Tuesday, November 21, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Post Man (Newspaper) - November 21, 1802, London, Middlesex And the Hiilorical Account, &c. From ^attttHap November 2 t, to %UtiM}> November ^4, 17021 Pimna, November 11. YEfterday an Exprefs arrived here with fome difpatches f.-om the Ele&or of Bavaria, but che fame arc kept very private, and we are likely to know nothing of it before the 13th inftanr, the day appointed for the Minifter of that Prince to depart this City Upon pain of bsing cortfin'J, for if that tirrte is farther put off; we may reafonably conclude thar the difpicches brought yefterday, gave fome hopes of a fpje^y accommodation. Whatever it is, 'tis certain that all pofiibls meafures are tskun for reducing; tha t Prince, and Forces are marching on all fides to the Frontiers of his Ele&orats. 8000 Saxons are a&uajly marching from S%fo,andnvi!i be employed in ;ha: Expedition, with the confent of the King of PiUnd, before they march into Italy. An Exprefs fiujfl Prince Eugene has brought advice that the French Arany is broke up from -L.ttx.ar a, and that hi Wii tefolved Iikswifc to decamp the*rh inftant. Tne Emperor has given orders ro buy a great number of Hotfes far remounting his Cavalry in Italy, and we are affined from very good hands, that that Army will be coniiderably reinfetced next Spring. Tkrn in Prujf:,}, No�. 16. The King of Poland is dally cxpeSed here, laving reviewed the 8soo men^ he his p u in the fervice of the Emperor. The Seutut Cmflium, which was called co meet here the 2ld inftan: is put off to the beginning of the nex: month, by which time the Envoy" of the Emperor, the Czir of Mufctvf and forae other' Princes are expected here, to contribute their Friendly Offices for concluding a Treaty of Peace between the Kings ot&aedex and Ptlani, The French do their utmotto obftruS that Negotiation, and fooie Letters from the Sisur dit Herort. Envoy of the French King to Count Piper Minifter of State to the King of Sneden, being intercepted, wherein they have dif-eovered fome Intrigues relating to the continuation of the War, his Majefty fent orders to let a Guard upon that Envoy, and bring him hither, where he arrived yefterday. 'Tis faid that fome pneivil ex-prefifons to'vards his Majefty, which he uttered in relation to the Treaty with the Emperor, are Very highly relented, and certainly there mail be fbrns-thiag extraordinary in this affair, for other wife they would not have confined a publick Minifte.r. We have no certain account of the S��i�fince their decamping from Simdomir, and 'cis thought they are gone into their Winter quarters.. Thefe is a report that Count Steinboik and Count Piper twq Favourites df his Swedifh Majefty had a difpUte in the Council, which grew to fuch a heigth, that they fought a Duel, wherein the former was wounded, but this wants confirmation. They write from PM�er��j*,that t�*ey *�"� In great confirmation in that Country, upon advice that the &ax r. Frandfirt, Nov. JJ. The arrival of rue ttej/lan Troop? in rhe neighbourhood of CobUntz has removed rhe fears of the Si�ge of Hhinfeld, and the* Larrdgraveef H<jfe Cafifh to Girrilon that Fortrefs, as he did in rhe lair War.- Prince Lewis of Battels is difpofirfg his Troops into Winter quarters, at the French do on the other fiJ-. They write fiota that i Party of JpaHuiTars having made ant �jfc�rtfe� �waj�k fttHfisM^ xftii tfftb & FeK ragers belonging to that Garrifon, with a Guard of 400 men, whom they charged with fbat bravrry that they put them to flight killing iay.upon the fpbr and bringing 116 Prifonsrs with theei.amongft whom are 1 Lieutenant Collbnel, 4.Captains and 4 Lieuteriawisi We hear from Coligit that the Gariifen of Ftm is fp clofely blocked up lince.lhe taking of tinti., jgndef- nach and fome other places;� by the Prince of &|f Ctsjfel. that they dare notjlrir ptft of that place, wi'-that the Allies make fome preparations in order to Befiege that Fortrefs. .�,.''' Paris, November ay. Letter* rVcrri Madrid of the'1 8th intrant fay, that they have not ytt received a' par-5 ticular account of thelofs they ftiftairied at ftgi, the  Government giving out, that almoft all'the Cafgo of the Flotra was faved, a�d others. fnieadijjgVthar a very faall part of th"e TreaY^rt was lanlded, and that: the Country PeopTa haytf1^tipdered f*me |'info-much, that very little,of it ii' 'likely to turn to pub-lick account. Thofe Lettefci..fay, that there is d great cbhiternation in fyaiti, "zhd that 'tis geRsrally believed, that fome Councellars wilt be removs'l* Hpon the Kings return to Madrid, Tbejealbii&s 1*^1-tween the CoUitsof Spam and; Ftrtugdlirc0jm&t&" My augmented, and likely;tci* g�9w to an ppeo^lup^ tare, unlefs the ill condi'tiQii5 of oar afeirj, bfadtfges tne King to conceal hifdiiT^tisia&icn. They'continue to talk of the great Proje&s we are to execute next Campaign, but the affair of P7p has difarjpoint-ed our dedgns. Letters from St Mah, Reiisd and other Places concerned in jtfce^Flantarions in tHe Wefi Indies, and the FifliOTy i^:Hivfoundland lay, 'fhaV the chief Traders are entirely rnmed, byrea:rb)ii i&at their Ships have been Co. unlocky, that hardly- one: out of 30 has efcaped being liken or deftroyedby , the Enemies. They write from Cm{ieg�e, ttAt the richeft furnitnre of die Kings Palace is carried to Cam&ray, which feems to confirm'the report We have' had of late, that his Majetty will"go to that place next Spring, and relide there while the Armies are? in the field. They had on the t^ifio noufual floroi of Thunder and Lightning at tonyitgne, attended with a Fog fp very thick and Sinking, that the like was. never, {sen in the memory of Man* One bf the. Towers of the principal Church mas fet on fire ; but' it Was foon extinguiffied by the- vigilance of the lai habitants. Cardinal Ssluzar*, Biftop tfCtrdg* has departed this Life, -beirfg very- much regretted % tire^ Coiart of Madrid, beciufe on all occaiions be hiim'': peared very zealeus for the new Krflg, and had uijted a Regiment pf 1000 men it his own charge, .upon ^ noticevof the defcent �f rp^ttiuife^etates near Gaiii. ': Our ^etJters from fialj, coajStrh,jhe. decamping, of the mmies, and tell/ps', tfiaf the Hufdrr feU Cpoo^ the Troops of the Dnke of Sa-itj, and got a cwifide-rable Booty, Prince �ig<p< rparched towards AfiHtap Vo/<�,.and pofted a ftrohgDetachment at ^ /� to relieve hismen.butTiaving id-Vice, tfiactbeDuke of' VdhdSmi' h0 made feveral'De* fachments to iupport '.the Troops fent from Undid^ that "Prince thought- fit tP letire; Ndtwiftffandih^ i\*t Jmfa*tf**#;in!ip<id,' the CatopelgA is not yec *' ' ..... it

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