Friday, August 11, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Friday, August 11, 1702

Post Man (Newspaper) - August 11, 1802, London, Middlesex Numb, ico} A A A A And the HiiloHcal Account, &c. � From CaeCOjlP Auguft 11. t'a %$lUlHty Auguft 13, 1702. Rami, July n, AN Fxprefs from che Djke of Parma is arrived hare with advice*,that a detachment of Imperial Korfe has commirtcd grefC diforders in his Country, cutting down and deftroying the Com, whereby his Subjects are entirely mined. That Prince d*fires true the Pope would-inteipofe his good Offices with the Emperor, that a flop maybe pat to thofc practice's, and che Secratary of Scare has had a Conference uoon thar fubjeft wiih the imperial Ambifladour. That Mimfter on hi; part makes great complaints of the partiality of the Popi foi the King of S?iin, and has pr=fented a Memorial againft the Gcvernour pf Aiictna, who has fufFered the French Frigots cruizing in the Gulph- of Fernet to come irro that Harbour with fome Barks which they have taken from the Emperors Subjects. The Ambaffador of Venke has frequent Crinfarences with the Minifters of the Pope about tbofe Frigots, and tha fending of the French F leet toward Naples, which gives great Umbrage to the Republick. They write from Voiicr, that they work night and day in ficting out their Gallie^ and repairing (he Fortifications of the Caftles which feture'their Harbour, and that they expect, fome Treops fir om Lfalrnatta. The continuation of this W�-makes the Venetians Very uneai'y, for biA fides the ravage committed by the Imperial and' French Armies in their Territories, the keeping tip of an Army to no purpofe exhaufts their Treafure,artd' will fh^rrly compleac the ruin'V of their Subjects in ten-a-Firma. We have nothing biatrial fibxxilHanp^. The Inxperhlifts and the French mtrench themfetvefc Oa both ffides -'the1 F0JJI* Mantaana, and the' former hivs csft up to inaay intrenchments atPfargoforte, that theofeem confident to rjumtain^fbemfslves inr;hat. Poft. Thi ?>rty c� the Emperor in Naples does not feamdifcou*a.gti| by che difeovery'of. tbiir late de-ftgn^j and tne.iey�/e: of Brpbant, were in k great conlrermrion upon foe, motions of the Confederate Army ; but as the'- French advanced yefterdjiy from the Dswer towards Boijleduc, they flatter themfelves Here, that-theEnemy will not able ro march further towards tbe/e Provinces. Se? venl Batallions went foms days-, a't>o through this place to joyn the Army under rbe jDjuie oiBwgmdy, who has "been like wife reinfotcedt by the Detachments of the Marguefsof Bedtaar,- Count Oajje, Prince Tilly, and Count TaSarcL They write from the Army, that 'tis pu-blickiy difeourfed,'that the? mbtion they made yefterday, and their'.march from kill - this' morning will occafion a Battel/which muft  ne^ds be as Bloody a? any that ever happened, cor-  fidering the number of Forces' orit>prh fides. They own, that the Confederates are. foper tor in number., jfcutas Bheir'ArJny coniifts of feveral Nations, they reckon that a great-difadvsnrage. We fee Exprefle#* coming from tl;e Camp every 6"ho'uH;, Yke Fr<�r?ctel Caurt being in grear-pain aEbutthat Afrriy.. Tjje reform of aJl the-Tribunal?, Councils and' CtfufH-Xjfj Juftice in thefe Provinces was patrly be^un, but;w4ip fufbeh^cd upon die retreat offhe-French* Army; frfcrtfi Ge'.derland, left it ftould occafion.-feme difturblrnces^, which cou'd not but be attended withfatal HcaR~ quences, if the Maleconrenrs faw a ilumMous-Army-^ tofupport and countenance �hem. The .Dutch haVe, compieated the Fonifica'-ons of Fb^C V' � ej French King haying given new CcnnJmifliefls ifcio railing feveral new Regirnenf<rf rhejr'have begun"! their new Levies in the Fiench Conqucfts; and General vifcemi, is confirmed fey'the" hfi'Lettc*�> from Italy; but they do not Icruple ^tb'Writejfrp)tt* Paris, that the Germans have got' more JrYortfJtft t$�n? the French ; and they rightly conclude, 'that handful of men hav.e made fo Doble.'ai�fcliftaBCSv,of Piince�ag?� �*tfy Auguft 9. Yafterdajf .fVnic. '.fyfrftt %r Majeftys Jjhjps the Najfau and tir*g>k n^rpi 'crujfiogii the Jat'rer of which brought in : with her a French-Frivateer called the Fmuve vf StMBbei e* 1nga.ll taken b^|he French,andTe^tiliisiby t6e|b> ry Frigot. The Foulkenbridge of an^ftir Eto�iin]$ttlm ,who with 0 Guns jrigaged a French/:Prtratfcer oJFia twobovus, andfoughefobriskly^:tBatfBe:fbr^d,th* P^riuateer tofceerorf,1:withtme^irig^jiaflheiaS^' hurt in the action j theTV^prrahd'fWrii ^BkrWSties . for this place* xht Mary of MiddleSafg ftbfii ' Sxrr^fl^ and jhe MvlsnhiTt of and fox Imim, doftfgtM iMkfterftomN^jV. - We have" xm&ii&t 6o&P$6i--netsoF.War^'oi , ' vTo.ft v-w. , �S&VWr;i A^jiftp,' Yeflerday -p'aftVo1'orti4rtdp Bsk for NewcaftlefO &iVof light <^lUefs^Ho';%�rW ^OOiVOyed as far as EkrliTigton Ai^'l^^hft%oii�oy. to tJM Ra#* Fleet. There are now here ^60 fail ofii-d�p CpUiers waiting for a Convoy. '' : � -� -  * '1 _ ... .. ... - - *$.-

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