Sunday, September 3, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Sunday, September 3, 1702

Post Man (Newspaper) - September 3, 1802, London, Middlesex Kumo, icii 2 B B 3 oil flam And the Hiflorical Account, &c. From ZfyUttMf September 5, to ^5CatUa? September 5, 1761, fooc ge:ic yiemt/t, Augufl a 6. He news of the ViQary ofaraiued by Prince Eugene over the Duke of Anjaiton the I jch inftant, caufss a great joy to this Court, for th-ey done queftion now I at our A;my will be able to keep their in I'.df. I�_th� mean time all polfible dili-uOd To fend fome reinforcements thither, and Sefid^; the Troopv the Duke of Bruitfmck has pdt into zhi !;;vic-. of the Emperor,'wo heir thst feveral Regimtius .'.ie marching thither. General Scblick arrived her- two days ago from Munich, and we jue cold c:iat he has maJe fo great a progrefs in Ins Ne^.'tiarions with the Ele&or of Bavariat that the chief points which obftru&ed the Treaty with '' Prince are entirely agreed upon, and that hlsCie^..oral Hij'haefi will- afilfl his Imperial Ma-jefty vvic,i) iy or 18000 Men This is fo confidently reported, chat there mud needs be fome good ground for ir. Frerjuent Expre/Tes arrive here from the Siege xALsn-iiti, which lafts longer than it was expeded, bn: the I-ft ad'/ices make ns hope that rhe place can-no: bold out much longer, tho it appeat&that |t Was noc without feafon chat Monfieur dt Vaubm boafted, that he had made of that place one of the ftrongeft Fortrefles in the World. Paris, Sept. 4. The Declaration lately publilhed for lowering the value of our Coin, has had ihe effect our Winifters expe&ed, for the Banners of the Kings Revenue, who were forced to give 15 or 16" per Cent, fo � Intereft, find now Money at a more moderate rate, People choofing rather to lend their Money than to be loofers by the lowering of the Speciss. The lad advices from Itolf fay, that both Arir.its continued in their fame Pofts, being within half a Cannon fhor of one another, but they are fo well intrenched on both fides, that there, is no likelihood of any Aftion. They tell us that the Gsrm�nt are fo (heightened in their Provifions* that they can-rot fubfili many days in their Camp, especially if the Old Prince of Vaudemnt can take Borgifortt, and de� ftroyihe Bridge the Imperialifo have in that place. That Prince has attempted federal riaies to force the Intrenchfiients that cover the fame, but without any fucceft, and an Officer writes frota,tbence, that that Poft is fo well fortified, that the talcing of the bjsft. "fortified Town would not prove mote difficult. The lofs we fuilained in the Action that happened on the 15th proves greater than it was reported, and yet our Goqrt ha? thought fit to order Te Dettm to be lung to thank ' and never ahy thing of this nature was better ordered. We tntas-fo many Salvo's, thatwefpentat lealt1-10000 Florins-in Gunpowder. YeOerday zoo Carabineers �wer<T detached from feveral Regiments, With feVetal^bfE* cers, and they were ordered to provide themlely^s* with Bread for 4 days. They ate gone, as 'risfiid, to poft themftlves in a Wood between an4 Aft�*--firicht, to futprize a Codvoy of ih2 French. Thn Trench�s before Penh wen 'tbbe'djfelncd/laft night or this evening, and. Monfieur Cotiwt 'hopes tbxaite' that place in lefs than 3 weeks, thdthe; French h�ve confiderably augmented the Fdrtifications thereof-* Tne Army under P/ioce tJapu SytbrUck imf!oy�tj! in that Siege, confiils of 31 Batalltons and 37 Sqzii~ drons, befides y JSatallions more thrt are ordered to march thither from thisCamp.TheTrainofArtillery is arrived before that place, and all poffible precautions? will be ufed to carry, on that Siege with the utmpft: diligance, that we may have tirrie enough to tike Ruremonde, and other Towns in the Spanifh GelderlayJ, before the end of this Campaign. A French Captain^ who about a fortnight ago came into oiir?emp,' pr�^ tending to b� a Deferter from the, French.^rj having given came to fufpefik hisWefigns,- and a fon having declared, that he had made fome \ pofals unto him, te debauch him &6m,the ferviee of the Allies, a Council of War was field upon {hat affair, wherein it was refolved to 'ptft him"to t^e Rack, in order to difcover his true, deiTgns, whieh was done 3 days agoJie confeft nothing at all,-and he isto undergo a iecbnd time that punilHmeh^, and if he parfiftsin hisdenial,he will be condernnedjto beaFii* loner for his Lift, there being fufficient evidence^aj' ready againft him* Thir evening the Earl of Mhhni received an Exprtfs from Ftmders, wjtb'tdvice, rjhat the Marquis or Btdrnar was reared from the neigh* bourhood of Hulfi, having had 800 men killed arid 500 drowned. The Spaniards left 4 pieces of Cannula behind tbem.To morrow the Army is to make a great Fbrrage, and i�6o.Foot and 1000 Horfe, under the 'Command of Major General Z)o^r?,areap'rjointedi6 cover the Forragers. 'Tis likely, thitthere will bap* pen iomc|a3ion, becauie we are toForrage under the nofe of the Enemy.  Ha&ue, September S. They write from the Canjp before ff�/#, that all thing* are preparing to attack the place with all imaginable vigour, the Seafon of the year being fo far advanced, that no time is to be loft. The Artillery will be fo numerous, that we hope to be mafters of chat place in lefs then a fore-night, and take Kttremmdt in 6 days after. 'Tis laid Monfieur ?*hom has* propofed to raze down the Forti-ficatioss of Ftvlo, and fortify this Winter RumtoomU* which may be made as ftrong a place, as any in the Netherlands; They write from feveral parts, that a Treaty between the Emperor and the Elector of Ba-Qtria is as good as concluded, whereby that Prince will put 1 jooo men into the fervice of the Emperor, in cdniideracfon of fome advantages granted unto him by the Court offiemt, which are more, confide-rable than big tita^ar and precarious Government of the tfttkirhndt. They write al fo, that tfce Elcdor of ��%r

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