Friday, December 29, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Post Man (Newspaper) - December 29, 1802, London, Middlesex Numb. 1068 And the Hiftorical Account* fcrom StielOap December 29, to 'CQagCad? December 31, 1701 LuTidtn, December 51. *>�-a -flHe Events nf the Jaft Campaign have }u-' ftify'd the Motto of hs Viedais of me ' Cororiatio.i of her Majcfry, for wherever 4 her Arms ruve appwred Victory has at-' terided upon them, and if &e itemed to * fsovvn in one phce alone, (he made fuffrcient amends ' by giving unexpected advantage neaiPrgOjeven timro confiderab e rhan whit flic atnyed in the iJjy of 1 Cadiz.. Toe Sptmjh Lyon wvho hid oice (he bold-knei*< ro infulc otir Coafts, was frrced under Queen tAn:i:zi formerly under Quean KlHkafoth, to skulk ^ among Rocks and Mountains, and la.nely fuffer hi� ,Piats fleet a,id that of his new Ally to be t bnrac ar4d deftroysi. in his Hirbour, he: more of ,this anon. t T,-; Repeat of the Confederate Army nnder cheCan-4 non ufMnregies.caufed a .great confteonrion infMer/2, t and was liksly to occallon the railing of the Siege of t Kiyfcrwatrt ; For the Allies having be;j;an the Cim-4 paign bstote all thiif Forces were got together, they were notable to inakeblcid a^air.ft a numeroui French 4 Army, and therefore ali .he Care of their Generals Was to fecure the piffes along the WW and Khim, ajid t rake other neceirify meafures for preventing the * deligns of the Enemy^l the anival of fome Englifli ' Troops, which were ifecained in England by contrary ' Winds, and afiody of Lwien'ourghers. TheKing of PruJJig who was atPfc'M? encouraged very mueh the continua- * tion of the Sieg ieir own Lines in Bnabant without ' any poflibiiiry of engaging them,, tho it was gene-' rajly believed that the Duke of Burgntdy was come te * the At my rather to learn to fight a- Battel, than rf:ake confu fed remits in the nighc time, by favour of Flamboys, as it happened more than once. Thit Prince being weary of the pare he a&�d in ' the Army, i�airn�d to Courc, having feen feveral * fmall places taken before hiia,and avoided thereby to 4 be Eye-w Unci's of the Coa�jueft of Vtnk, -Ruremwdt, ' S: S:sve>ifis/Hrt ind Liege, which Monfieur dt Bovffert 4 ac the head �f the trench Army beheld with the ' greajeft cJm-nsfj imaginaUlo. The narrow bounds ', of chisPa;)er do noc permit to enlarge iipon the par-'tiaiiliis of t.'iofe Sitges, whc�ein the Confederates, ' and in a moil particular manner the Enqlilh,. got fo 4 ttmchHo�*iir, ani bcfides, the taking Sword in hind '. she S'oit Sttdubtil ac Vtnla before there was any breach 'made, and the S.orming of the Cictadel ofLitgt, ' wherein' the foench had 8 BatallioBS, which were ' all made f/rifoners of War, are aftions fo extraordi-4 nary a-nd anufual at are noc to be forgotten.The Gar- * iifon in che ChartreulV cf Ltigt, fearing the fame fate ' as chat of the Citradtl, ptevented it by a timely Capi- * tufetiea. The Alliet being then entirely Matters of iLiegt, (he French having abandoned che City upon 4 chd approach of the Confederate Army, the Duke of (t&rl&grwgS thought fit co fend che Troops into their ' Winter quarters, and returned to the U*gne, but chat ' General, who haai m�de to many Conqaefts,wai hira-| felf takenPrifooe r by a toll Party,but by his?