Tuesday, December 19, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Post Man (Newspaper) - December 19, 1802, London, Middlesex And the Hiilorical Account, &c. [From ^atUtM'P December \% to %Ulir&$December 2'-z, 1702; M7ii�, November t�. THe news of the defttoy ing of Count Chaa-teastriaaud's Squadron with the Place Fleet in fhe Harbour of Vigo, has cauied here an unimfal confternation, for tho we *re told rhatalt\thfi Treafure was I carried oil more and removed into the Country,this I blov is looked apon as an irrecoverable loft, and the J great concern theKing of Spain exnref>'d upon advice Lof that fatal ftroke at Q*ma, is a fufficieat indication [ of the greatnef* of that difgrace. Prince Vaudeixmt, who is confirmed in the Government of this Ducchy fo.r three years longer, returned hither on Sunday lift, 1 and 'tis faid, his Highnefs is to go in a few days to Mantua and GvtftaUto confer with the Duke ofVandtme abost lome Projects which are to be executed this Winter, while theanitid Foices of Frann*, and Spain are Co much luptrioar to thofe of Prince Eugene. They talk among other ch'mgs of attacking Gowrmili,-whicais the only confiderabie Poft they have in the Abntwn on tb� fide of the Mincio ; but the Germans are fortifying the fame with lb much diligence, that this deflgn is likely to meet with great difficulties. They talk of fitting outfeseral large Boats in-the Nature of Galleys, to be employed to that. Egterprize, and in-fult th� large Bridge Prince gagate ha* laid over the to at Ofitglia, but as that Prface i$ informed of all ourdefigns.and preparations, betakes luiiable mea-fures to prevent the fame,, and his Forces being quartered in narrow tract af Land, may he drawn together in very few hours. Wheri the King of Spain fee out ffom hence for Genua, it �r� confidently, reported, that the Duke of Savoy wouldwartupon him thither, bu: we *re now informed of the contrary, and there is a report that his Royal Highnefs is dif-fatisfied with the Court, For having granted fever*] advantages to the Duke of Mtntva, pte judicial to the ihtereft ofihe'Duke of Savoy, and efpecttlly the rebuilding of the Fortifications of Cazal, againft which he has procefted. Vienna, December 6. An Exprefs from Triefit is arrived here, wirh advice, that Count Beefier, who commands in Iftria, feasfo well fecured our Maritirn Places on that fide, that they hare nothing tq fear -from the French Frignw cruhlagin the ddriaii'nkSea. TheChevaiief Mourbin has Ja;eiyisppeared on thatCoaft, but findi^r; fome ReguHted Troops and' the Militia ready to give him a warm raception, fie did not think' fit to attempt to Lmd, as he had projected to do wjth-forne Forces he had received from Naples, and '-is failed back towards 4>scon�. The Era petor holds fjie-: qoent Councils.about the afftir$cT'4fc*7j*,'. and nothing' will be neglected to put Prince Eugene of Savoy ihY. condition.T carry on the War with foccefs. Iadrr' dtr thereunto, orders aie given to remit him a great' lam of Money,' befldes the tfooooo German Florins lately fent thither, which maks izooooo Dutch Olefins, and the Hbifesdefigned to remount bis Cavalry, are for the mo ft part already bought Up* This. Court has received advice of a Negotiation carried on. by the Pope and the Vex$tiaut for reftoring Peace irr //�/y,ro which the Fiench King is likely to be inclined, cha War in rrrar Country being to chargeable to him, tb*t he would hearken to any Ptopofal that might Cite him thereof; bat whatever it is, ris certain' that t^e Emperor wili hear of no.hing tending therdanto: His Imperia1 Mijefty rtceives frequent difp' cbes from Count frdltftein, his AmbsiTador at Lisbo-, about the Negotiations with the Court of Portugal *nd rhey