Friday, July 21, 1702

Post Man

Location: London, Middlesex

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Text Content of Page 1 of Post Man on Friday, July 21, 1702

Post Man (Newspaper) - July 21, 1802, London, Middlesex �I * NarnbJ sH Z'ZZ - And the Hiftqjrieal Account, &c. From Xaefoap July x 1, tj> Xtmtflfoy July .i the Cardinal of Lembe^ "Hi^h Comtoi&qpei^^e Emperor being at SMubomt. and theid'Mpjife^e^ tween his Eminence, and the Depmien of fH&j&jfr le&ors being; entirely aSJBft�3i**T:h�E^e&oiJfj^j intends ihorciy to go for not think5ng|j;gi-ittif.iafe in Bo��, which is thc�scf>ciCi-*witH a- S4fg�(|, as well as Rhtmbefguen, in order) |gjcl�at tte-i^ifi{Q The Troops of his ' Electors? i*j&ne^'tovejaje]}�} made fome incUrfions inco the ^rr^fl'nlfS. o^tne>T EhiStor Palatine,^ and plundered (cvita^J/iilxg/flti The Confederate Troops giojv numerous-in t&'ftV ttflMiar^fe, Jujy ii. ACcording to our laft advices from Poland, we may fuddenly expeft to hear of a bloodyAflion between xheSwedes and the Pa/w,which is, like to determine the fate of the War between she King oh Sweden and rhe King of Poland. They write fromGv��e,fhat his Polifh Majjefty was advifed to retire farther into the Country, and nor venture a Fight with the Swedes, till they are more weakerted.afjd his b*-rh Army reinforced, but that Prince has declared that he will not follow that advice, but match to meet 'his Eriertiy", v-�-". -_______,T who had never forcedhimtoleave bisCapir'aJt.iry.had- Tdlordls marched from Rhimkrguen w �omf..�yfthOLi he not been deceived by the afiuiaHces of the Pohii wants confirmation. I "r and perfwaded to fend away his Saxon Troops. That; Prince (wing takeri char, rei'olution, appeared the 4-.h inftmt in the great Church of Cracow, and there publickly received the Bletfing of the Bifhop, and gave ardars tnhis Equipage tofet out the day following for his Army, which c&nfifts, of 11320 ef-teQive Men, befides the Polifh Army confifting of :oooo Men, which were fuddehly expected, ;ooo Being already arrived in the Neighbourhood cf Cracow. The PoKfe Nobility is drawing together in ievetal Palatinates, and delign to follow cWe the Swedifli Army, to ftrefghfen them in their For-r*ge and Provifion. Tneie preparations ds noc however divert the King of Sweden I tarn his'enter-prize, but he continues to advance towards Crmp �.� uvui,,.,,,^ ...v______ . . by flow marches, to eafe his Troops, and,give time make" alfo fome morion?; and repals tfcar River. Th� i.~ i*:jGr.,**e #�<,r niPnmrrMtUtn inrh Jilrat hi his march, refoeftive States of theft Provinceiafe very" buiVA parts bjr the arrival of fome Reghnenp ltq^$^(q C40,'-vtd 'tis (aid 4.000 tfynftxi�ju_ are &oit,ly�eV� pe&ed: This day came advice, that WiCount, Hague, July 2J-- The. pitachmeht the Di^pi^ Enrgundy is lending to reinforce the Marefchi^Jj Cotinat, paiTed the.Mvjs a-.t Liege on the aid inflaxy^^ and lo.JJatallions and fevetal Squadrqr- miking about 6000 men, andis to bereinforcec re boo veral The Cbmmiidef of Mae/iruhthas fent fe-rj .�..�. Detachments to annoy them iri their raarifji. The French Army has received another great C^jjg yby from the Niiberlands, which has, enabled item.} to continue in their Camp at Geimef^ woere rhey_ m-trsndi chem&lvesi and- have roc tnought to mftjf) ltd our Troops, which have Forraged, on both fi aboor their own a^urs, afid there are fevefaflh Schemes. propofed relating: to- the Government) of the whole R�publick, which caaeot Jd2@> continue, as it is now, and needs either a Stad? holier, or great alterations in the ftaoie of v(he^ Conftitution. The King of Prufta. fcems wcl pieafediB this Country, and fays, that he inte.ada' '. 1_ r___j ^1__1__rt_____f.L. O-.___ _' likely to happen fome Aaion, a;Bbdy.�f jhftPfllw wery .yen b fpend the beftpau of the Swnmer m NaBiiity having potted asd iat�end\ed'�>thefnfefves thefe Provinces.. The Admiralties are fitting opt, hearthtt place, Tis 6id,^chat if shote/I/oops m�t fi*cr�l Frigots for the tecumy of our Cpmme�c� -with a*y refiftance that way .ihey^.wiil fflarch againft the French Privateers, and we hear a fmjll, -thiough sUeJUto joyothe-KioiJ of ^w^-wto^c JS^dromis 19be fenc towards the Sttmd> �� -j . askin" leave of the / herefrom' Barbadoet, laden wish Sugar and ."Cottorit 'thifikfhey may lake tbe k- ' . Plymouth, July( 19. Yefterday her Majefiy"* SJiip^ fott Landau ia.y, that the King" of this|aw��> was ei- ft�vr>�: ri:3nd Suffolk, fcam* in hete y ihe iucc^G qf ^ firft ax" y�(*�� Red Flag hoiftedat the Mizeo 't.pp^cjn^paidjhe hBaj There xsai'Sfifhead Sir Ckudsjlj'ihvel) Admiral of the Wfiit^ Sit John Mun~ dtn, ;RearrAdrnrf?l of the Red, as alfo,rJ�'* Michael, ' FC^al'wiliafh, Nvrfotk, Lancajlir, Dorjetpure and Sals't- �Deal, July ai- The Sfe#^j�^Hoy iarf^wio the tack to the toot or tne, vaiacis* jmiivwiauuwjw. , ^'ij^ �*� f-�- v-~-��- . �. �� had confiderably advanced his owrn, Which isidi- , Dawns bound for Pmfinouth. This^morning came iri "retted againft the �Cittadel. Our'1 lift did vices fidm the* Majefty's Ship Hampjbire, arid the Pnjim from Munich fiVithac the Elector oT B&VBg'ni tferfifts in fiis  Bsrbadoet. former^echxation not b depart from ch> Intereks of she EleSor. of Ciilogn, and to ftiV�S-4T�.eoter between ths Empetor add Pari:i. dhW the whole Body of the Empite" does in a due,form 'according ro their Confticacion, tike a quits contrary refolutx-011, of which we' i��v 8w>�tly expeft an aecount, forwich, July ar. This day came in here the Qjieenb9rrt>s> Fxigot from the Squadron before Dunkirk. This evening Anchored in HtUeshy 5 o.faU of Sfctps hound for Hamburgh. � London, July 13. Letters from Dartmouth of tfie 'i5>chl�y', th* Grand Fleet under Sir Getrgt Rnk con-tioltes flill in Tor bay by conkrafy Wiffd. tct-

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