Friday, October 27, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Friday, October 27, 1702

Post Man (Newspaper) - October 27, 1802, London, Middlesex fmd this Account, <f*r.. _ er 27, to .1 J�U. �' 1 f r. ^ Qsmp.iefere Liege, November t. J He Garrifbn cF the Ckartrtvft marc] out on the 31ft paft according to;.the Capitulation, contifting ofabodt 1506 men, 300 having Deferred before the  1 it furrendring of the place. A Battalion of the iroops of iJege came our firft, and refilled to follow the French, aaiih; Commander having complimented the Earlef Marltbtrough, and defired, leave, fir the Qaicer a and Soldiers to disband therafejves, and return home, his Excellency granted the fame; whereupon they marched into the City Colours Ffy-inj; and Drums beaxiag.and there wer� disbanded.Moft or the S.ildiers hare lilted them&lve* in the Confederate Troops, and 'tis thought the French will not be 500 men, when they come to Mtvirp, whither rhey are conduced by the Engn'fh Regiment ofBri-gadeer Wiad. Tin Winter Quarters of oar Troops being feccled, li Bacallions and 15 Squadrons are to remain in this City, under the Command, as 'tis iaid, of Count Tilly, and the Earl of Maryborough will l' l the Oificers of the D.irch Troops, toabfentthemielves from their Command, upon' pain of the.hjgheft difpleafureof the S-ates. Th� French Army is likewife going into Winrer Qiartet;, which they never wanted fo .'iiuCh as-at this.rime, ths Soldiers being.very fiekly. From the Impend Camp near Luz�a�October I?, 0,t the 9th a Gaprain of the Hitfiars of Zforgemi brought in 5 Horfes, 4 Vlules and 77 Prifoners ; arid the fame day an Enfign brought in n Priioner* mare, arid going out agaia the next day, beat a French Party, kilting 4,or 5 men, and taking 53 othet Prifpners. Auoh^r Party brought in the fame day n Prisoners. The nth Prince Eugene received advice, that the French w;re augmenrint; the Fortifications Qftftw-jlah, making a Coumreifcirp and fom� other Works, which fh=weth, that they dn not delign to quit that p!a:-j js it was reported. They m�ke great Magazines in rlie tbdincze, for the fubiifhnce of their Tro&ps in their Winter Quarters. The I2'fi, th; Gaud of out b'onagers wis attacked bv a French Pa.-ftf, but ohr men retired wirhnut n�iy !ofs, and the French had fome Officers killed. Ycfterdiy orders were gi.en for the Army ro Fo r:ge this day, but upon adv|c?, that the French feat the 13-h 30 Companies of Grcnadcers vvirh feveralSq ladrons and 6 pieces of Cinnnn over the Pa,Count Starembe^h was d:*ac'ied with 1600 Foot,Genial t'aubamtt with 1100 li >ife, and "he Garrifo;-! of Bargofirte was ordtrcd to b* Teaiiy tomifch, but rh'ofe Deraclnnents came back t'n"= day, without meeting the Bnemys- who are fup-pnfjd ro have returned to their Camp, upon.notice Kn:a, Oftober 20'. Count'Gsr/y, AmbaiTa.-lor ex-lovdipiry of the Etnperof ,ius notified to thaRepub-I'.ck, rtuct.he wh6Iu Body of the Empire hasrefalvecj to declare W,ir againft France, the Dj.rke of /infiu, and ?l'k!r Adher�nrs, and to proceed with the urmoft \ ij't vi a^ainft any Prince^ or VafTais of the Empire/ f:u (hy'A direiVy or i 1-.d� rSkhJ alTiff, or prO'CUreafljft-anre to the K:ng cf FrfHee anA h'is*Gifr/ifoh- Wd h.ivr ?->oth'tng maTetial'hi* I'oftfrr.m the Ar;nips htii ^j^ccb*' that ,tfie Difeal'es inCTe,afe dailfc and TfWre Is adVice ( irj our Gulph wirb ...