*jideflc� ' of his being takenPrifoher caufed a gitu. confternaciosi^ 4 intioliar.d,ihste wasawuuiVerfal ioy upoiij his.wrival' ' at the Hagut, where he received from tr^ev./>tates, ,tho. ' chanks and other ackco?vle;dg'rhencs W* fignalfe^yicca 'rf'd fo juftly defetve. TllH* 'glo'riQufly" cii'dfid^.lhc ' Campaign in flah'dirf&tiicii exceeded rheh�pe?we had^ 'in its begining. TSi^pearing of the Erepch Arrriy"' ' before Uimeghen Was'ciJeiaft Period of �& & ' Fortune, for iince thir titaethey run away: blj^ote ' the Allies, and were beaten in all RencountMS, While * our Forces were employed on the Matfe, t]i<9.. JVIatT ' quis of BedmMr made ah invafion in the Dutc&flof&tri ' ro try whether Fortune would be mnfefayoHraWe to 'him than to the Marefchal ot Boujftert,' burhc.mec ' with che fame fate; and was forced to rfttire with 'flume and lots from heforeKikvk''nurjL^f, infteatf ' of regaining Fort St Donaii, which General Ctherp htA taken in the begtriing of the Tampaign." v . ,.�, , 4 The nomerous Fterces the Trench had drawn^UpOri 4 the lower Rhine and in r,hefokerlfi)tdt gave af&ejuaolc ' opportunity to Printe Leti'it of bude^ tq bejlteger, the ' Scrong and important Fot'tirefs of A*� wbicjitftet; '* long Siege lurrendred to the King of th��*wu> ' who would have extended his Cohquefts Oflf^itli.&tle* ' had not the unlucky 'Declaration of che Elector of. ' B*vori� in favour of frMMand ft****. PbfigsJj tba^ ' Prince to employ his Forces d'fe where, to?r>rev,en�k 1 the conjun&ion of the' French and Bavarian?, .which 'would hive kindled afrfaj'^^^^�fwj�^r.. This oc* ' cafioned the Battel b( Ptie^^m^in which .bothPar-' ties claimed the arjvSdr^^^^;wba'^�ef,it-^�,-:tHjt 'is carcain and admirs btt^wtpuce, that-che French 'were HOt'able to^oyn.theElefior ofBfvmi^yfhiK * declaring too late, did noc':lavej^h^exjieft-' ed, and has involved^ffttattt] ito fuch^imculties as * mail needs prove hisiruih. The caking'jafl^nil^yr'ir. 'followed by a DecTaTation of^^War frrriichrPyit.pC' ' che Empire agiinft fwwi^ji'd'i?'^, and all their Ad-' hetcnts-; .   The King of S$&�$ffi$jjffl%^o- A��>. Mtlh^'. 'begining o,f-the;i^^^^|^^,a^um^04S ' Army, was fo c6Wde�1i>*^WWB:|flcfcthe Gtrm*** 'over the.^^a00S^^m^^�dC^ �  jwbidbm it-ita^M^^M^^^M;^^. The:DukeofJ�i*fl6ii^^o^ ' 4 reliisved i^wrwjf^|t^^ii^B||^r^^^  co fi^^ti\^W0^"i^M^p^P^. imlt0^j^$, ' roufly anacked.tHarrrlruinie^ ' The Duke of >>�Vjm� decaniped fcon^fter, buc.ihe ia-' periqrity of his Troops fr&''giv^ ' to take feveral -t^f^^$^^^^j^f^^S^f ' has.revived �he hopla'bfthe Prench-Cowc, to brid^v ' the War ia Its!/ to a Ihbit conclufion, unlefs Prince ' Eugene is ifeedily retnfofc^-^bicli Being ofth* **I-L ' eft imporraLQce to it&#^ f�^L ' be taken to eaable that. ^|6rious Prihcejtb^tlfl ' thevWar with fu^c<IS'rirjt That fide.; :-i'^^i^t * The affairs of the'Nb'tth'have contmiief^|| ' cqnfudon as in the former year, and (h�|Efflf ^ ' dm has foughc with the jariie good Fortune. Por^i ' having travelled through?.che whole Country of.H , ,. 'he engaged near Cr�/a*"(hi'sPoliffa Majefty with''tbc' 4 Saxon and Polilh Arr^^iad obtained a cohflgerabls, ' afvantag-e over ihem' f buf as this Wax is uagrafitajk)*'

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