Tuesday, October 10, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Tuesday, October 10, 1702

Post Man (Newspaper) - October 10, 1802, London, Middlesex 1-027, etc c And th� Uiilorical Aec&iint, <erc. From &attttOj|g Q&ober 10, to Frtm the Cvifed&ate Army nadir the Earl of 'Manlc-botough befort Liege, Odoberl�. Told you in my former of theism, thot'or-1 ders were given to decamp from �a*rd*datl 'rheitexc rooming an ffoUr before bresle of 'Jay, ami ^accordingly we niirchM ffam ' thence, and ihavingpaffed 6he Kfrver 3&wy cam-- the 131b before Litgt, encJfrrtping on the Hills about that -place *m this .fide of the Ueefe. Out msrcb wastry orderly, tfao weWaT<;he"cl fbit'Say above 1 Leslies. Upon our <ar*i�*l -to this Camp, w! fotjnd that the Rnemp hid' ftt dn fir* � of ehe Saburbs of litft, which burnt 'tfl the ftight aid -.edtfceJ to afhei a great many fine Hpufes. Trie if .i, my Lord Guttt was ordered to take poffeffion of l'i; ^i'V of IAgr, with 3 Ettglifii Batalliens and as ma-y D*rch, the French having quitted the fa^e, -.  i piif all their Me A in the �ictadei and o-ther F-su. Yeftetday 3 other BataUions were'finc into the Sub� r >... 4..ve ki^wiyfitittfTm]1 mvwl'iici> tCrid tbrifrSe *fc 'Mil CcKv�ki?hfy>f we in. . _______ * oifr WraiteVmia-i|*r%. vanced to trW�k V. Tr'oolps, arid ttfreSs Jbm^^ffle/ BS&bMeiits^ to march to attack,tKe7 Freflc^^MaVing^fibe near ^g^w, �V� tiffin* % mtW^^-maintain tnemfrfves in Mi PSjR Wltfe&cW of the B^rijr,:. As ti^m&hffiWi have to >weil fecurerj the PafKSt5S|rtfi?t cotij ii rendrtd as unpoflifile, W� -^'ohW WiMt that rhfe French hive tefrrA t&gWtuf' 1 riocerrtiri advice1 of the mSfc^.io^THe'El^. van* fiHce brjfftrrri^r ; bia^tts^hftrmeif 'fffon Sua bin, that the Ttbotjf bfthi diffclei are;' advM�rlprf their Frontiers ; ahd that irpjin 9ieir- apdr6acnw|rV vtrim:, who wereailvantedWw^id's aUrai^ t^'Xn-tired. The report w.e tiiiHiit 'ftirrdMgeH'haTftb-mitted to them, isnow-conttadifl-ed ; ihdforr?eja-vicestenus, that tb^'Mrniftets'bf fels tiMtfifmltk-neTi having reprefehwd tifi^ ifl cbnftqrSniCei dtlki credit to it, knowing by ftiaily exjperiei^ jBat fori,Intereir;arid iny tmr^ewjjye^lacai ^ ^ which proves an incurabw Dlteafe' 1'n' fomtl , This may be the cafeSf thfBlefetf mm,} tesrs in iie4�ianrEagfc,rVtiri^fs ilotid, 'Mgjmiipi f*ti*; I am hot1 to he filuttcd with Bl#od. A Biazir^ Sfat with thefe wbrds-Jrifrw^ ./rWrf, 'iriaTOBiF anra does WflWBc.1 ToeT>ri^ aBbi.tliaf ^ri ariother Starid^rrMere tsreVrifeiM'a iptt'bif^"' ter with this Injbription, Ctronori M Ktfyi. Yt',rmSR. either be Crdwiied or breafe.! Geoajtal:"0�>�. i�gone thro Wpfic* vWr* tb^bhfer witB*%e King of AfliJtej�i/�i and w� ffekr^" Wifcef* the ImprtWfB^efcPair-ofthe ItTOftriij f jr*-* tinue incarnped .at Bffaeltfr, ytrfetk t"n�^" themfelve's/ Monfieur .^r^jf-^s",Wcm.oj,. Redoubts, ind Is marcWl. Wg^apjthe afeffr^ Jews of this City have fent 3 Deputies to fl &!*Nli folTdwei

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