flir.ei thfmfefves here, with the hopes of bringing xbi Kici� of Ptrtngilinto the Grand Al'iance, in coh� fiJenrioa of fome great advantages pfupoled Onto' fiim, which he e�r>i never expefi from the DsrSi* of The l.rte niji^tcs between' teh Cosrt and th� Tiirh being enrireljr adjufled, and the Grand Signior having fignified his firm; refolutiori to cultivate a good correfpoi;denee with the Hmpetor. Nloft of the Standing Troops in-Hungarf are to'imarch for the Empire, except fome few Regiments?Which are tobe left for the fecurity of out HoVi�eT*;wtth tfie.sMilitia. ' 'Tis confirmed from Cmfioittiwopk} rhac the EauVhtist'  of France have done their tt(nioftxor�rfwad^the(Pbrtf Co. break the Treaty of C<iWs�t�^; and improve the \ fair opportUBity theythave:of regaining <he beftpatc ot'ibn&ty; bat cheir folficitatiens nave provedvtOiiw� : purpoie, and their Intereft is very low in thofe.: - parts.   ' - . .; J;,'. � Brujfels, Dacetnber 17. The MarefchaJ of tftuffltri-\ j is fuddenly ex^eSed here from the C6utt of ftwrrt, withfuriher mftf ufifoHS relating to the French Troop* ' quartered in thefe Provincesi The Allies demand : large Contributions from the- Countties of IMiurg^" Luxemburg, tJamor and Brabant, andjDe'puties;ate^entf- � ing. to Ltegt to agree abmlr thefamei -The JEleSofof Ctlogn centmues at Ditrant, wherehe expects the A�  fcmbly of the States oi /i^.whieKne'has'iainmon^i to meet him there, to crols the tleliberacichtof tlio faid States Aflembled at Liege, by Authority-;ot at place is' not faunitjimourai . tliac of CiA^s, and thac being-fa'tx�*ttti^�tentHt , rhsy date not Co openly aft'*ga�rjft their Prince,' as the T latrer do j but however, 'cii not doqbte^y^tficheV-will grant what'Gouot Z:azev4�rf has 'demande^-Si. taerrij and the Dotch will take cafe, to'leelcheir're'lb-lnrions put into'execution.- *TJi� French andSpanifrl Officers are very bufy m!?iiifiirigVR4ctuitsi but men prow, very fcarci; and theTnhjbitants of thefeftori vtnces are more encltned to lift thernielves amongft the Datch,than in che French feirvices. We expect >wisll great impatience, an exact account of the Treafer*' and other effeclj, that were faved out of theGalhoiutl ftWg*, which wtf -are promifed J>y - the laft �i��ir* (bortly to meet k^^'for grantin^^an exstrtordLnary Sfiihfidy to the'�.��rlSng of Spain; for :crj�mt%iting aad augmenting our Forces, and to induce tMrn'theie^ unto,theMit) ifters here ui� mMch th* fame argument* asfrhe^utch ufewitlt th�iiSub[e5s;*i*?^�W�w� ar.d SfiiwiK to make extraordinary efforts^ to bring this War tot afhort conclufton, and that it isbettef to ruri fwifjCIyi than walk Slowly through the Flames. They WtftV from Venfa, Rurt/^mde inA "pthef^pla'cc? 'ili Cutlderland, that the Dutch have made few altera^" tfehs in-'rhe. Civil Governme^tof that Province, and tha(t the Inhabitants', thiDitheirtOnaitidn biftered, Knee they have cfranged'Maftets. fheLenity of their1 Government has j-fatai influence upon thefeProvirices' whfrethe French can^evuy thing with Threats and Menac�,andthereby terrier themfel /<s f6 odioa�,thit the Citizens of ^/w^andfo�e other Towtts^^Sjf the fate of the Conquered GutldtrMdi Ther^hafe^ frequent difputes upon that account betwwOtlpIn-, habitants and the SouMieiS, and the G�nera|s havri rituch ado to prefe�ve J'eacp.  .�*.--. Plymouth, Decemb.' 18. Yefterday caoieirithe Udff of Stt tin from Amfieriavihovoii for Bordeaux, who met feveial French Privateersin her way hitheKThis day came into this Port the Dthtfy of and for titmhirtty.Hiliii Brand M*flet from the Itad&atfrbd net yefterday a PrertchP/rivlteer of j6 Gins, but did her no more harm rAadtsfilifrfifotti bti t Cast or* Wine.

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