Sunday, August 27, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Post Man (Newspaper) - August 27, 1802, London, Middlesex Numb. iooS A A A A And the Hiflorical Account, &c. From Xt)UtiM? Auguft 27, to ^CurOSfF Auguft i$y 1702. Imperii Camp under Prime Eugene, Aug. 16. EeftYrday we arrack'd the French Army about 40000 ltrong. The fight was bloody and obftinate, and lafted from f ro 9, bac at lift we beat them, and drove them away,above a mile, poileffing our felvej ofthi Field ofBitfel. The particulars, of this gr�ac A&ion you may ejtpeft by the ne<c Courrier. Prince Commercy was found this day among the dead, bei.ig {hot through by i Musket Balls. Franckfort, Auguft 27. Landayiots ftill hold our,' but the Germans a*e entirely Matters of the Counter-fcarp, and are preparing to pafs the Ditch, which is fall ofvVater and 9 foot deep.TheGoveHiour pretends 'wmike there the greateft redftance, and it will cer tainlycoft us a great many Men.but we are told that thejKingof the Romans has fignified unto him.that he mufr expe�r no quarter, if he does not Capitulate before chat time. A Spy has been feized in the Gimp with Letters for Monfieur Catinat, wherein the* Governour tells him that it is-high time to chink of relieving Landau, the Siege being fo far advanced, that he cannot bold out much longer. Our Men hive likewife intercepted other Letters which the Marefchal of Catinat was fending to Count Melae, 'wherein he acquaints him with the motion of the French Troops in order xo relieve the place.but tells htm withal, chat he muft not carry things to the la ft extremity, and that he may Capitulate if he is not relieved by a certain day. Thofe Letters, and the motions of the French towards.Cnan fCeyfenburgb, making our Generals believe that they may have a defrgn to attempt to raife the Siege, Prince Levis of Baden has reinforced the Troops pofted between Weyftnbwrgk *nd ^aierfotrg^and'other^places whereby the fcneaiy might come. Count $ f<it, deftroy-ed^the^-Country round Jo miles about *hatj�lace, burning all the Houfen^jCutting down the.Corn, and pulting to the;S#ord many Inhabitants. Thofe Letters fay, tkat tftey are marching to Befiege Nerva, aind to prevetu.the��(� from matching to the re-fief of that place, as they did lift year, .they jay the whole 'Country behind them -altogether wafte. Ognw/b" and bis Party have Bad of Jatefome advantage over the Sapie'h�s< arid deftroyed feve'ral Lofdfliips belonging to that.Fanvfly. The Nobility of Poland is alTembled in their rjsfpe&ive Palatinates, but they feem more inolned to Peace than Wat, and we hear from 0<jMr�V�,that the Cardinal Primate having received an Exprefk from Rofni, is fee out for the Swedifh Camp with fome other Grandees, in order to renejv the conferences with the Swedifti Minifters, and endeavour to find" out fome expedients for re-lloring Peace. 'Tis certain that the Court of Rome has been alarmed at the progrefs of the Swedes, and befsdes the Jubilee the Pope has publWbed on that occalion, his Minifters have written prefling Letters to the Bifliops of Poland, to exhort them to ftand by their King in this ptefent the only means to procure a Pe*#e between his Majefty and the Swedes. Pan's, Auguft 28. Notwithfhnding ,we have: no frelher,jd vices from our Aimy in Itjslji, than thofeof the 17th infant, which were brought bythe Duke of. Filleroy, we have heard feveral circumftances'i'mce our former Lexers, which fliew, that the Action is very different from the account our.Government " has thought fit to publifh in our Qazetce. The Ring himfelt has dropc fome expreffims, which give ft)om to believe, that we had a great difaoVantage, tho thejr tell us the contrary. Tbjt Prince regrets very much the death of the Mat qui s of Crequi, who was one of" his bell: Generals. They own, that the A&ion was as Bloody as any one, chat has been fought thefe 30 years lince, and that Prince Eugene has gained a great Honour therein,and fo much the greater.tbat ourGe-; nerals did not think, that the Imperialifts, lo much inferiour to us, would have attacked our Army; and our Troops found themfelves ingiged in fome mah-; ner before they thought of it, 'by ameer accident, if we may believe what is generally Reported. The King of St�m having pafled the Pdimi^aria bn$ the Tagliata on the 14th, came near Lai�r* the 15th a^ bout noon, and fome of our Parties meeting with an Imperial Detachment, having under jheir Guard feveral Waggons defigned for GwftM,'.-the latter r�-'. tired into luzara, and the Duke of Fandome having, fummoned the Governor of that place to furrendery;., he anfwered with feveral difchaiges of the Cannon'? and fmall Shot upon our Men, having b^en informe^l that Prince Eugene was marching to attack' our Army.1. The Duke of Vmdome caufed Lwusrn to^ be.invefte'oT but the Cannon was hardly brought before the place and the Camp marked out, but fome Imperhl Troops appeared almoft within Musket flioc of our Left' Wing, without"Standards or. Kettledrums, whert* by our Generals were led into a miftake, taking thera' only for Parties, whereas their whole,Army appear-*-' ed in a moment with fome ArttflefyV w�h whicfe they made a terrible Fire upon. \u� ' The Duke of Van&ome, who was in the Right, having notice Thereof, came immediately to the Left, and put it in thtf-beft order he u%-of fS/iw^came away. By;-this" accouar, which; feems the moft impartial, it * does not appear that Luzara was taken ; ahd: we may conclude from thence, that our Left giving Ground before the Enemy, we loft the Field of Battel, althtt it were true,thattheG�Wi�iM retired afterward J The^ tell \js atCourt,triac we inay fuddenly expect to hear of afe^ond ingageihent,�nd of agreat aSioa on th^RbHui the )?ing having declared, that Monfieur\titiinat i$ marching with an Army of 3 $000 men to relieve Landau. The Venetian Ambaflador is very much dil? gulled, and our Court threatens the Republick with the higheft refentn^ent, having feveral proofs of their pariality for the loiperialifts, and that" they b�v� lately reformed a great number of Men in thew Troops, onpurpofe that they might go and lift themfelves under Prince Eugene- from the Confederate /irmy under the lartof Marleho-rough between Afch and Genck, September!. Some days ago the Duke dt Maine fent a Trumpeter rr> our Camp,

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