Friday, November 10, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Post Man (Newspaper) - November 10, 1802, London, Middlesex ic^S DDDD lot #an>' And the Hiftoriatl Account, &c. From XlielDap November \ o, to JEftgrfOap November 12, 1 ?o>fe �<W<w, November 12. -Ing received the following Lift of the pauiQi Flota from Per* Cruz, which was into Vigo by Counc Ch�Ua*r'enaud, and blunt and deftroyed therein the iath paft, hhbiigjjt it might be acceptable to the Reader to idert it here. Names of the Ships. Commanders. Eios Maria y Jofeph Don Manuel de VeJaicp Admiral iintiffima T Don Jofepho Chacon Vice Ad. mis * ta� Anlnm San Juan Batifta (EngUjB built) Sanro Chrifto de Maracayo Santo Chrifto de Baenviaje Santa Cruz Nueftra Senora de] Rofario Nueftra Senora de las Anguftias Santo Domingo Nueftra Senora de las Mercedes Nueftra Senora de Jos Dolorex �1 Too. Philippo quinto. San Diego. .Don Fernando Chacon R. Ad. Don Vincente Alvarez Don Francifco Blanco Don Alonzo y Farragpirra Don Cozme Antonio Monteigudo Don Miguel Cane Don Ignacio Afcanobuette Don Francifco Barragon Don Antonio Gemez de Uriza Don Martin Noguerra Don -Martin Don Juan Dango Li Sacra Familid, Jefus Maria y Jofeph IDon Tribureio Bernardo Vera y ksAhimas And a other Ships. Guns. 44 44 5� 40 & 54 3� �4 3� 3� 36 S It la JBrafs BraTf Iron Out of there Ships the Admiral and Vice Admiral were burnt, with i others, one of jo, and the cthet of 16 Gun?, all the reft were Stranded afljore or I nken. that Catfed the Tort was brought home with oar Fleer. , Befides the Ships above mentioned, there were % The Ship's that; went in to break the Boots and Burnt the French Fleet we &>liamsj:. the Mary r GmW 2>%, JSeafr, Minpint&, Catnbnd&ty Nmb^a-!/MdlOtftrdkp&J>aifatki sthtS* AfaciaiiM and the J&rjlatrMzK ordered itd batter the-. I - mher7called :beW Cruz, I* ChetU and the Cw.j. forts ca ^^^t y^^^ovMmM^ Um'which were Men at Hovon; and fepa.ated W� that went,� from Count Chrteaursuatid not far from NtTefoundldnd, aod by whom �e had chefirft notice of (he PJare Pleat b�ing failed from the Hniittn*. Thefe Ships put into a Port called St Ander and �n Jvifo, as they call it, which was lenctogive notice of their coding, gotjiftd Son Lucer the fame day onr Fleet arrived in the Bav of Cadiz.. The Harbour wherein Count Cbttiawrtqsitd retired above i�fo very fafe by reafonof the Mountains rhrrfurround it, and the narrow mouth where rliey had inide^a Boom, defended by. a Fort and 2 ! Platforms that he was confident he could not be at-J tacked therein with fijecefs only on rheJSea fide ; and thehnding of anyTroops appeared fo difficult, I hat Prince B�ibanjon who commanded in Vig*, having pat 6000 men in the Inttenchments and Fortsfor defending the fame, and drawn out another Body of7 or Sooamorero oppofe a defcent, fent word to Coant Ch;'.'.:nwir.aicd, that he had nothing to fear from the Land Forces of the Allies, and that he ^"ou'd Unrf -him the heads of erery one of 'em that ft to! J -oiT;r to Land ;l>ut notwHiftanding his prs-miS.-, and 'he advantageous place wherein he was poft^J n-'th his Army, he retired as foon as he faw rlie D'.il>-e of Qrmund rri.nching aRainfr him, tho hit ?it3c^ had not then above fa very' great and glotrfus in all its cir-eu-riftitnce^, that a full and prrricuiar account thereof ��j.T>^Tie(ir5y ex;se�ted> thit it may be tranSm^ ltd co Paretics. Vmdergits, 5ir Gmrge R�s� boifi44:his Flag.onihbaid the Somerftt, ,and; Vice-.Admuat who TetU|hjp . Line of Battel, and brekethro the Boom* wai w-. board the "tirhaj.l ;;>:i Plymouth, November I. ,^^&�e^emng>?ame3htofii our Port her Majefties Ship tire Medvaj JirorB Wot- , ftundland, who parted, from the Squidrpn^mmahdp ed by Commodore Ldibabputa month fincei ar^". reports, that they have takenSboift 34 French Plizes, and parted laft night from?rJ^.�^ari,ao�tJb<er Mao* ofWarofthefardSqaadron^the^CiilioeK ., from on hard her Mfyf&%$SI$ tJfei'IittchfelS*,' ' riding at St Ilellens, Novembor 10. Laftnighjfwe arrived here with the Exeter Man of War from foundlatid, being part of Commodore L*fce's Squadron, being feparared from them io thek paffage in hafie -weather. Before "we left that plate, whieh was on the firft of oSober, we ruined aad deftroyed i of the beft Settlements the French had there* and had taken ga of their Ships, eight of which we mann'd and fent home, fome time before we left that place, but the other -34 are v^H:the Commodore. Deal, November to. Her Majef?hs Ship the S�sn is failed out of the Downs z. cruifmg, as are the great Ships which came from #g�, andtbe Gallion with the Tenders and Transports for the River, fome of rhe Queens Ships and outward bound Mer* chant Ships remain ftill in the Do&nt, and yefterdajr came in her Majefties ShiprtheCmwr, IftwoiJlIe.Do!" fkiit and Sorl'mgt.

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