Friday, November 3, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Post Man (Newspaper) - November 3, 1802, London, Middlesex And the Hiitoriod Account,'''"&'c. From XtlCftmp November \y to 3�tl?{0&p November:^y�??ml --------.-----_ ' �  '  � i � r*. n. �� . �. Tffe deftroying of Count ChauteaurenaucTs Squadron and the Spanifli Place Fleet in rhe Hitbour of Pig*, is fo very Glorious to;her Ma-jsfry's Aran, raicnotwithftanding there srre fever al Relations abrpai, 'tis thought the' following account may bi acceptable to the Reader, as Containing forne particulars omitted in others. Frm tbi Army under the Command of the. Duie of Or-mond'i? Redondella near Vigo, O&bber 16. Nthe 6th inftant about the Latitude of 40, in our paffage home, Captain Hardy Commander of the-Fewiwi, brought the Admiral advice, from L*gos, that Monfieur Chateaurenaud's Sq tadroa with the Spanilh Flota richly laden* were arrived in P'igo the' 16 th pait, and that in all probability they were ftill there,whereupon Sir (S&rgt.RQtk iencnotice ofit to the Dutch Admiral,an^ the next day a Council of War was held, wherein, it was ananimoufiy refolded to fleer our courts thither. On the loth we had-certain intelligence *hatCount Cb*tea$renaud was there, with *6 failjof;French and 3 Spanifli Men of' War; and ^Gallions. On Sunday the nth we reached the Iflartds of Bajmne, and about noon earns to~ari Anchor iri/bne'bf the fineft Harbours in the WorliL' where' fbioientJ time, a Council of War or/Sea and .Lyid Gfene,raJ[ Officers was held on board th* �,<u#si/gw,land it wajrefplved, that in regard-out whole iFleec could not attempt the Enemtesxonfidenng rbey were relire&abbve the Entrance in&-'KoWft*^�-with6ut.; greatdhal'atd, a detachment oF if EngUfii and 10 Dutch - Ships of �be Line of Ba'ttef,4b%rfld he fenc is-%ich -mil the Fire-{h%, if* ^thSir befl: 'erjJfeSyouff 'ttr^eftrojr* the Enemies tqeec''he^ move after them to go in, if occafieb fcou^ require. It was tefolved alfp. that? the Army AiQjjflpV land the next: ^morning and mirdbno the South fide^ of the HarbdarVfront thence where they' (hou'Id be m6ft#e(Mfcbi^fiSoy^heEnemv. But before"we pn-ceed'any i atditer' it will' not be amifs to acquaint you wath.tjjc. ^fituation ,of {he Enemies fleer,.and. the- .pr^arMipn^^ey 'Jjad made fbrl'tlfeir fecuri? yC^t'C%w^^Wirfi1)is Men of War and Gsllions had retired to the inner parts of the Harbour abbot '4* miles .iti&fi. Ijfot,. where tfl� 'fountains fii^eV'^s^^''^^*<^lii^on the me Bt�fgf was defended by a,ltfo^gJfprtiaInd feyeratjhweachmehw; beficjes* a Battery bJ'jjj; Guns, aof of'them .Brafs ; and; b'a the other! fide,' by a Btttery. rjf i& Guns, theVebemg'betweeii thofe Batteries a ftrong Boom crofs the River, ahd,there the French Ships were drawn in a Line with1 their Broad fides to defend it. O* MsadaJthe 12th, all things being prepared to afticfc the Enemy by Sia and LandVonr'Ktt'e Army, being not above Jooo ftrong, landed at the place appointed, the Lord Vifcoun t $hanin w ith \ the Gre-nadeetsfirft, then the Guards, his Grace the Duke of Ormmd in perfon at their Head, followed them,; and * afterwards 7 Companies of General C^fitSilt, Sf/-JWfirr" and Cttttmbinft, and 4 other Rcgimenrs. From thence^ his Grace marched at the/Head of his Army, on FooC, rho lanie for a month before, over Mountains and difficult Defiles near 4 miJes.aod wirh