Friday, September 15, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Friday, September 15, 1702

Post Man (Newspaper) - September 15, 1802, London, Middlesex Numb. 1016 B B U And the Hiilorical Account, &c. From r�ttff84p September 15, no ;Ci)UU�UpSeptember 17, 17 Frtnt tbe Imperial Camp near Luzara, September 3. ""^He GarrHbn of Gu.tftala being very trou-b'tfj'in to chs French, and daily .attacking rheir Convoys, they baverefolved to iLiiege, and are actually battering the fam* with a numerous A:-tillevv. TheGa-'tifon is not above 1 560 men firong, and as iflijiupolfiole to relieve if, the French Array Iytn:� juft bsrweeo the place and our Camp, 'tis believed they *v-iIl.hoId ourbut few days. Some Defercers repair, that tiny intend 10 beliegc Birzella ; but we nrh-sr w;Sh. tluabelieye that they would attempt it, rhjt Fortrei* being in a very good pollute of defence-Bitb Amiiesare lb welt intrenched, that there is w.% likelihood of an/ A.tion. and this Camp is likely ic: be as that ciPcnn Ogho laft Campaign. The Enemy /-e* quitted the attack of Dorgoforte; but as they* ate a�iin advanced near that place, 'tis believed they w;M ;i-re-rtpr'a lecond timer to poilefs themfelves of Mat P-�ft\ wiefcou: which ithey cannot pretend to bin et �> tr-rn taking Winter Quarters in- the Men-tssn. Prince Eugene and the Duke of Fandome have ac tail agreed upon a Chattel for exchanging Prifo-ners. O le j{ oir Parries has brought do Hcri'es ino the Cm?, and killed to men of the 'Enemy. Tnerj i� � g-tirmom!ity in the French Army, and the Govern ir of Berze'lo advifss, that his Parties do iLi-iyiee abundance of Waggons full of fick Soldiers iroinf a-a, f-om the Ciaip into the Modenefe and Djtcii/ of Fermi. - Vatic?, September 8, The French Fiigots have doaea gieat ^111.5: in Triefie and fome other Imper r�! p'atei on ?he Ctaft of the Adriatick which floftiliriss mike the S;aa e very uneafy ; the Mini-ftersof Eniltnd H-!/*xd having (declared, that ua-lefs the Repub'ick took mure efF-ftual msafjies than bare and uifigniScinr complaints, .-to&Aop the proceedings of the Fiench, .he Queen of Great Brittain and the States u:ould take fuch expedients as they ihoakl think root proper for defending their Ally, ani procure due farisfi&ion to fuch of theii Subjects, whofliouJJ beplunderea in a Sea, of which the Senate ouahc to preferve the Neurrality. Lertersfrom Pinna-hy, thit 4500 msia a>e hourly expected in the Cmp of I* inc H ;i;iKea uis Fupe til G^nsrils o;i their " conducl inrhis S.ege-, wherein they hsve not lo-ft the qaucer part of !>'ti,'-r chem to raife the Siej^e/and rhit having hsd Vu- imps, fed accouirs of �hat wji done abrotdfince ht was invefred, he was a'raid that tlie affiirs of V.-&x: b-^rn 'o hav - a iot'ier face than they u'el ro hav-; Vl\t Inperiil Ar.ny ahout Croon Wrtj>jjiub'j*z n - t*v.'