Friday, September 8, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Friday, September 8, 1702

Post Man (Newspaper) - September 8, 1802, London, Middlesex And the Hailoneal Account* frc'. From Stpt-mber.S, tolemb^r^^tlPA -v2 Rtf-'SSBJ Bc.rii'a, September j. *^He Ambaffidpr of die Cztr of Mvftovy has taken his Audience of leave of the King oiPinJJl^, ajid is ti^oji iiis departure fort Cn^i�h�gm. The laft advicjs ev$r ofaipeedy Peace >n thofe parts.- The Partly-which favoured the -Sviedtt, begin to tuftt was cut in pieces. They refphed therein to, fogd:by their .Kiiigj and declare, fuch whoJinllfavOBo th&iive&itt, fcnemiei to the Re pub lick-. The Nobility was �r.e joyn the Saxo* Army, :#nd fomeiiy, rhaj When they ftfe j lyned, rheir ArniyTVil! beabovc 6choJ. rrieji fhoni�* In he m-sift rirhe, c he King of Sweden )/eJ froru :he neighbourhood of Cracow, where lie hir !ef a Ga/rifori of aooo me.i, and is^marching to j.iyn his Troops fremi ^Porntranid ;'-birt whar further delign he trends to put in execution before the Waver comes on, 'tis yet ousertaihiji'anij1 if we may rely upon Corns we* fioinhatkArtdittsi thtte is.feafon to hope there will be np^fotthet; Adion. The g�n�K!lirybohKifigshaytftxy&fife&jtnfending ba i w it hou; 1 anfom feWal fSBtfJuti ofl both (idfls, will contribute vtry rnuc^?o4tmr � conciliation, and < hey begin To talkofifclft Hie Sw'e-tlifl* Camp. They wrftfcFrem D^efiiik^bW^kyhzi receivedi ordsw.t^-djrtct the Lett^fofifie King of Ttfandxo. tfbfi*, �s before, thac Pri^e intending to Jfae^ ie,w. d^,;. which confirm* rjm^be/e-iire .jfi^..Nigot?a^o'ni!oii;'|c(bt which ate, lit^i^ to ftrlj-ceed. The OardirulTriinate has writttt^^* City ofjD4�f^V*,to advi^tham to ftand u^n thsu. Guard f and efpecially confidering that both Armies[itptd ^prnejntcr fru$m.i, M $iTexpiration. jTrs kce*;atn^t^at'^>g^^',lcft n6.$'r.bne unturned aj^that alrh3.,,r^lJYar1Ii6o^il ceaj?�iteyil JVtjN, ptrmwf wpu d,oot[Tbe involved {ije?ein>. Oa^rid*^ vies* from Mittm^fiy�; that the Mt^mvita. commit Utheftd of cruelties: in Uwma, apd- ihat^art^of tb'eir Forces ifi' tp.pifr the Duipa^to come int^ Cuf!and, which jaw1 thaV .Coijiitry ia'tp aa unlpeakij. bk" conftemarion, fpt natwjrhianding th^y give puj rrjif>rh�y cptnerp j*fe|t alTi/lance,, apd;dri.vrni� a.wa$ the, Sw^>, th* Inhabitants do not care to-iee fuch Deliverers, who lay; wafte the Cbnntiy cliffy njatch tHtengh. Tht Sibtdv ft Livonia beic^ not in a condition ro ftrjp the 'fbtfiivittt, there K.hp doi4^t but Province fdT lo1rHl�*f im>i%vli lyes near K/t(i#*ti&tttrke, .tp'^itl^the mtft/tfflr V.^�f wrM� feerftr'io -haVe'% djfign upon - .