Wednesday, April 30, 1681

Protestant Mercury

Location: London, Middlesex

Page: 1

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Text Content of Page 1 of Protestant Mercury on Wednesday, April 30, 1681

Protestant Mercury (Newspaper) - April 30, 1681, London, Middlesex THE TRUE cury o Occurrences FOREIGN and Saturday April His being the 27th His Molt Honourable Privy cil and of their time j was taken up in hearing the t Complaints of fome j called Royal Afrij for Seizing and Ships ting their Ships Trading to the Coaft of to induce to that it to be managed in like manner as the Turkey pretending the fame would be more advantageous That when they Traded Li cence of the they returned twice the Value that they do And that the Company does not the Plantations with fo many Negroes they had On the marry weighty Rea fons As that they hid been a in making and m in ain ing therefore rwas that others now reap the if a Wrr mould the Trade would for every pri vte Trader would be for faving from As That if His Ma they not in their many Debts owing them abroad And that they had under to with 18 I per tolls cr the His was Gra o mediate between offered Taat the Company r I so r and as many as would and have Liberty to fub in that to Bat that no be they ordered to rhe Council came to no de in the fave only the h the he of ting of that formerly ordered by the Their Ma jetties departed early for on On was the appearance of the Grand Jury at there being about Members of the Late Parliament William Roberts Sk Cooper Henry there be Three Hundreds in the there are Three Grand Juries one the for the of and accordingly tii y were now divided into Juries ror the were all the ave Sk Thomas Jones being Retired his gave them thek and did it with great Eloquence and Prudence j other going through Statutes made in Queen Eliza beths coming to the Act of mo fo much of late of to intimated the Contrary and He would not whet the any that were tru ly but fuch as the to the all Severities were to or to fome fuch like After the ris to rhe the Hiin of which Jury to the Sir beine to the That he was unwilling to be concerned in raking away the Life of a Man tha could ke a far thr D every of and prayed the Opinion of the in tha put off til rex c the Legality 8 of givin in L C