.:.rb:tr% ; from / he'ice thry asn ro auki a DiCichi.iiiH for ietnfo*sisi^ cie Ttoops of the Circles, to obferve the motions of the Bavarians^ who are marching to Memingen, to pjaflefs Jikewif� that free City. The Elector -of;-BWbari* &eaj,s tat have great detigis in viewi, foj'^e are /tdJd feef * has furhmoned the City of rfugttwfc0?iictivt 4000? men of his Troops. He has publi&ed^ fort of�'M�*i' mfeilo to jjfrjfy his proceedings, wherein forgetting bimfelf (for notwithftandiag he'is one Of ^the rrjofti powerful Electors, he is burr petty Ptlnce in refpeff to the Emperor and the Empire) he fetsupfor the Aflerter of the Liberties of Gtrnuty y-tiiAefr, as hi fays, are rhreatned with 3 fatal fubverfiori, the Emperor acting therein as hepleafes, and having in^ ftinged the Treaty of Refmck,ian& induced feveral Princes to concur therein wiin btei. ' H6 :Miitiftet at Ratisfatmt fpcaks much to the fame porpefe> tbo in other terms, and decIudP'tbat' bfr\-i&m&~iwiili make no Innovation in the City of TJlni,1>utthe Dyet has unanimoudy refoIVed to defire the Emperor to take effifhial meafures for obliging the Elector to re?� fiore that City, and we bear thtyfvirlftie on. die t'fttt to refolve apon a War agaii^^#/W�#la|d SpMu, and alj their' Adh*re1iiti;"*.;t3mr ft' .i\^&at|fe^ev:orS; dered feveral piece's of Cannon to. oe>'pifnred4>a.tii9v'' Walls'of StiudSkfd, ftKlt^-,-- � that lyes or) the dthjer fide of^the tMn: J-: '-�;^ Paris, Sept. 18, Frequent Exprefles at'riye here from Madrid, but their "diipatches"utju/pi i-Verynprt7ai5e't Letters from tbence'ofthe ad inftant:fay, that thtii advices from Cadiz of the 28tb paft iayj tbacvtiie Englifli and Dutch had taken feveraP Forts on the North fide of the Bay, aad were landing' Artillery^ and making other preparations for the further execution of their deiignst They add, that the Governoiir of Cadik, was prepar'tnj^Oh his "fide to make a vigorous refiflance, but thelecrecy'Of the XaSt difpatcbles .'. make people fear that; oifr affairs1 do nbf-go �of Well 60,: thatfide as it was .expefted, and that: the Parity of the. Houfe of Ai^rW-vii^i appear mdre confidterable than we were told. Ho^SV�tV^his?iiS'll^|^^^)njefiare.-!' They write from ^rf^?^ that upoh^dvicet6f the Defcent of the''Air^es>>'''�^wr'Cpp^^^^ir^a�|VolC opinion that the QaeertiQiohld go'yt^^m^dihu^if-to encourage b<kS(^jed^1^%er^pb#B|^i^.;)dits advice was rejectedyhihtfff^ carren, and it n4sf-j i^ GsrlMBA were repulfed i^ a1iiWeit|itt4ckSj ^al^iEftsje^^^l^dL ; t^ken none of the J0^t- works ,"'we e^fij^e^^oV,hc$.i thit Moufieur Cif?n>r�jhajiJ: reHeyed jtb^ BUdei^l p^rr ' ticukrsofthat Siege a"fe:i'mpatientiyexpe^ed, for ftig wr^nd'etei atthat Mpnfieu^ fuftairi'a ftorm befofe'fWrendHifg^'a plRce'pf> thatim-portance.This difg^re ^ojii]^^^^^ we-jjot received:?!:. thf ,'j^'e' t^^t||*%oii^^st^VS that the Elector of fi^rwhas dgfi^^din$; :the Emperor and 'iej^.|%^i^'|j^jB|ri^^gt^.^ifiie Couu,.for did .sn^eai^ie^^ee^r^N^'^p^ii; Pnqce would have fav�4^n/Wj�',iyet they fjRjfe f|�i;sDiver-fion embroi| tha affairs jof^niwr^J1 ind binder th� Itn^etialifts-fqr prolecutirig the 'deffgrjj's, fha^ had projected to execute after.thetaking of L^dau, and whicji we were not ab.l^ othetwife to pr'e^elft. They tajkiiere of a more important piece bfoeWs than the former, and we are told the King has received cer-rain advice that the Spaniih Silver Fket failed frOm t' e Havana the 8 th Of July under the Convoy O/j MonliturCAir^^-fnaai, arid that an Exprefs is auiv'e� * herefrom Post �ea?a with advice} that the.jtame b been lean between CapeFfaifi.rrtand'UlB�H>Mt^it .

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