Friday, December 1, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Post Man (Newspaper) - December 1, 1802, London, Middlesex And the Hiftprieal Account, &c. i-rom SueCDap December 1, to %Qttr(Dfl| December 3,1702. trantkftrt-. November a�. [Iff Imperial Tioods ate marching to their refpe&ivc Qjiaiters, and fome Regiments of Hoik are to joy n thefa-latine^ and HelCans on the Mtzefte, - where they are to be quartered. The Hereditary Prince ef H'tfc is already advanced fiJe, having been neccflary onth^'Ucufi. ' ,The Officers of ths Dutch Regiment of Guards" of the late King of England, have delivered a Memorial^ to the States concerning their Rank* and claim CotSt. Privileges above other Troops* ?s 'Kkvihg: enjoyed. the fymje during the life ofbis Jate Majefty, bat we* doh'c know what will be refelvcd thereupon, ih* 'hs very likely that rhey fiiall not dbrainitheir . Admiral JBtmfidi ah# the Barori& JJW toward Kirn, and by the;difpofition of the Gonfede- have ha J feveral confe+ences wirfc thejPenfiottary on. rate TroopsJ'tis very likely that they will not fepa- the laft Summer Exteditipn^ r�tw, till thiiy. have obliged the French to quit the affair is keptyery =ptival^'ino* tntpublic^a^ not* Ciftle of trmriatb which tney have undermined, Imorw what rhe 'Ga^pi^|V%n^1^^1i%' wir', in order to blow it up* upon th� approach' of the Harbours, have 6&^^SoSrdt;^Ijetftt^'hg^^^ ' AJliesi. "They have entirely ruined the County of that the Admirante^F/C^ Vultititt oh the Jijoxille, having deftroyed: what they InreVeft of the Houfc'of Wtfirfcaoi tt^^'s^eat could not carry away. They write from Lmdn^ away from, Madrid, only out p� % diffaasfajkj.9n "with. that the Fortifications of that place ate repairing Cardinal Ptrioctrrm'itii-iK&m wirh all imaginable diligence, and that a good to confirmwnerfAlsy &ve' o^t/ISey^ Qjftp3J|j|je^eaV' body of Imperial Troops are quartered in the Neigb- two 'Letters- 6JT that Grandee^1jijpj�$bi the Queei* of boutho�d of thai place. The Landgrave o"r?H/fc C*�ll Sptin, and anotherto7 cjicS^i^td^ .p]^' |Sca;te. The h� put aoo* men fa the Outworks of Kh�f.ldt and 'former containsi Kis ^poIo^>^aEi�^a).Isjb^^-�ccufiiri�s ~ t icre is no doubc but the Cwrt of Fiir,n*w ill entire- agai6ft his Enemies, whom he accufev to' h*Ve *d> ly tnift that place to the Troops of that Prince, asr deavoured bis ruin* by &afc and' deteiauile mean*, ia the lire War. Trial Fortrefr is of very great im-. concluding tha tutoring/ rmdemable proof* of the putance- <dftfe Empire, and ^He trertch have all; �TMtaf^^^^m^^^m^^i0^ of along endeavoured to get poffeffion thereof. They ' Qiftillt, fclf prclcrvatioji obligM^im rb'V^m^y^ yfl litffiegsd it in the iate War, bur the Landgrave Utbm, and mat the fame 'Aot^f wiU binder faim obliged CoQnt7 s>*nil,Pretenuons ' aHy Viftt. aponir; o*p(M(id that, Articl^wiit^^^ ipuiioui, but' althio #f^%*cnid3w� he could, btft' cbutd obtain rioWiing;; but., a-.ftwng they �rtf tt��e^.-ife*'x^rf;.tf^ao^'^ai?all^ Claule- Tor jiisjfeght, and afterwards that affair re- liewe, that tn^ AdmniaQt^^ 0^10^ " '* ' * had adefigd?toartra�k'th8tPtortYeisiaftJifttlllikcfi?, Th?y Viitef^oai?'&m *^^�tie^^mSOX^ - hood ,had lucceeded therein, had hot the dlligepr lodge in�h� gmfe;tb^im^i^^fel^^S? jnarch of t^e Prince of tyffi C�M ftbmtfie mg^ ciufed tobe-p^dSSl^p^l^S- fart disappointed the.r Palatine Trobp, fo fcew, tJitt CaftXqfti &B<� ^tN^et^SI are perfe&ng the Line? they had begun. Uft Winter Emperor, proves quite^e;ctontiir*^inP^^ about N*fiif, ^�JS*fdH�merH foi :coveVing thek Ma& inhi^Senc.e&j^iM mmmW&MMmZ' b rontiers on that fide.Our Letters iron* Wm fay.that wo^Id have been �i till charge ^ittrrt^ii^.fi. the nave altered the difpbMori of their for , Spanift G�^uSfS.?SlS: Wmrer<luirters. upon the appro4c� NotwirMa^duW I penal Troop^; jhd thatthe Minifterspf *e Eleaor the great ^.rationsoiVmbss^ommm olBav*,,* bftmg.fcnhble, that; thqrrrM.fter can- they begtriCotalkofPoMWm^^m^^' not hold fiutagamft the Emperor, >r*d fewingthe is more chargeable idrtfem W^lleleleW effeaS;oftheA�roc.rory Letteis- iffMjrtrr *****; thtjr;�Il qsj'^^tm^mm^^S th�m, ^labouring very hard to perfWad* him to ��� I.bodr veryUard at 4^r�;;(cofpe�iMefieW Peace, before there are any further Hbftilmes comi -�-�'- J.--mined. C�^r� and Monfi^ur 'dt Gttdtrfa&.one ctf the jfoid- would ^^V&^'^qasln^fl^^j Uiputies of rbe Sf*ps, about feme things that hap- info the hana** &&VV&hittt%tmfo tnd'i pened m the $jeg� ofifc*, in relation to the A.ftil- to the hands of the Popft,,thU.j||ijrJitA^6^^^ lery.sfwhichArortfwureaefW ft General.wis grown neral Peace.^or at feift {m^ftffiS^- fo that cSi.g!uh,tfiac*e hear that Gtweralhad deficed' Arms i*' '.TfidGB I&%s^fatff^pS^ leave trtlay:di3^n his C6.mmi(noii,"'but their. Ijttgh Wifthtiftefferhaye reconciled them, and Monfiettr; .�0�*^, ;aq$ prepare all things for the fcxecurion ofaproje&.Vnich he bfrd formed in' the ieginLigof the!laft Campaign, bat was- obliged tt> fiive it over, the Forces ^at were emffcyed oriftUS Ambalfador at ?*rit receives frequerrt Expieffes,-but lis more likely, that their difpatcn^s reJaw tO the real occajions of complaidttoif this 1(ept|$li^tgaiiin1r Che ;French than to that imaginaty;$t6i&,vihfc& propably wdald pleafs nan* '0f Jthe, PTasrMvvosii would certainly be- rejeftld with fedfi bflfiiSAft peror and "his Allied. . '

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