Tuesday, November 14, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Post Man (Newspaper) - November 14, 1802, London, Middlesex Numb. 104$, 11 D P D And the Hiflorical Account, &c. From ^.itUCiAP November ,14, to XttCft* a? November 17,170^ Madrid, November >. Ewer?.] Expre/Tes are arrived here from Prince Bctrbanfon, who commands rhe Kings Forces in G-licit, wicn rhe difsial tydin�s, that on the iid paft the Englifh and Dutch Fleets am ed before yigo ; and rhar hiving hnded a. good Br>dy cfTroo.w the cext day, they took Sword in hand the Forf and Birteries, which defended rhe Mouth of the Harbour of Redondelta, -wherein the French Squadron anddllions were retired, arid the Enemies having a: th* fime time broke through the Boom with t'eir Ships, the French and Spaniards Were forced to run their Snips aground, and fet them on fire, there being no poflibihty to defend them, whereby all the Trcafure and valuable Commodities thit were a board r4�eFloja<are taken or perifhed, *Xcept what wss lariTea before. Prince Barbanztn �3niplains very mucT of the Militia, who wouid not  fo much, as fluid a difchargs and runaway in con* fufion. Tii impoffible to exprefs the confternarion that appeared at Courr, and in this City, upon this a (vice. The Council met immediately, to give the JhicefTirv dire&ionito prevent an Infurreflion of the People, who laying this misfortune upon the ill conduct of Cardinil Pormarrero and other Councilors, who have deiver-d up the Monarchy to the French, -ibut up thei: Shops and threarned them with the higheft refentment ; but fu:n orders were given, that rherehas happened no further difturbances, to which the report or the greatift part of the Treafure being favsd, has contribured more than any thing elfe. The French impute this unluckyaccident torbe un-Teafanabie jji'o^fies of the Council of Commerce of Seville, and theie to the exorbitant demahds ot the Conrr, who would net be contented with j Millions of Pieces of Eight, which the Merchants offered to the King. As 'h� Enemiss ha<'e landed their Forces, and poff-lfed themielves ofCor^r and RedandeSa, the Couit is afraid, that they will keep their footing in this Country, and th�e;ore the Coanciihas difpatch'd federal Expreffes to Purls for Succours, and fome Troops are mnchir.g to .G�Haa, to � ppofe the further eaterprizes of the Ereg'i'ih and Durch. Our laft advices ftom.Usht* are very unacreptable to this CoUit, for we are informed, that (he King of pirtugal is sug-rotnring his froop*, and that he incline* to enter into the Grand Alliance againftus, in confideration of the Mir,iage of tiis Son, with one of the Emperors Daughters, and f.-me preat advantages offered hull on  the pirt of his Imperial Majei'ty. thorn in Prufli*. November o. On the sd inftant the King of Poland arrived here from Warftia incogititt, having returned thanks to our Magistrates for rh� preparation* they hid nlvle for his reception, which he won id not confent to, by reafon, that the Court U in mourning for the death 01 the Motker of the Qtf'en. His Vt jdry hiving given feveral orders for tae VVi iter Q.arreis ot"his Troops, and rhe fecuritf o ve hippsn^d between them a�id thi Ciry of Da>-titk The Mis�iftrarcs of that place are very ftifT, arid i ive preremprorily declared, that they will give no Winter Quarters to the Saxtni in their Terricori'.s, and will oppofe then By force of Arms. They havv approved and rewarded the Commander nf 4-30 m�'i h lonrjfing to (hem, who fome diys �go f�ii upon ^on S.3x7r,!. mid btar them out of fofne Vif-h'^es ne!>> n > m Df.:u:k, md are aftuVI)'. aug-rn��fingrhe:f' Troops and irorriffcjtiorts, 'Tis con^-firrnrd, :l-sr *nc K>:if� cf Pilm/i Ms rmde a new T^�ej> tV with rha E -iX'TTr, �nd th?t j6co men of hi* Troo.