&^r^^h8-^�kifeWfr�#Mr�iqr lickly, and (he Hofpica[s in Imvtitt and other f�*fi*-Wtim�Jt:pTaces ate fu4f dffWhi/ ^TWy^fe^r^For-> tit Viol ^B^fB., ;en4" ^efr vms ^reafohj *ru>t?gh fbr^ngmg Oiir G�;ttcers\l)r|thtrie:.:e ir^ic^^&^ri quite other m^m^A^MIfm^M^'^^m itfia, .atjflltjwe W��dftaCr4gA�CWt6jfl�P!?i'|m-perialifliupon ;triefgpt�^Tffeyt^wi^^^fIamte^ti*r�i Arrtiy p tfi�f the ladMp^tieii 0/ ^esD^phla occi* fionedir�Tudden^ep>rtuieofJtJieOuic*P^>�^ tre impatiently expected, for it betna imppfl�b{e fiar the Ataire^ ro;fabfiiV lorrg^in tfieirfeBabW efiftre will doabrlefs hap^h fpine-freA?A^Br-t�?*ri':rbeir arciaipihgJ TtegMriteJlr^pii^Jtnit m^i^h 'ber?efedv arid thtie ithey hope, to^te (itjrrfe'w a iys, whieh* they eyftty bSjlkveJiire, tSai erace^o'dftf? very W fdrtlfied.' ThiriH^HnrAd^ f�^^lt%ie �k#e it .wAWjWrlia SUWiin^cr, and jfa^jriWBiff sxf�^� t'.einfirfetes upon.rh&neglr^ence origrroranceof thrsit Gfrrfefperidenf*; but a* fii'cb who^lre ord�ri fo� thTm^theif coptr.adi^ioil .mg^^*d^!J?e�f ftrtjtge fi^�^ipr^,flC.tli5 A^rJioriQt of the^rM^^u^bj�acl| JiiSBflitH^ in. HIi'tor.y!:mare than, raianry thing tl�,' T^je]T: write frbWi-*tf�flffcthat tHe^'ne** they hav� ie\rfei*�d Frorft  zfef^^th^ the edr^d'errte Ffe�r iStj^jiit^tOtXiifor.^ ajjjhe,.npiO( they, hive made of the new Fortifications ofthat place; the King ofSw^ftwilj' find himfelf* oblf^id to quit Ptliitii, and march to the defence of Lis otrn Couqt Brujfik, Ssptfnjjfe'f ip. The,Pok^ofyBfr^^|eft his Army the ^j^'jhjftanj;, and^the;nextJay arrived at Lillty The J^trquis of'B^'wj^r watted upon him near Ghfnt^ snd compltmemed him on bis glorious Campaignv and theFfcnchcprrflrartiTatrd h4m!"on hi* e3fp?difion sgainft'n^^, 'w.hereiii by i liri^ijiar^pjtce' ot.Pfulencv, helpft antVbovc 14 p^Ispo'ntth, atyjj 4 pi�i�si pf Cannon. Tiiejr tcl I us here; fiat qw- Gef neuL had no defijpi take rhat.r^tcfe�.Pron|gef� bur only to tiy whether thir diverfion weujd preventl the Si�ge of Vi&t. Tt>e JiHr advices we h^Vj frOm Gueld.rlandfay, that the French have qui�e�-'fev�f,il'' Jirtl: Pisces anJ Caflles, to reinforce the GirrilonJ of V.inU. Rnrtrsndt, Gtlder an-i Rh-mdegtu ; but as there is no psifi'jility to telicvstlura, tae> give smtull tn'at the'Gvplpr^njli^j of raw and un3i|cipliried bpps� TftP ,�Pt�4�ocpi>cerning itlw: fiiccej^or)' theiaee King otiEntfnrieaatwQesjaa the i^ra*: foof�' aad {hare aTeftfl^fom"e!ftta,tdiffipuJties� which retard fhe c6ncltt6brf;6f fhd'Treaty between the. Rtngj of Prti^r^ytri�i prince of fafe* Frledarul. Pffit&i laft anotnj^.^eaaTnertf of tbatPrince W*� opened' in the Court of but as It wardopr a^^eaKagp^fhe ^pntent^herebf t*revpid by virtue of. rA,laa.1l^l^ /.wn*ejfe�fip��*--tn��.- the MaOn vbich wittcttatribneato tht ipeedy takjogo� ^M^eftjt^t^iuiTn^�^ prpRue8tb<eA?th*C,the next month, and we heat rMaleffy win connnue ak ^aii"till the 28th in- They write from Falmouth, that the Sgten tiarf a Dutch Privateer from Middleiurg, has brougbr in there  *rtnch Dogger of 50 Turn with Salt and Brandy.

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