an unpaiallelledConducl and Bra very attacked ths In-^cnchmerntsrf the Enemy, which were defanded by 6000 $pmierdt% and beat rhem from rhe fame, and afrerwwd* took the Fort S void in Hind, which wjs defended by 3*0 French Marines and no Spaniards la the mean time Admiral Hobfin Jed the Line of Battel, with all the Bravery and Coaduftimiginable.not-wn&ilaa3ing chegceatFne of breaking thro the BoomjforcedRfonrC^^ , blow up his Ship, even "wirhbt;t hon'ourrh^firiril with? a Broad fide. The Piitrch Vice AdmiraFJ^fe^^ and  fomeorhers ftuck, and were forced to;cut tb^'e^r way-through the Boom, whKH j{ato ia op'bbttfinipy to a French Firefhip to a^rirtsi^tieoburn thei TgrbJf, bri ' board,which was AA&ftiffPSMJlti, vai<-T<Btj&imBk*?'-on one fide; but by'ttie^llig'ewi? of iHe^BcitH and "! Seamen the fame Wai iqa^flcHedi but this occafioiied " the lofs of a Lieuteiarttarid fbme Sea^ntmV "Thd?' Ships" being thus Idbift^^jBin ;''tfaa '�B&forZ&ai"-' fo terrible a fire, '^iPthe1 Eaemy^ ojftwd -their Battery onfhe 'M^jtmodi iabrjatThrtr: - ^tirhe bgai beaten ^^WlA^vmt^'^m^f.^ar-- ' men po1$f{&&:theWtHif?hi!i&eWtTtyVfatyin-'' ing^ a Gate to make a Salle^-up^n aS: '"EUe? f Ahch ' x.bej|i|ii.;tJieti fo blb\^^/^iilu^h)ef!iS�%� cannot teil^but,'tfcjiy;'�(,alk bf i46oSeamen dwii Wried.beiTaes - fp^i^i^''Jmi^^b^ yap Pfar^er^iMcrngfi .'an.anna^�lkl|e!i!l. C^^leVJkj^'#Mv%i'^'!^r^ the preiwritibns enly!,rje firerij^roftheptaee they wri in, and' l^i'^ntcUdeif thaf'afteiiaed the; JEne^ljS, fl&r^Ufjfafjpi 8o0bjn:infe^bhe to 'encounter",'aad they �^r:e;not"aboyfe^6^^ andyer, tbjetF^emy^U|^nptN|oot themitt^jfifacej an# ir;nXwiy;p'ewrfi^^ttV except in the fivts. , w^ere ^hsy "r^dettjfi'e^rfMlance. TheJoWelyBSt- : teiy.oiittrie fi^t^j^^h'^rft Ppff our^Grena-dejsrs,an,cT 3 Cpmtfini#b^enfer;al Cbtrik&i under the Command of MiioSNgftt; poiTeffed ihetofelves of, and.they.planted their Colours on theBatterie^,"thac ; the Fleet might"le^h"�tthey'baid done; Thfe Dnkei nignncindexppfed hisPerfon in the moil dsnge'rotts places^nd gave figoalprcofsof his great covyage and, abilityf It wQurd,be>:p^rumption in a Land OiB-cer,tp talji'of.Sea,affairs, is ofhis own, but yet wet may venture to fay, and ffimt Prifoners of note and,> capacity own ,it,,rhat fle^eir an enterpirize Was bet^ te^. concerted nor better executed, both by Sea and Land than this, and. that the Sea and Land Forces' havje rgoc fo .much honour^ that both have reafbh Td betlatisfjj;d wjib it. v Wei'had not above 30-Soldreri killed, and. not one Officer, except Lieutenant.^ ; Rdiyfdett of the Grenadeers of the Guards. ''Col-'" ; lonel Phrti, who was one of the firft that enitred the Battery, Collonel Stymodr, Collonel tJevtim,- Mr . Talmud and a Llifttenant of my Lord. Shatmen's-SLxi wounded'; but we don't know what number of Sei� men we hsve'Iofr.but 'tisfaid.that it is not above 60. VUnt*, OQober �8. The^mpcror having deceived an aeconnt of the ViSory obtained by Prince Ltvrit of Badm orer rhe French near Hiininghen, he caufed Te Deum to befung this day for the fame, and the whole Court aflmed in that Ceremony. His Imperial Mijjeily continues to give rhe necefiary* di-reaion1!!; for, reinforcing his Troops in haly and the Rhixe, and reducing the EleQor nf Bavaria.. Several Regimeatj aiemarchingfroiii Bstiidrj fyf tmrConn- " *U

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