>� arc m-V-hi;o i'.le}t, jnJ f-n-n .therr.M intcV iic. 1 K- \hm--r..- ,r" r is I ,�periiV 51 if fty fs arrived �� rf'jrrjfto e..dw. cyf c-^p/'fca** p**p# b*T#ec*ar> rhe Swedes and his Poliflj Majefty, and aftw^ftr Cn^v ciiiim is to be held in this place on the 2*-dtinftant�� by which time 'tis thought they may have arvanfweff fioiri the King ofSfaedetfto. the Propofals of the Ref* pablick. The lift advices from the Swedifc C-MRPi fiy, that they were preparing to fake their Wuj|�f, Quarters about fwowt'iz and Grfmiron the Kfiutih^^ Fiirtce Leoifef Btfdm towards"rirerop that iPii}nceg,�K tered his rnaTchi Siirj inffead of BeTiegiM^r^^rr^S iti this hard, feafon oF tfi^year, --as���)�)ren^^ pefted, he vaA&t * long liSMrch along'tbef tR^i�l-b^cs wards the Fort of ifej^f where JwtllrHvedii'theit^ inftint. The deCign of that Prince is.?anauflifcTy ported, but,whatever 'it-wasy it Teems ebe Frerjaj have prevented thei'-fimej for his Highrtefs (eeing they were arrived w^ithin'il^ar^es of*�4i4�r^mid� no further morions, ar^riTeparatedr his- Atpato'^s French did oil their l?d'e. Tbe^TroopJ .vM^.-f^ to quarter from Lattiltrbitrgh to the �r�aj4j�&n;g)� Mtutte are to be coairffandeA by 'Ciaaciil^iiap^ Count Sijrufn CoHirfland^thbie that>^VW^ii^j|l the Valley of KingzJtiger and cheBlackForreli^^^vji cbe freHcb and B*vari0*t, and Pnrj&lieAfr $g$iigtiii. will command thofe about Th^fimg/t,xV^^^g^ refide this Winter athisosui Seat at Eleftor of B� h'* feeirig the impoffibiliry &<|f jpjjn-ing the Frenehthisyea*; is pDKin^hi�&p^�!!|* to Winter q-iaTreh,'having faifed greit iComribnjr^. ons from the Subjects of the Emperor.: Uhe Eorft^ of that Piineehadoritha 29th gaft in advantage pver the HuflirS" of Corint Pdf, butanotherBody,qfjlrfl-periafiftr'had the next day a rencounter^ with thei/a*. variant, whom they routed, killing or; taking ,Ptt-foners about Sffbo. The affair* of thftDyec pf Sftts-bmiu go on with all imaginable fac^ have refolved tD liave'iiobeo eflfeftiV*,r4ea ^itj j|� Field next Summer. There is advice? Uom,ln)ft^ji that the French Army in Italy is decamped, andj^hat the Germans having fain On the ReaVj itjieyhavf j�it ti& 1600 men, of which we expe&. t^^pa^tiejilius with the utmoft impatience. The FrehcJjLhaVertal5ea the Caftle of "traarbath, but thefear*ofii the a^ack.^pf Rhittfeld are vanifhed (ince the approach of the Cojn-federate Troops near GtbleMt, under., tjhe. coorma�(l of the Hereditary Prince of HtfleCaffel. �<, v , ,'^''{^t Parti, Nov. 17. Several CourrierS; from .B^wpr* and Spam, have brought the news and confirm�Ipr� of the burning and deftroying of Count Hhttiau-renaud\ Squadron, and the Spmifli,E)o?a..� /%*^on the 13d p* ft, by the Eugliftt and Dutch. Fleets?;who having landed fome Forces Comniiarided .by r^he Dnke of Ormond, attacked the Forts anii Batteries while the Ships forced the Room at the mouth of the? Harbour, which was performed with that jppd faccefs by Sea and Land, that we. were forced to fet on fire our own Ships aridi the Gallions. That advantage of the Allies admits of Dodifpi^te, for of all that Shipping not one of 'em has efcaped being burnt or taken, and therefore it was ia Viirt for our Gazetteer to difgurle chic aflion. He relates the faQ, but tells us that all the Phte was Ijftid-ed and carried to�� iif>j,and frequent ExprelTes are difpatched thither-Our Gazette,fay. Sr^t Count CkateanriHaud wa^rfi. tirel soCmififtellM.vittti afl the Crew of his late Ships, and thu having besn frimiihed with Arms and Am� r*aSWJb#By thtmhiiei o.f P'rtc*,' fe* wft f/r"epjring tV

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