� QMe&fMi attempt to b'rifn the greit ^iM&W^^SnpitSmi with treat oppcfitib'n.Prince'fB^i1^ {living ffaH*ii,iio{( number nt Troops for trie fecuHry oftl-elam*^ German* have carried awaj a great number of ffjjirtei from the Neighbourhood of Mantua. Our Ambafla-dois to the King of Spain Hiade their Entry in 'Milan the 17th with great m-gnifLcence, and were to have the riext day theft' publjck Avidience. ; > Frarickfirt, Oftober ap. Om hfb advices Ffom? Friiurgbfhy, that Prince Uitii*bi Baden continued^ encamped at St tuff en wirhln 3 Leagues of that pface1} where he Imperial Hoife, confifting e*f 74 Sqaadroas* and 3 Regiments of Huffars,' was to jcyn hint the-ajd, and General Hhmgen on the ac�h with the I oot? and Artillery, and'thit PrtnceLevis had refolved-to march the next day to attack the Marquis of t^Hurt} who was encafpped the a> ft^t Emtltingen on 'he Rhine} 2 Leagues �elow Humngkcn.' We have not ye* -th9 following account'bf the Barrel fougbt on the i4tfii/ frhich is very different from what s^e had btf(�fel ' Prince Levis of Baden naving quitted bis A*my fo) ' Confer with General ^opft^ive or'derlto his Tfoep* ' to decamp from, the Ne i g hbourhcdrj of trUdiinge*} 'to )�yn Fome other Troops in:otdtr ro bi*t tn� .*� French from ^cmenSurgh, where *hey n�d Hii-Qi ' Bridge, for the ute of fome. Troops, with wfiiorV * they intended to cat ofThis-Comiaunications wkh, ' the reiV of ''H* irnperifl'-Ffefw 'tfnder General KeTifench, wBb/- it fam$ had fom� to fall upo'n'tMe Enemy, while^he^Fbot'marghlfd^o ' pollefs tKe.mfe.lyes7oFforn�rHins/-'^^re^he^8fBlin^ ' the Enemy already encampe^. ;":jT&bfe' Gervu^i Horfe .' attacked the Enemy with5aiRreat'dearr^ Bd**^ 'Swerd in haHd.bat were-fl> warmly received^jhabbi^ft 'Lines were put ia conhiiioriy ahd Tefired'f^�Ka*ds 'Fri burgh, while the Infantry fef-1 nponthe Frepcfv, ' � ho'had the advantage of the Groun d, befides'lfttne 'Cannon- The fight" was'do"ubtfui for iome time, ' but PrinGe Lewis of Uaden being arrived in the-Camp* * they were (o^encquragfd by his piefence, diacarbe ' French were! obirged to give Ground, andmsere ' purfued about 3 quarters of a'Li-agu? Prince ' Levis continued 6 hours on the Fieid of Battel,i-ex-' pefling that the Horfe would rally and joyn hira� ' but feeing they d:d net return, continued his ma>chi 'towards Nemburgb, without a'ny ; oppojifjion from ' rhe French Horle, who wire fpefiators of the Fighci ' We rock federal Colours, and 7 pieces of Cannon, ' but l^a'ving not H< ifes enough, we f ecu Id parry ' away but 3, and the reft we hid unier Grcuno. Our ' men having given no quarter, we havi bu: few * Prifoners. The Foot' was 18 Ba;a!!ir.r-s ' ftrong, and v.e buc. 16; �e hid bur 4 Regirntnrs 'of Horfe, s of the Emperor and 2 of rhe Circle.'.' ' We had about 201 0 men killed or taken Prifoner.',' ' and the French aboiu 4OQ0, which wc have dif-' * covered by an inrercepted Letter nf the Marquis of * Villars. The differentaccounts of that ASiontnake us long for an authtntick^one from Prince, Levis' hinife^f, in the mean time 'tis certain that the French h.ive-razed rhe Fort of Friedli�gat,ind make pre-pa.rati-', ons to reprtV rhe Rhine. .Princs of Saxi Memvghi^. is rerutned ro Cr*.? Command 6r' Mortifteur liwtaria. Th's E'eflor ef S.n>arif his .^iiTed, the D&nubi to.^ attack IfirdlirgeK' The War ag.tjnjr Fr& and the Duke of %tjeu an'd their AdherectJy vis pf'rcJa'tmed, fome days a;a^ it tUt\'(bcur-i.ji$&\io the Avocarory.Lerters and Nia'u-'

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