Tuesday, December 5, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Post Man (Newspaper) - December 5, 1802, London, Middlesex And the Historical Account, &c;. From,^attltDap December 5, to X.UCfUAf- December 1702. Rapa*, November 18. "�^He criflng difpute that happened fbrhe Jays ago by the meeting of the Coaches of Cardinal Grim am and the Durchrfs of Uzsda, is grown fo very confilerabie, rhat the Pope h is bien obliged to redouble the Guards , and "pkce new ones n:h'a lome ArriJiery between the Qmrtcis of the S'piniih AcnbafFidor, and the Houfe of that Cardinal, to prevent any further difcrJer. In the mean time all the French and Spaniard; repaired rc the Quarters 0'f that Ambiilador, and the Gsrmans ro Cardinal Gri-mani'm iuch numbers, that they could have muft:r'd up a firtle Army on boll* fides. The Ambaifraor of Ptoses has in vain endeavoUi�d torqaktur that difference* for the Ambaffado.' iniiuing, that the Cardinal &ould acknowledge his Tule of Ambaflfador of Spain, and the other refuling the lame, �hd looking upon htm on[y as a Minifrer of the Duke of Ass-je*, there is no accommodation tc be expected, as Jong .as the Spaniard in lifts on that Pretenfron. The Cardinal ofjanfm haj had fevers 1 Audiences of the Pope on rhat affair, but hi� Holinels has plainly declared, that the DukeoflTzeda having refilled the good Offices of the AmbafLdor of Viniu, and his own Mediation, he would hear no more of that affair, but would let him know he was as much Miller ia Rome , as the King of Spain in Madrid, and therefore take filch meafures, as he ihou'd think moft proper for preferving Peace in his Capital City. Tis certain, that the Pope has written to the King of Spain, to defire him to recall that Minifter- The Venetian AmbaiTidor has frequent Audiences of the Pope, and they continue to fay, that the former projeQ: of a League between the Italian Princes, is again fet on foot, and in a great forwa�dnefs. Dintvck, November 12. The King of Fdamt is returned to Thorn, where feveral Polifli Ctandees are already arrived, to afiift at the Senate Canftliuns, which is to be held there the 17th infant, to cake the Jaft meafures for the fecuriry of the Republick. . The Jafl advices from War/aw fay, that the King of Sweden is qua-raring bis TiOops about Lublin, Sendomir and other Neighbouring Vey vodlliips, and that his head Quarters will be at Lublin. The Minlfiers of the Ltnperor continue their foHicitations for reftoring i'eace in thefe parts, and notwithstanding there is no place of Treaty appointed, we are affured, that the chief Articles are actually agreed upon, and that Ihe Sixtn Troops quartered in Prujfia willfoon mireh back into Saxmy, from whence parf of them will be rent into the fervice of (he Skies General: Th� 8ft advices from Livonia confirm the great progrefs �f the MujtQv'ttes, who after (he taking of Notteburg, are marching rowaids Nerva, lo Befiege or block up thu place. They obferve a  better difcipline than heretofore, and the Czar who is now in the Army, ha* forbidden upon pain of death to molefr the In-haoicanrs, and declares that the Ravages lately committed about Dc-p^t were contrary to his orders, �nd that the chief Authors thereof are to be Jfcoifhed. Tlie freflieft advices from Riga fay, that an Exprefs ivas arrived there with the news, that the MufcovitiS �ncome ivitbin a miles of Nerva, after having takes by Srorm tfyen, but that thay were no', above laooo men flrong, and as the place is very w-!l provided, and the Fortifications in a better condition thin two yens ago, the Hwtdss fecai to br very confident, that fitil place is in nt> danger this Wiater. The Swedes have lately received fome difadvantages on rheFion* tier* of Lithuania, their Troops artd thofeofthe St-ptcha'i having been defeated bydgz'srib' in feveral Rencounters, but thefe Actions are nitt considerable enough to effect any great alteration on that fide j arid rie Manifefto's publifhed by Oginski to induce  the Ctirlanders to take up Arms, have been hitherto wirhoutanv effeft. Verona, Nov. 24. The Imperial and French Armies are marched into Winter quitters, bat the latter be* ing obliged to quarter in^be Country chat they rhem*:, feKes as well-as the Ge rnjibis have ruined lad Summer, will find themfelves under great inconveniencks to -iubfift therein. The Germans are now between the-. Sethi* and the Pamro, which Country has been fpared fiuce the beginning of the War, and therefore are much better than the Frenchy and are plentifully f upply*d from Mezola, the Ferrareze and the 'Vemtia*' Territories The long coatintiancevbf both Armies^ about Luzara has altogether luincd the Cavalry,-but the ImperialifVs expect in a fliBrt time a gre4t number of Horfis from Germany, and in the mean time their Commi/fioners buy as many as they can in this-Country. They write frOm Tfain, that the Duke of Sawy is fomewhat diffatisfy'd with the Kings ot France and Spain about the rebuilding of the Fortification of Cazafyby the Duke of Mantua, and 'tis certain that his Minifter at W//flB/hWrnade a great noife a� bout that affair without any mariner of fuccefs, the Spanffh Miniftets having ieefoy/e$frthat their Mafler could do nothing therein tillrhe knew the fentimentS' of his Grandfather; v- - - Frenckfirt, Decemb. 3. The Laridgrave of Hejfi Cafel'mzkis great Magazinesat StQosr mi Rhinfetd, which Jaff place b naw;in=theVac\ual pofleflion of fib Troops by confeat ofthe^Empexorandthe Landgrave of Hefe Rhfnfeld, and in the ihean time his Forces are advanced towards Traerfoib, in ordft tobefiege ttiat Caftieln conjanftion with'the Palatine Troopr* commanded by Count ^^�rWr�//4�rg*,, which are cantrJnVd about :ke^^^^^imKm^n^>i^&et little placeipn iht^iqaii^00imci Ii^lp^^dta has caufed'ihe War to^e-procUimedfagainft the Elector ofBabms, aadi^hey wnr^firdm P7 'the'fij� of if^m^v '"-!i^M^oil0i Remans is very angry yi^: ring all hisForcesinto theField.to make the laft effort for recovering rhe LolTes he fuftained the iait Gam* paign,and that befides the Marquis of Bednur is gWiftg out newCommiffions for railing 16000 men in the Nit* therlandt, and that they talk of having 1 yroob men in thole Fro/iuces,theii High Mi&htinefle� are the more coa.

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