Tour and They could fully of the aid and or provide Remedies or the Preservation of Tour Sacred and and the Religion at Home and But we ft and more amazed at the of fame who by Print A and other wife take upon them to Ar and Condemn the Proceedings of Tour Two laft which at Tour Petitioners humbly plainly tends to bring that part of the tion into the Conjee of Dif folve the Ancient Government and its the Preservation whereof is absolutely for Tour Power and But we rely ing upon lour Gracious to receive the Dutiful of Tour Lay at thinly our felves by our to to That by contrary is taken by the 4nd their Com to haften and that Tour Tour and the whole In which hath been jo and by ths and its In the of are chiefly animated by ths continuing Hopes of by the done upon ths late ann other And ths continued and great Confidence of ths is daily in the open of about Tour An A this City AIJo be deficient in our we not to Tour ths maintaining Tour Dominion and Sovereignty of the And tbs full Tour Royal Naval y the Want hath been not very many of Tour Subjects and great baj been but alfo multitudes of Tour and able been earned into held in Slavery by the Algerines which in if not not only bs an Encourage ment to Outrages Depre dations upon Tour Subjects and their but will inevitably b the of ths of and of impairing the Strength jo for ths Defence of Tour And a our from the we bans of the imminent Dangers that Tour and our and ait that near and Unto lies obliges us Humbly to offer the fame to Tour Princely Jo tie dd with alt Fidelity Humility Tour That we are far from being by any Com in opposition to the Mc which we the Reft of Governments or by any or Nor are we further our than under Common Danger to out for Common And feeing our Danger apparent and ws in apply our felves to Tour Tour to have regard to and Great Part of Tour whem Tour Tour and dom and Tour will Ex our our Lives all Things dear to for the Prefer vat ion of Tour Mij eft ies Tour and ths And as the fame can be noway effectually fe by the joint Endeavors of and Your Great Council the Your Pe confidently That no ons or created or by ill for the of any fuch on Your Royal to leflen Your of Your Great the Par Do humbly pray That Your Ma caufe a Parliament to and far that due be Security had and Your Royal and Your in alt the faid And Tour Petitioners as in Duty ever Fran Which being the Right Honourable cf lni Chancellor cf by an Elegant Speech to the that day at upon ie very well in the to His in that i At

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