Tuesday, December 26, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Post Man (Newspaper) - December 26, 1802, London, Middlesex Numb* i~6y . E � E..E.  And the Hiilorical Account, From ^atttCDap December ^6, po XueCs^f December zp, 1701 W-_ , it _ ,--�---- � ��� " * ' � 1-1 - -- ; 1 " 1 Ltndon, Decemb. i9- Aving at the conclusion of every year, given * fhort Epirome of the chief Tranfa&ions that happened therein, we might b* juftly blamed, did we omit to do the fame or the fail Campaign, which been to Glorious to the Arms of -the AHies in leaera1, and in a m?ft particular manner to the iigliih Nation ; a&d from the fuccefs of which, we uy ie.ilonsbly expect a fpeedy and honourable end 1 the necelfaty War her Msjefty ba� entered into, for reft.oriiig the Ballance of Power in Ew�pet which vh broke by the accefljon of the Duke of rfnjov to ae Throne ufSfain, and left the Chrifttan Woiid ex-[>ofcd to the mercy of a Prince, whafe vaft ambition ould not be facisfisd but with the Univerfal Monarchy of Eurtpt. � The bad Weather of theWintw did not flop the ' progreii of the Imperial Arms in Udy, where the ' Wir was actually begun iri the year 1701, tho with-'out any formal Declaration. Prrnce Satgtnt continued to beat cbe French from feveral Polls, and in the beginning ok February formed t G jot ioiisE.uer prize . apoaCmawM, which can fsjrce be pawilelled in ' Hjftory. Tfte fuceefi did not altogether tnfwer ' his expectation, end bjdnefrofthe Roads having re-*ta*d�d the march of part of his Forces, but however 'hs was Miftct for a whole day-of the place, took ' �ad carried away the M**efcti�l of Mlerty, and fey 'tnat unexpected Action, obliged the French to quit 1 ail their Foils along che OgU� end the P� in the lower \l CrmmtzA.. . While cbe Imperialists and the French were thus [' Fighting in Italy, the Sky grew very black in other ' partMnd the Clouds that gathered together foretold ' a violent Storm, 1 he Treaty of the Grand Alliance ' b&ween the Emperor, England �ni tkil*nd,si\$. fome ' other Princes had been concluded at the Hague, ' a .id fever a] other necefTary meafiires were concerted I' for carrying on a vigorous War, bat all thefe dtf-portions were ineffiftuai. tilt rherefolutions of the ' Parliament o(Ei%UndgvfoL'ifo thereunto.but arfoen 'as that auguft Afftmbly had unsnimoufly declared ' their refoluuotfc co-make good all the Treaties made ' by hit Majefty/ibi' reducing the exorbitant Power 1 of France, Troops began to move on ail fides for the ' tfithtrlaiidt and theRhixt, and the French perceived, ' but coo Ute, their fatal mi ft ike, and were convinced * that fueh as they thought the tnoft averfe to the 4 War, were the molt violent for it. -The H*vy was 4 fitted out with an incredible exigence, (JoramifGpni * that the Allies had taken the fame courfe .with the ' Elector of Bavaria, but a fad accident that happened * aboat that time prevented the lame* * While thefe great preparation were carrying on, and that the return of the fair Seafafl was only ex-' petted to enter upou A�Hon,GoJ was pleafed to take 'to bis reft hi* late Majefty, w ha departed this life on ' the 8;h of March, at .Kenfiigtm in the jid year of his ' Age. That Fsince had been fo very~ jll in, his laft ' Voyage to HilUnUt chat his Life was difpaired of at ' the Hague, and it was a fingular Mercy of Divine ' Providence, that his days were fpared for ioaie ' months longer, contrary to the expectation of luch * �h� knew the dangerous condition \}� was in, till ' proper meafures were refolv.M upon for reducing ' the power of f�.���vwhich being actually done,God V put an end to that Glorious.and. Toylfom Life. 1 ' fball not prefume to attempt here the Character of ' the greateft. Hero that ever lived* His Im-' mortal Actions are above all Encomiums, and aeed * no Apology. The Glory of his name will encieafe 'every <Uy,and his Memory will be piecious as long. ' as men setain any fence of Honour, Religion pit ' Liberty. . ; * Tbe^easb<rfrhirrWe ftruck th* -Alfir* with ' an imfonktble coni^ernation, �sd th� Rt�nch flat-' tered�hemfef ;rj^ur<��l* ' ready concerted, oethatftaulii bt^riio.ufb necef-4 fary for the.:comm.9BF fajftty of gov**, aadtrMi P�r- ' Iiament h�rifigoj�^eirp�ff. m�do theiWfpsc^- � rffpK witrtthofe g�n�o�� * alTutance* froai irtsr-. Mijeftyi gave Life to "th* r Allies, and pi evented t%e \U coiajaqueoees of t|# 'Deethof bis l*n3M*$fot$ usli|Gi th fieai,VMhat>fe|^^ predated the f^rtv dVf ,th� th. ^z) ot SUrlh^k Tome kixw^. ^,�v;. -----------1 * the Notth with a diverfion in favour of Frame. That ' neceflary preliminary had the defired fuccefi: The ' Duke of Brtnzjgick diibanded fome ofhUTroopsjut 4 lame others into the fir vice of the Emprror, and 4 was allowed tp-keep but fuch as were necefluy for * the defence of his- own Dominions without giving * Jealouiie c� his Nii^hbaurs. It were tn be wiflied had his publics;audieaK�r andaffuted~themCuax<k� Queen of 'Qnt$fmi^.<moi^j^^iif^S^ 4 Maxim of bet Rcifa^ cultivate a^obil.oratr4tfpon-' denec wicb thtVftri^ga^ tiie aitaisMce^t^ ' teUtion to the ^roietpcng sf the mei^ea's%tet^ ^ ....... m

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