Sunday, August 20, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Post Man (Newspaper) - August 20, 1802, London, Middlesex And the Hi/lorical Account, From XtjUtfCap Auguft 20, to &MUXm? Auguft 22, ifbi: Hague, Auguft 29. COant G�� Envo/ Extraordinary "of the Empeior,. has received a Lerrer f.orn Ptince Eagene of Savoy; dared near ia-iflr� the i&'th infrant, giving an account of a fiRml Viftorji obrained the d.y j^nre by that Prince over the French Army, commanded by the King of Spain. Prince Erne's A my confified of aboue 14.000 men, who wee difpofcd in the following order of Battel. The Antf waj commanded in chief by Prince Eugene, havu.g under him Prince Commerce, General Burner, Cr>tnm�nder of the Artillery, md Count Sturcnbtrg. T'-e Rig'it Wing of cfie fitli Line commanded by Cfunr Scrini, confided of o" Sqmdrons of the Regime ti .'.ifSa<v�y, 6 6fT*jf, 6 of lUewburg and 6 of dtmnt T Left Wing commanded by Counc Trtt'\-m�i.i�rf, General of the Horfe, and General I'tjijnti, c^.lTft-dof 5 Squadrons otCsrbelli, 3 of fia: * ot Commercy and 6 at Rtierville. The Body ot ci-.s Army roaimaniUd by Generals Guttttifteiu and w*< cam.ioferJ of 3 Bitaliions of.NigrtNi, 3 of Hfierjlein, 3 ot the Rhingrave, X of Daner, 3 of Guntelfeiii, * of Liechftiin, 2 of S��rmi�rg, with 41 pieces of Cannon, 4 Waggons laden with Ammunition, a with Cannon Bali*, a with Gtanadoes and 2 with Tools for inlarging the Reads, or cafting up intrenchments. The feconti Line was difpofed as follows, the. right Wing commanded by General y*ub jjly of the Battel of that Line, confifting of 3 Baral-Jiags^^jg^f/^oflCi>i&>�T� 3 Oinrfli,"j of Gaeltn, 6 af the^oSTgCmxsnJMsr^it^ 5 Waggons, befules * moie iadon with Powder, 1 with Cannon Ball, r with Granadoei, and another with T00N, was Commanded by Prince Uthienjin^t and theDanifh Major General ifaxbiujtrt, lb rhit; rhe whole Army conijlted of 80Squadrons. 38 Bitaliions, and 57 piecesr.f Cannon,and 27 Waggons, bellies 13 Batallionsin Bergofirte, 5000 men in Ber-zdh, anil other Derachments in Mirimdtl*, Qjltgli* and other Ports. ��itCtjj eftbt Later frtm Prince Eugene 11> Ctunt Goei. Trim the Cm? to the Anns'of h'c ImpiTfil-M-rjVftjr. I (Hall ta&e carr to * inftant, arid given our rhat they would certiinly march ' ihe ti�xc >-iiy, I thought their march might, occafion an 'Action, and r'ie event has confirmed, my conjecture-. For ycfteriry I w js inform'd by mv Spies about ro in the rtjora-' victim ihc EaeiTiy were in a full march towards this place, 'and w;.t� Already ad vane'd- as far as Luzara, whereupon i 'commanded the Army to their Arms, andadvane'd t Ea..:ny, 1 driving them away i'our zknesabout locopacr* fr�rn the ' place where the Battel was fought, firft uppn our right and  afterwards on all fides. What makes this M\*:n dill 'more G lor ioiis is, 'that the Enemy had ail t!;; advantage ' of the Ground, the Country before them being 'ndoi'd  and cut with Ditches, and verbis Troops, cn whcU: rmm-1 bers they relied, have been chargsd and beaten. I miift 'above all rhires admire the bravery of �iur Ixft W'ing, * where both Hone andFoot were obliged ;o f.gljt the Infantry ' of the Enemy, and as our Horfe cotilij not make nf'- of 1 their Swords, they were obliged td Fjght with their Fire * Arms, which they djid with fomuchfucaifs,"liat they drove 'theEnemy rromtHtir; jintrtnehments, and beatand put in * confufion the Genflannef ie. I continued to ply therewith 'our Cannon allthertftof the day, for we were jiofted 1 within Musket itto^OfWie another, and we might, have ' come to a iVcondFAgagemeru^ had riot the Enemy by f 1-. ' vour of the night removed further, quitting fv.vcrai.Pol'.s, 'and what they had there, r vice, that Prince Eocene had beaten the Duke of * An]?*, killing 7 or 8000 men upon the fpor, and lo-fing but 1000. The la!\ confirms the fame account", and adds, that the Duke of A*yk was in great danger of his Life, that the Duke ot Vndtrr.t and the old Prince of Puudemtmt were taken Prifoners. and the Duke of Matt** moruUy wounded; but thofe pan tictilan require confirmation. They write from . the Camp before Lmd'nu, that they were making rhe necefiary preparations for ftormirtg the plai e. firtm the Cmftdtratt Awj miter the Earl tf Marie*'' borough at Helcheren, Auguft 17. We have con- ' ciinued for fome days to play upon the Enemy with our Cannon, whereby we obliged them to altar the difpofttion of their Camp, and on ThurJJaj night 3 Council of Wat was held, wherein it wa* refolved fo arrack the Enemy the next morning. Theneceffary orders were given in oiddt thereunto f but in the night rhe'Ear] of Mtrlkvrwgh received advice, that the French were decamping in great confufion and difbrder whereupon his Excellency, as foon as it was day,, marched with 20 Squadrons of the Right Wing, and the Earl of Jthhm did the like with the fame number from the Lefr; bat the Enemy retired with that precipitation, fhst they cou'd no: overtake them,, orily Brigadeer- Wtod with fome Squadrons, attacked 3 Squadrons of the Frtncb Kings Houflaold that blbughcup {he Rear of their Army, whom he entirely broke, killing 5�� and iaktnjoiany Prifoners with feyeraJ OrHcers. " The

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