Sunday, December 17, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Sunday, December 17, 1702

Post Man (Newspaper) - December 17, 1802, London, Middlesex And the tii&orical Account, &c. December 17, T g&&tUt$&i December 19, 1701'. "" w�k graUndJeft, ssd vrehew fsorat the frontiers, ctut th� Ciaf know- -__ ing r&< importance of that place, fras ordered the Fortifications thereof to be repaired and enlarged, and ha* provided it with & more numerous Artillery. That Prjt�c-e ki aKtckzbtt pkce> while the Teft of bis Ttoops will be employed ia the SSegeof Rexbtiv The King of Ssudio has lent teyeTl orders to reinforce theTioops Commanded by Af�|�t Geaeraf itippeob/tch, who has publiihed a Marii-feilo,i� anfwerco one (prszd in this order of the Cxj�. The SwediikTroops and tbofe of Prince SafUhs, have JwA feveigl rencounters ia Lithuania with th� ,Confederate!! Nobility , commanded. by the Sieur Oriwii, bat 'cis fa id our Troops in that Cocwtry, hive received orders to march dire�My to to joyH hts SwediBi Majefty, who is leibivej to ddve �wsy the tew from their Quartets in N&otf, December 5. The Si:ur A*.difrtt Envoy of the French King, rcceiv'd oa the rkft in-ilarjr an Erprefs from hts Mailer, with a Letter for the Duke of terrain, which he delives'd rhe .fame Evening- That Letter contained the reafbns that induced the moil Chtiftian King to put a Garrifon irito this City, and quarter Come Troops in this Dutchy, notwithftandmg the Neutrality his High-hefs wis to enjoy by corrfent of the Emperor and the Court of Franc*. Our Duke vtfas very much furprifisd at this unexpected mefTage, and difpatched an Exprefs to his Mintfter at Paris, with orders to veprefenc to his mo ft Chtiftian King, that this proceeding woflld ruin his Dominions ; but 6 hours af-te r, Menueur CaiSerm arrived here from FerfaiBes, and toJd the Duke, that the moft Chriftian King be -rag informed that the Imperialifts deligned to feizo his Country upon the firft opportunity, and that Prince Lean of Baden would h*ve already taken pop feffionthereof, had md not the Declaration of the Electa? of Bivm-i* obligei him to employ his Forces in other pirts, his Msjefty had thought fit to prevent k\s Enemies, but engaged his Roys! Word, that his Troops would pay for every thing they fhoul J have occation for* arid obferve fuch a difcipline. that his Sabje&s ftiould be no ways moiefted t>y. t!;em. His Higftnefs told Monfieur de Cui&res chat- he did not nx^td to be &fed irr that manner, and deiired fbme dm* to acquaint the Emperor that this was done �f�smft his confenv but this was in 1 *in; and" yefter. day morning the Darchefs fee out for LmevUls^ *he�e the Duke went in theafrerooon. In the mean rime the French Troops arew near this place, and t\n morning Count TtiUird fimraoned our Gover-rjout to open the Gates and receive a French Garrifon, which was coniplyerf with, this place being aJrogerher defenceUCs. fhe Duke and Dutchefs 'ontin^e at Uixeifill*, anu tho it is given out, that -hey will return hither in"a-few day*, many are of opinion that his H�ghnc(; will JecJioe it,if poilible; ^J�> Prince being 'willin;, ce be a Prifoner in his own XJominiohs. C�!�gstt Dec�mrm l^- The Affembly of the States tit this ArchbiUaopriek .: not ended, but there is no Joubt hut they vill rake fuch refoltitions as are a-gre*We to the Interest of the Empire, nbtwithftand-ing the Artifices ofoatEleQor, whp haseaufed Cir-r �dollars, they have wriccen Circular Letters to t;he Towns of rhat Country in very bitter terms',and called the Stares to meet at Artnsfcrg. The Bifhop of SL*�i wasfeiz.