Tuesday, September 19, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Tuesday, September 19, 1702

Post Man (Newspaper) - September 19, 1802, London, Middlesex Numb* 1018 B B.^B** And the Hiflorical Account, From ^ilttt&a? Sspcemb^r i?, to SCuifDa?September 22, 17b? Bmjfds, September 21. LL tur advices from tell us, that the Spanifh Plate Fleet is hourly expefted in their Harbours, which caufes a S�reir joy at this Court, and a great un satin eft to the Merchants of Antwerp and Bruges and orber Trading Cities of theft Provinces, who have great concern 1 in that Fleer. The latter are affraidthat the French King will take all the Money ithey bting, under the fpecious pretence of Loan,for fupplying his prefenc occalions, and to bs imployed in the defence of the Title of the-hew King of Spain. ifhis is the fubjed matter of all publick difcourfe in this place, and indeed this is � matter of fuch concern, that if the F reach feize that Treafare, moft ,of our Merchants muft break, and the Spaniardi jn general are nndnne, oar Letter* from MadridaSutiog that all their hopes center in (he return of the Galli-ons, there being no Money fritting auiortgft them. Jy order of the Preach Court, ft Dtm. was fuagjjn .the 18th inftant .in this City, forth* Viftofyobtained by the King of Spain at �sos>rvthe ifrh pa4% tho by all the accounts we have received from Milan, Cremma and other places, we hare certain advice/, that wt hive 116 reafon to boalfcofthefilccefs of thajt Action, in Which we have fuffained a greater low than the Enemy. The French King has written to the Marquis of 6edmort that his CatAoKck Mayfly is returning to Madrid, his prefenoe being more ne-ceflary in Sfim than in ftafy, upon account of to* Defcent of the Confederates in the Bay of Cadiz., but tells him withal, that the Duke of Vandtmt is order'd to keep the Field till the Germane hare quitted �be Mantum, infomuch (hat they muft repafs the Alps or take Winter quarters in the Territories of the Pope or the Republick of Vtnitt. Letters from the French Army under the Marelchal of Bu&tn fay, that on ,the i8(h that Qertetal detached loooo men ft em the 'Camp neat St tritt, for Germany, under the command of CountTallard, who paged the ti*e[* at Buy op the :15th, and continued hit mar^jl for Alfate, to oppofe "thVcrefigns of the Grrwwttrin conjunction with Maref-. chat Cttpnut and the Marquis of ftllms. The French have reinforced the Garrifon of. Liegt with 3 Batal-lions of Smturs, 4 Regiments of iJorfe and 1 of Dragoons. The Inhabitants of that place grew 'mutinous, and the French Generals having oblerved chat the reading the Holland Gazettes is very prejur dicial to their, jujttereih, they have forbidden the faid .Inhabitants to fend for or Read the faid Gazettes up> papain of 300 Liyies for each offence. The French ^ begun on ihe^tbj y are informed, th�t Count TnUaxd has continued his march for Alfate, we are told, that they will advance towards ttngeren, -to prevenr rhe.Pomfying of that place, which the Enemy have aftujHy begun. tkiy are miking prefiritionjat Maejirhh't, for the Siege of - St Steevenfveaert, which is a Forrrefs litnaied in an Ifl�nd on the M*ejt, -between Mafyi and Rurenionte, which p'ace is likewife to be attacked immediately after the raking of Voih,, that we may have thereby ehefree Navigation of the Meejey from Micfiricki to its mouth. We ex peer with great impatience an account of the progcels of the Confederate Forcts at Cadix.\ and in the mean time.we aie affurd, that,a Reinforcement of Men and Shipping ii to be lent thither. Our Letters from Italy do not give a greater infight in the affair of Luzara than the-former; hue all advices from Neuter places;, as..Femf�i Ferfjta, Btlonia. and ethers: agree in this, that the (Jfruwrjrf hid the Honour of the day, and call itaGwiwf* GbrHf* to the Emperors Ainu. The. French- have endeavoured to diignile the truth as musfc a* poJBble, and have made Bonfires uLsihtrn, G^�andotLetjtlaCW* . but as ffcey have done^ if but TevetM^iys �Mrtfie Imperialifts, Eoglimand Dawn IrM donellaillikk, they have been iufficietitiy ta Where, and there ares wc^ 1^ ��l\|^doM l>it�d at Rem againfi them. According to our la�Lettej!� Aommrjav, the King oCfV4aWj*ar^p\ddier^7�nd WrftmiW^t^e-NoWliry ^ti^^glibemtinff; ftk /*f/^�.tr>,ni�etbjim on r^erfiehecli} Ratine Caidi-sal frimafefetnifto be againt^ic, .asdiik allrattbtr f� ^inakmfi^wd. cf this S�^*'wo -bf theMed%SoBoithe Rep^blkk,!^ hikSwedjifc Majefty ftems mote inclined to eccept than he did ;T|e3M*|r>e^m.SS^l^ ^eT1^" r�d Ea*�f .n�^beinj�.admitted t^the.Audieflce, oft^at Prince, m flnrS wemgitneoiry .diicoftufed intke SwediuCtmp, that efudden Pe:6< would be'eori-cloded between their Mailer end theKirtgofFJ/'fliw!, W which the earrreft dechratfons1 of the!WryiJt(:�s';$f the Qpeeflbf^Ij^WbntHhe^e a^dotnerJ places, will certainly contribnte veiy mudi.'-, EotfaU, Sept. H. The Mem4id imdiBrulg&atcr Eri-gpts, having been clamed h-re^arep�epjiing to fitil aCruifing, and the Chatham wilfftiideniy fail to Convoy the Ships from Galhway, Limerick, Ditigla, BahiiM*u% and .fhist Port iot England. Falmntb, Sept AY- Oothe ijthcame in hwe the 7 frwince* O&'l&idtttmrgb, who on the lorhi in||arit took a Fieneh>Fjr*fltf0 Of 350 Tims, 8 Guns and 44 Men, which be;lpjiged to the SpamJh Plate Fleer, and was fepar|ted ;i�)m them inih* Jiatinide of 40 by bad wearA^-.J^be^CftmmandeJr. of.nrhich report*, that they w^re.bpund.for Cadiz#*o&Jthat theQatiions were to the numfeer of 14 fail valuedacos< Millions JSferling, under,Coriy, Sftwn from SiiiiiHmfa. dm$ttdam,^mf#d*a&ji*ii ficm Jamajca.Joi_Lwdm, andFreflchS/oop hdert witfc FMh frpra N��/��^��i, takeafcy tha&anfprt ,Frigot. Juftnaw theftwi^�riseoarein�te wit^aripti�rlrei*Sfe 8afadl*mlSlAplLi o ,., Craw,  epj.3 w (fta (he ttf A: .ft Q|nch> PrisritMr biought m ^*^HChFly-bw of ^ l^c^W the St J*hq.-itjifi J&uffigtbv rf '"'^Pt1>itt �?ai]ftfti train Crrw/^h^wngi^dtJriefl^oW r TvfiicHth, Sept. ip- Since my Jaff, a FrenchFriM-teer of C*laj*of+ Guns.having tejren 4_of our Light Ships, who wete Rtnfoqred t�3�/.jp||. Jit w-riedaway theTMafters fot I|blt)ageet One of wboitt ihe fet on Own-era �ilesfidmtWe|ib^tofsrihtie

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