Friday, October 20, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Friday, October 20, 1702

Post Man (Newspaper) - October 20, 1802, London, Middlesex Numb, 1040 C C C C And the Hiilorical Account, &c. From XuefDap Odober 20, to %9tu�iiap Odober, 22 1702. Drejdcn, O&ober iy. OUr Letters from Warfaso fay, that, rooft of the S<m�ib Horfe continue tbeir march, for (be Polifh Phijfia, but the reft and mcft of the Foot are to remain for fome tims in the Neighbourhood of U'a-Jaur, to be ready to march into Sikjia, in cafe the Peace with Smden is concluded, the Emperor having given Winter Quarters in that Province tQthe Syoomen his Poliih Ma/efty is to put into hisfer-vics. We expect with the utmoft impatience an ac-e.Tunt of the arrival of the Amba/TadoKS of the Re-jmblick of Poland in the Swedifh Camp, far we hear they the eur from War/aw on the ;8th paft; and they write from Bnfltu, that'tis gensrally believed, that they will fuccecd in their Negotiation, the King of Sweden {hewing a greater inclination to Peace than heretofore. That Prince was frill, according to otw laft advices, in the neighbourhood of Crcem, but was preparing to march towards Pruffia, and in rhe mean tims was raifing Contributions. The King of Peiund having received a Letter from the Elector of Br-jari�, wherein he juftifies his conduct in taking xip Arm* for preferving rhe Peace of the Empire, �which, as he fays, the Empero.' defigns to involve in a Foreign War, the Empire being no ways concerned in ch� SpaniSi Socceffion, his Majafty has returned an anfwer to the fame, wherein, as we are told, he exprefles the gmt farprize he was in when he heard of his having feized the free Imperial City of ifat, and made the Declaration mentioned in his Lerret \ concluding with a lively exhortation to defift from that etite th-eateas tbeir Liberties with a total fubver-lion. They write from Berlin, {hat the King of Pruf-fa hi* declared the Tame thing, and; 'tis hoped, that his E'cftoral Higbneis of Bavaria will have more prudence th Houfe-o|-; Lords, and beingfeatedontheT^nqne, fent for the Commons,who preieiued&af.ri^^j|^^iheir Speaker,-to her Majefly, who was pleafed to approve of theit ! choice, and afterwards made a mpft^GraciQUs Speech . -to froth H6ufei. , ' j.^'' Oh Tuefday Bank Stock was no andga^'qr. India 1 104, Million Ba�k do, New Company United Stock 144, and Old Additional Stock in.Xrade, $x. Chriftened this week 313, buried 393, increaled " in the latter a*. We hear the CommifSoners appointed.for treating;' of an Union between England;arid''Sf^ptnd, wil? fhortly begin their conferences at Samirfei.lHo*f�. iJ There are 3 Mails wanting, which give* an opportunity to difafieSed people to;raife imperti-nenrreportsasto the affairs abroad, which do not deterve to betaken notice of. i Oft Ttitfdaf, DrWillis Dean of Lincoln, made a very eloquent Sermen in Latin, before the Convocation <jf 1 the Clergy in St Pa�/r-Cathedral.  *Tis faid the PtmtU* Ambaffador is fhortly to make hh Publics: Entry; and that the Envoy of the King of Pdand will take his Audience of Leave in i few days, being recalled by his Mailer. Yefterday one Mri Bradford; a Printer in Littk-Bri' tain, was committed to Nevgate by Sir Edv. Clark, for Printing a Blafphemous and very Scandalous Pamphlet, sailed, The Dutch Cateehifm, a half fheet- Where-

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