-d on Jkefday night with a Fit of an Ape-plexy, �n'd continued SpeecbleG till the next morning, but by means of proper Remedies, his Highnefii is fb far recoveie^, that his Phyficvns are of opinion tbat he may appear in publick ia his Houfe in .3 or % our Chapter, and has encomaged them to proceed with theEleftor, as if he was already deprived of his EloSoral Dignity by a formal Sentence, according to the Laws of the Empire. The Hujjars and Htfiuais continue to extend their Quarters along the Mozellt, and have clofely blocked up Trtor? &*tb. The French have put 6000 men in the City,of Trjtrt, under the Commard of the Marquis of Blotti* late Governor of Keyjtrwacrt, who has fum-moned the Counts y depending of the Archbiihopricfc of fryers, to furnilh 30000 Paliuadoes for Fortifying that City-  : Hsgm, December 19. The_ States of t&e Datchy of clteva ate affembJed there, to coaiide* of the tnoft proper raeafurss for fecuring that Country, and give the necrflary Supplyes to the King of Pf^i f* their Soveiaign. T^a.t Prince has igoattetedibme Troops in the Country cJFifMewf, ofwnich tKe Ma-giftrares have complained to,theStans General, and defired their protection- The Nefociauon forTec^ tling the Sacceflton of his lite Majefty of great Sn-rainzTe continued here and at Berlin, but there is no great Progre/s made therein ; that affair appearing more and more difficult- The point relating to thfi contributions pretended by his Prujfsss Majefty.fVorn the Spaitijb Gueldtrlmi is not yet^djufted, notwith-ftanding fhe Deputies of the States have had fereral Conferences with the Sieur Sehraeitesit, Envojr ofjhit Prints TK*f3aft. advices itom AftAaf the,way of I'arit ^la^ih^ljealoMe^ Wcijreeri and PariugM ;are coniiderabljraugmented^ and that the Spaniards are fending rjaoft of their Forces on the Frontiers of P�r^< bBftrve the PwtugHexi, who are lifatwije drawing ^ia^jTibopi together on their own iProntieri-,, ^i^jfottify-ing feveral places, l^f; "vtiiaZfiaWf^mie that that Court is very bufy in ptoviiHng 'th� tteceP fary Funds for the charges of the neib Canipaighi and that feveral Edicts for new Taxes ireiblvediipoa at Frmtahtbhaa, but fiifpeodedjOpda ^ite^{^earti^ vat of the Gallions at fr^.ace now to b�' publifliedt T&eir Troops in f!f*W�tf:c6mpIain for vthtjojf ttieit pay, which obliges them, to commit gr<at difoiders;' notwithftanding rhe feyere orders publifhed by,their - Generals. The Maiefch|l of Bti0ai w (Hortly eiped-ed back at Btotftln witjhgceat,.remittances as-/t&e^ fay, for the Forses anderhis'Command. Plymtuth, Demh. iy. Yefterdaycarhe in hejre th� Jtoftin Galley bound for Fernet, the Bow�r/wnr*�f*;o� Zirickxee for lisbtti, the Madam Sarah Criers of/ Gifeh?" ha^aen^VarnerRobe Mafter.for St Hutttt, who reports that upon Saturday lift, a Privateer of 4 Guns belonging ta St Mali, wok near E&jtate,* the Mrf ^Aitf of bkd**, Wm Tivhg Ma&rt,- whb was bound^iiritH Fiin for Ltghtrn. This day ailed, the Lizzardtb the Eaftward, with the Hart Pink Ketch, which came .fiom^S�tf.... - , . ' a � Dartmouth, December ij, Several Ship wbo were putward.boririd are forced .by firefs of Weather into TtrUj. Yefterdiiy came in here the Uaii Pink Ketch, a Tender of 10 Gobs; who meti French Privateer r f ^ GUtiH *kh mm m m*ihtlifi�3 a running Fightj

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